Horny boys story of two sexy young friends: 2

Straight horny friends having gay romance in a hotel

Friends gay fuck story: He started his Jeep and told me we are going to Alibaug. He knows a very good resort there. This time I wanted to have one fantasy fulfilled so I told “Saaru that’s a buldge going to get a hell out of someone today” He winked and said “Be ready”. I blushed.

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He was not wearing Undi and I could see he was getting hard on. We were on a highway and he was driving. I moved and took his tool out of Undi and took it in my mouth and started sucking. He started moaning while driving.

After a long suck he said he wants to suck mine too. He parked a car on side and we switched the position. Now I was driving the car and he was sucking my dick. I was happy that he was versatile like me.

He sucked so well. I came in his mouth and he drank it all. He told me start eating Pineapple and laughed.

He pinched my nipples hard. We were about to reach the resort so we adjusted our clothes. We checked into a villa.

I told him dude this must have been quite expensive and I cant afford it. He told me to chill and all expense is on him. I told him I don’t like this and we keep it clear. He agreed and told from next time I will take care of everything.

I was amazed with the Villa and its interior. There was an infinity pool showing us to the unblocked mountains view. He told me he is going into the pool. He removed all clothes (sanodz and boxer).

He gave me a glimpse of his hairless round butt and body and jumped into pool. He called me to join him. I was shy to get naked. He came out of pool. Water was dripping from his body. I was staring at him and water droplets on his body. He was hairless.

Even his dick area was clean. His dick was so thick even when it was not hard. He came close to me and kissed me hard. I was lost in a kiss with him did not even realise when he removed my shirt and dropped the track pant.

We both were naked kissing each other standing pool side. He broke our kiss and took me inside the pool. We went to the edge and started looking at the mountains. It was a rainy season so he had got a villa at very cheap price.

The view of the mountains with the rain was mesmerising. We had ordered for booze and door bell rang. He wrapped towel and went to open the door. I was inside the pool naked with a hardon.

He poured the booze in glasses and came back in the pool. We started sipping and he told me about his past encounters and how it was like. We talked and then he again started kissing me. The moment was intense now.

We came out of pool and started exploring each other there and then. Saarash came on me. He was very aggressive. I love aggressive men. He started licking my nipples so hard I was moaning like hell.

In case we have neighbours they could hear my moans. He turned and we came in 69 sucking each other. It went on for a while and Saaransh asked me if I can fuck him first. I got on his four. I entered him and started with slow push. Saaransh started enjoying.

“Jaan go hard……harder….Jaan love you”. I don’t believe the guys whatever they say during sex. So I ignored is confession of loving me and started fucking him harder. I was about to cum and he told me not to cum.

I pulled out of him. We dried out selves and Saaransh pulled me to the bed. He wanted to enter me missionary. His dick was thicker than mine. He gave few push and started fucking slowly.

I was crying but he was not going to listen. Finally after pain subsided, we was in full swing. He fucked me for a long time and came inside me and with that I came on bedsheet.

Saaransh fell on me with his dick inside me. He was still hard and cum started dripping out of my asshole.

He lied next to me and I turned my face towards him. He kissed me on my eyes and said I love you Jaan can I be with him always…

Friends gay fuck story of a horny and hot buddy

I told him dude you are still in sex mode and told him not to say such things so loosely.

I told him that I loved him the moment I saw him and I don’t want it to get ruined so he has to think once he is in proper mindset and not in lust.

Saaransh pulled me him and said Jahan I got attracted to you the moment he saw me and had feeling for me when we started talking but as he did not know the interest he dint say. Now, we again kissed and went to washroom to clean ourselves.

We were hungry. I ordered food for us and got into boxers atleast. We were tired of long drive and steamy session. We ate and slept.

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