Gay bros story of two hot gym bros turning lovers: 1

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Gay bros story: Hi this is Atharva. Back here after a rather long sabbatical with another story. You can read my previous stories here by the name:- My first man crush & The Romantic Dehradun Diaries.

This is from the time I turned 21 and used to go to the gym with a friend named Sidharth.

Siddharth was a hunky, fair skinned, 6 ft tall guy who was my gym partner.

I had stayed at his home once and while we were asleep we had a moment where we had a mild kiss pretending that we were asleep but I didn’t know what he had in mind.

As i wake up earlier so I gave him a mild hug and a peg on his lip as I couldn’t resist myself looking at his cute face but got up abruptly and finished cleaning up.

I made myself a cup of coffee and was basking in the serenity of the beauty of Dehradun. The view outside was captivating with mountains around and greenery.

Sid had woken up and went to the loo. He came out with small towel wrapped on his face cleaning himself while I was in the balcony in the morning Dehradun sunshine…

His home had beautiful view of the Queen of hills – Mussoorie, as it is rightly called

Sid:- Hey Morning bruh! I have some work in the market. Chloge kya baba?
Me :- Han(yup) chalo. Drop me also at my house thereafter.

We both pretended as if nothing had happened at night and off we went.

We went for shopping to the “Indra market” as he was good at bargaining unlike me…Its a long narrow market which had some nice stuff and then we headed to “Paltan market” crossing the Clock tower(Central Dehradun)…

We bought some biscuits and rusk from Sunrise Bakers(famous in Dun) and then he dropped me to my home.

As I reached home I was wondering if he knew what had happened at night or not but brushed it under the carpet later as it would have been visible on the way he would have behaved but he didn’t behave weirdly at all.

I checked my phone and it was Hemant’s message that he was in town and wanted to catch up. I was apprehensive if I wanted to meet him as I knew where it would end eventually but he was resilient so I agreed to meet him.

We were supposed to meet in the evening so I wore my jeans and white sneakers along with a tee and black denim jacket. I had just then got a haircut so I used my skills and tried a hairdo I saw on youtube and managed to replicate somewhat similar.

I rode on my brothers Royal Enfield to reach there which he would never allow me to drive as he loved it so much but still managed to convince him and parked the bike.

Hemant was on a call outside and my bike’s thunder caught his attention though I was in my Swag is a thing which some may find weird. I listen to lots of songs…and my mood is set according to my choice of song.

So if I am like working out i would be listening the motivational or some hardcore rap songs and when I’m stepping out for some occasion all suave then I usually listen to some swag songs)

Though I remain very simple at home in my loose tee and pyjamas which I love btw. But when it comes to going out I don’t leave any stone unturned in looking Stylish or slender but acc to the occassion.

So I had my studs in my ears, Rado watch on my wrist and cool eye gear… I parked my bike and removed my glasses along with earplugs and adjusted my hairs looking into the rear-view mirror.

Hemant:- Bas bas…You’ll kill people here by your swag..
Me:- Ha ha… Ur sense of humour hasn’t improved yet but your body has…

Hemant:- Wah …janab.. Compliment diya bhi to itna ghuma firke…(Given compliment but that too so indirectly)
Me:-(winked) So how hve u been ,how is ur modelling going…

Hemant:-(grabbing the seat) Its been good…Working and doing MBA now..wbu?
Me:- That’s great! Yeah me too …working as well as pursuing masters.. evolving …one day at a time..So far so good…

Hemant:- Should we order something..
(he ordered brownies and a coffee for himself and asked me ..-You’ll have tea na…Mr chai lover…)
Me:- Uhh No..I love tea but only when i make it with my special ingredients..for now coffee…
Hemant:- it is then…

Me:- So how is everything ..long time huh..
He:- Yeah and you were apprehensive about it .Glad you agreed
Me:- Kuch bhi…

After few conversations he asked me if I could drop him and also give him a few movies I had in my laptop to which i agreed. I welcomed him and he sprung on the beanbag and I was checking my laptop for movies.

I offered him a glass of water but he was too engrossed in laptop so i just gave a nudge on his face.

He:-( in bewilderment) Saale…(and punched me lightly on my groin)
Me:- Ahhhh…fuckkkkk..(i was acting though but it did pain lil)
He:- (laughing hysterically) Are did i hit too hard…

I had my hands on my groin grabbing and when he came near me I pulled him and grabbed him by his neck and locked him with my thighs. He was trying to get rid of my grip and he did succeed after a hardcore jolt and tickling me when I just lost it.

He took advantage of my weakness and started tickling me all over and i just couldn’t control laughing so hard that tears dropped from my eyes

He:- Oye are you crying?
Me:- Huh…No…

I stood up and went towards the sink to wipe my face when he suddenly turned me and held my face to look if I had tears and I just looked down.

He:- Hey look at me…
Me:- arey ..its nothing..not crying was tickling that did it.

I looked in his eyes and my hand automatically went on his cheeks…and he pressed his lips on mine for a brief moment and hugged me tightly.

The hug broke and turned into a romantic smooch session, he just delicately kissed,licked and sucked my lips twirling his tongue occasionally…

While kissing he held my gently and made me sit on the sofa and came on top of me, held my fingers and locked them in his and was kissing me deeply as it was after so long.

Gay bros story of horny gym hunks

He removed his t-shirt and I saw him shirtless after so long and I blurted…

Me:- oh my fucking lord…u look so fucking hot ..fuck…

His chest was bulging out and he had visibly delicious abs and the bulging biceps were enticing enough for me that I couldn’t resist and I started smooching his biceps.

Sid flexed his biceps more to enjoy and I slowly paved my way to his thick neck and then to his lips.


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