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Incest gay erotica: Hello guys! This is my first time writing to IGS. I have true story to submit here, hope u enjoy it. Yeh sab tab shuru hua tha jab mein college mein tha. Muje tabhi pata chal gaya tha ki mein gay hu.

Muje ladke hi pasand the aur chhata tha ke ladke meri gaand maare. Par kisi ko bata nahi pata tha ki gay hu. Muje mere dad ke upar hamesha se hi crush tha. He is very sexy and I used to see him everyday in his underwear.

I masturbated a lot when he was in shower. My dad had divorced my mom many years earlier and now I was always alone with him. I never thought ke mere dad mere saamne kabhi aise dekhenge.

Then I wanted to have sex with him. I couldn’t control it. So I thought of when would I seduce him. He used to come in his undies before going to shower and I thought of something seductive.

So, when he was removing his clothes, I first removed all of my clothes and then wrapped a towel as I wasn’t even wearing underwear. Then, I went to his room and he was sitting in undies and vest on bed.

Maine kaha dad aapke kapde dedo dhulne daal dunga, mein apne kapde to daal hi raha hu. He saw I was naked and was wearing a towel. He gave me his clothes and said Tune abhi se kyu kapde dhulne daal diye hai?

Then I said aaj daal dene pade kaafi gande ho gaye the. Then when I took his clothes, I took them with both ny hands and dropped my towel and showed that I didn’t know my towel had dropped.

He told me towel gir gayi hai and I thought dad ne ab to sab dekh liya kyuki mera lund towel mein pura khada tha. Then I turned my back and came on all four to take my towel. Dad was still watching me.

Dad said tuje pata hi nahi chalti hai ke kaise towel pehnte hai. Yaha se chala jaa. I went and my dad got angry on me. Then, later that day I told dad that I am gay and I wanted to have sex with him so I did all of that.

He said tuje kaise pata tu gay gai? Maine kaha dad mein ladko ko dekh hilata hu. He never talked to me till today. Today when he was in shower, I was in his room in my undies with my phone.

I didn’t know this even was still in him. When he came out, he saw me and said yaha pe nanga kyu betha hai. I said phone dekh rahe hai abhi chala jaaunga nahane.

He said muje laga uss din jaisa phir se karne aaya hai. Then I thought he still has it in his mind. I said nahi nahi aisa nahi hai. He said muje toh laga ki wapis gaand maarwane ki koshish mein aaya hai.

U said aapko toh maarni nahi hai phir kya. He said abe maar lunga pata bhi nahi chalegi khada kaise hote hai. I said huh aap nahi maarna chahte.

He said saale idhar aa and caught my skinny legs and removed my undies. I was naked and he siad ab tu dekh gaand ka kya hota hai. He took oil bottle and started oiling his fingers and spread my legs.

Then, he put finger in my hole and said abhi toh shuru hua hai. He was wearing vest and undies and I was naked with my legs in air. I said dekhte hai.

Then he started oiling more and more fingers and out them in my ass. I screamed and said ab thoda maza aaya. He then removed his vest and undies and put oil on his dick.

He got it erect and said me ab dekh. I came down on fours and he started fucking me. He inserted his dick little by little and soon whole dick was in me.

Then he started fucking me at full speed and I started moaning. He took me in missionary and inserted his dick in one sit. Then I started moaning louder and louder and he slapped my face and said ab kya hua teri gaand ko? Faad du aaj?

I said aap ki gaand hi hai faad do. He then got so hard that he literally teared my ass. Then it started to burn in my ass and he came. I also masturbated and came out.

Then he spit on my face and said aaj raat mein gaand puri faad dunga. He took my undies with him, locked my cupboard and said aaj poore din nanga ghoom tuje toh waise bhi maza aata hai nanga ghumne mein.

My dick became small and I took a bath and then came out naked and was lying in bed. He had tore my ass and I took a pic of my ass to see why was it burning and red all down there.

He had left a huge tear and it was unbearable to sit up and I laid on bed whole day and my ass kept oozing oil, cum and it was bleeding constantly.

I put cream on it and it burned more and then still the tear hasn’t gone. I canysit straight now. When he came home at night, he fucked that hole harder and the tear got bigger.

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I was in unbearable pain and I then put cream and slept naked and he told me at night aaj ke baad kapde pehna hue dikha toh dekh. I said Dad abse nanga hi rahunga aur gaand khol ghodi banuga jab bhi aap kaho.

He said baith nahi paaya aaj? I said nahi dad gaand faad di ab toh kabhi baith nahi paunga. Dad kal se dhire se daalna nahi toh gaand nahi rahegi.

He said wo mere pe hai muje kaise daalna aur teri gaand rakhni hai ya nahi. Aur phir dad ne muje apne pass gaand mein ungli daalke aur gaand ungli puri night ghumaayi gaand mein light band hojane ke baad bhi.