Gay friends story of fun time at hostel: 5

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Friendly fuck story: In the morning when he came out of shower while wearing only underwear while wiping his wet hair with this towel that’s when I have seen his body naked for first time his boulder shoulders, pink nipples, sexy hairy armpits, tight underwear (😅) which is showing his size, that juicy butts (heaven to my eyes).

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And I can’t control myself so went near tried to touch his cock ,he reflected moved aside and I said plz na yaar… ( because of all his past actions so I got the courage). He said are you mad after that moved on (after blah blah..)

At present after that night with Shubam he attached more with me. One day he came to know about this wife thing. He asked I said I liked him and now also I like him(but didn’t said about my physical contacts to him ) but he got mad because I used to be friendly towards varun (there is more the story of varun but not erotic one so I left that part) and never said anything about my likes. We argued after sometime I unknowingly started crying.

****Moving on to spicy part ****

Shubam left speechless seeing me crying but this time he hugged me tightly while laying on the bed he lifted me and placed me on the wardrobe self he kissed on the eye while licked the tears(I know it’s flimsy) and he started kissing my face moving down to my legs while just staring towards me.

He removed my shorts down but I didn’t got erected he then started rimming around my crotch and licked my balls.

It’s got me erected while erecting he placed my cock into his mouth while sucking he also rimming the cock hole that’s so good and I started moaning which made shubam erected and played the cock with my legs on his cock.

He continued sucking my cock and licking all around, up and down. He lifted me placed me on the bed lifted my legs and moved his face towards the butt hole rimmed around the hole (actually at that I hated fucking because it’s painful).

He then licked the hole (oh God it’s heaven) he licked around and placed the tongue all around the hole which made me moan louder then shubam did my first ever tongue fucking the ass. The warm sensation inside my ass of his tongue oh God!

I pushed his head totally down to my ass he continued his tongue fucking while stroking my cock when I said I gonna cum he stopped all and moved up started kissing all over my body then started kissing the nipples.

He licked and sucked them. He moved towards the cock and licked on the edge of the tip, then sucked the cock while lightly fingering above the butt hole I moaned so much of this. He once again tongue fucked my ass that’s when I cummed without stroking (it’s my first ever cumming with sex without stroking)

Then cleaned my cum and rolled me down while laying on me masturbated while placing his cock between butts moving it up and down (but the hotness in my body not cooled down). My ass is throbbing so much and widely opening.

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I wanted to ask him fuck but I didn’t but he doing that up and down as it is throbbing it went in he stopped but I didn’t say anything he got it as agreement.

He pushed his cock totally in this time it didn’t pain I more over enjoyed it but he is fucking me slow as I said it always pains but now I want him to fuck more hardly but he cummed…

He cleaned that and slept while he placed his on my butts…

My next part is more spicy the Turning point of my relationship with shubam.

In this part I left unnecessary things like what is happening around us while we are doing this fucking and why is varun sleeping and bathing in the same room and how the thing going between me and varun. If I write that it will be totally a novel.

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