Gay college story of horny roommates having fun: 4

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So the idea I was talking about is.. We were given 1 week leave for Dussehra in hostel, so that everyone can go to their native places and spend time with their family. We took this as a chance.

So the idea is me and karan will reach hostel one day before the hostel opens after dussehra, so we will be the one persons in hostel with all the rooms to our self and then we can have sex.

So we are eagerly waiting for the holidays to come and everyone in hostel left to their native places to enjoy the holidays. Me and karan went to our villages and are waiting for the day when holidays will get completed.

So finally it is one day before the holidays complete and I am thinking of some lies to tell my parents why I am leaving one day before to hostel, as no one will be there. I told all nonsense and convinced my parents to go to hostel one day before and same with karan also. And we both started for hostel from our respective villages.

As i am near to college than karan, I came first to hostel and put all my luggage in my room with all the snacks my mom sent me. As expected there are no students in hostel yet but one Warden has arrived early. I am eagerly waiting for karan and after almost 2 hours of my waiting, there he is.

In a tight white tshirt and tight blue jeans ,trying to reduce me while clearly all his abs and chest area is clearly visible through his tshirt and his sexy big thighs are making me more and more hungry for him.

He came inside, settled himself and we hugged each other and as there is no one we kissed eachother. And then we went to warden spoke to him for a bit and had out dinner and came back to our rooms.

The day and time had finally come, which we both are dying for.

We took our time, went to bath cleaned ourselves and are ready. We closed the door.

Karan: Should we check on warden if he is asleep or not?
Me : I already checked and he is a sleep.

He slowly came near me and whispered in my ear, today u are all mine Yash, I am going to have you to full of my satisfaction.

He grabbed my waist pulled me closer to him and started licking my lips and then started kissing me deeply. We both went on kissing like that for sometime.

I threw him on bed and slowly started moving up towards him. I am on top of him and started kissing him deeper and deeper.

I slowly removed his t shirt and as always those fabulous Abs and his bulging chest, which I missed the most for a week and its in front of me and I wasted no time and started liking his entire upper body, sucking ad biting his abs and nipples.

Karan is so turned on by this and his dick is completely erect now and trying to come out of his shorts.

I slowly moved down and stated kissing and licking his shaft over his shorts and slowly pulled them down. Karan did not wear any Underwear and his monster bounced on my face and I took a couple of seconds looking at it and what I missed over a week.

Karan : Is it what u r waiting for babe?
Me : oh yes babe.
Karan : then what are u waiting for, it is in front of u

As soon as he completed the sentence I just jumped over his dick and started sucking on it from top to bottom.

Me: oh yes babe, i missed ur dick so bad. I missed its taste. I miss how it feels in my mouth.
Karan : Then don’t waste anytime and start sucking what u like most.

i started slurping on that monster dick deep down my throat and gagging on it.

Karan : Oh yes babe ur mouth feels amazing, go on don’t stop.

I am taking his dick completely down my throat but not able to last there longer. I am enjoying every inch of his monster inside my mouth.

Karan : Babe it’s been many days since I masturbated, I can’t control myself now. I will cum anytime now.

Me : Oh yes babe don’t control urself any more, i want to taste your juices, please cum for me.
And I started sucking his dick faster and deeper.

karan: Yashhhhhhh I am cumming………..
Me : oh yeah babe, cum inside my mouth, feed me ur juices.

And in a fraction of second he spilt all his 6 loads of juices deep down my throat and OMG what a tasty treat it is . I gulped down all his cum and drank each and every single drop without wasting.

He removed is dick from my mouth and came near and kissed me and licked some of his cum from my mouth.

We rested there satisfied for sometime and i can see karan’s dick is in its full glory without any tiredness.

Me : looks like ur fully erected even after u came .
Karan : oh yeah I am eagerly waiting for this day to come, how can i disappoint u today.
Me : so are u ready to enjoy the ultimate the pleasure of ur life
Karan : Oh yeah.

And he agaiin started kissing me slowly and eventually we both are full on track and started kissing more vigorously.

I am never bored of sucking his monster dick, so I slowly went down and put head of his dick in my mouth and in that second karan pressed my head deep down on is dick and that’s it, his whole dick is completely in my mouth now touching down my throat and gagging me. He did not remove his hands and kept oh pressing for sometime and then released me.

Karan : Do u like it babe?
Me : I like to do everything with ur dick babe.
He came on top of me closed my nose and started pushed his dick deep and deep inside my mouth and through gag reflex my mouth is automatically swallowing his dick.

He did it for almost 10 mins and now his dick is completely lubricated with my saliva.

Karan: I think we are ready now.
Me : R u sure?
Karan : Yes, see how u made my dick lubricated for ur ass. It will easily go inside u now.
Me: ok then please be gentle.

Karan made with sleep on my stomach and stated kissing my back and slowly moving down my ass.
He started fondling my buns and started kissing and biting them.

Slowly he pulled my ass cheeks apart and started smelling near my ass crack. He slowly stick out his tongue and stated licking the crack. OMG it was heaven. Who ever has experienced this, they will know that.

Now he started to eating my ass and stated fucking my ass with his tongue. Now this went on for a few minutes and my goodness i never want it to stop.

Karan : the time has finally come, are u ready Yash.
Me : I think so

Karan started rubbing his 8 inches monster over my hole and it is making me horny for his dick.
He started inserting his dick head slowly inside my hole but it is not going in. he put some spit and started again , but no use my hole is very tight and its is a virgin hole waiting to lose its virginity tonight.

He used my spit along with some lubricant and started inserting again. but of no use. This went on for sometime and no where his monster is going inside me.

Me : I think it won’t go in, we should stop.
Karan: but babe, I want to fuck u so bad, I cant stop now.
Me : then what shall we do?

As I am about to complete that sentence, in one push using all his energy karan shoved his entire 8 inches monster inside me leaving a loud moan and stayed there.

And Oh God, this is completely true, I lied there unconscious for a few minutes unable to understand what happened and what is happening around me.

No word came out of my mouth and tears are just rolling out of my eyes and I lay there dead without any moment.

Karan is continuously tapping on my face while asserting if I am ok and after few minutes I regained my conscious and asked him what happened.

Karan : I am very sorry babe, as my dick is not able to enter inside you , I took the chance and in one go pushed my entire dick inside you.

Me : Karan, I can’t take it, it is hurting very bad. Please take out your dick out of my ass.
Karan : babe , please just bear for a few minutes, it will be alright.
Me : karan it hurts so bad, I even fell unconscious,

karan : I understand babe, but please spare a few minutes and i promise u it will be alright.
And by saying that he started kissing me and rubbing all over my body, trying to tickle me.
and after what it looked like an eternity, the pain stated to slowly subside.

Me : the pain has reduced now, I am alright.
Karan : Ok now i will slowly move my dick inside ur ass in and out.
Me : go slowly babe.

And karan started fucking me slowly taking his dick to and fro.

This slow fucking went on for sometime and now my ass got adjusted for his dick and slowly started enjoying his movements.

Kara n : can I go a little faster babe?
Me : Oh Yeah baby, fuck me faster.
Karan : u like my dick in ur ass baby?
Me : Oh yeah karan , i love it. Give it to me more.

Now my ass is completed adjusted to his big and thick cock and started enjoying his deep thrusts.

Me : Karan go deeper and faster, i want to feel u completely inside me today.
Karan : Oh yean baby take it, take my dick deep inside you.

The room is completely filled with his fucking thrust noises and both our loud mouns.

Karan : oh babe I love ur ass, its so tight .
Me : It’s all urs babe, fuck my ass as hard as u want. take my virginity.

This fucking went on for 10 mins.

Karan : I am getting close babe, where do u want me?
Me : Oh babe I want you inside me , Sow ur seeds inside me.
Karan: Oh yeah I am cummimg, I am cummimg ahhhh……

And karan came deep inside me in one go and fell on me while breathing heavily .

Me : Did u like it karan, how is it take my virginity, did u like my ass?
karan : I loved it babe, even I lost my virginity to u.
Me : karan ur the best babe.
Karan : No ur the best Yash.

We slowly started kissing again and he started jerking me off and in no time i came in his hands, for which he licked it all from his hands and swallowed.

Karan : u taste awesome karan.

And we both laid there on bed tired, sweating in each others arms enjoying each and every moment of what had happened.

Gay first time story of sexy friends losing virginity

Slowly after some time we got up and went to washroom to clean ourselves and take abath. As no one is there we went inside same bathroom to bath.

An then I suddenly felt something weird inside my ass and told karan the same. He told me it must be his cum inside my ass and I slowly squirted all his cum out.

We both got cleaned up and went to bed cuddling in each other’s arms.

This is the story of how i lost my virginity to Karan. hope u guys liked my story. Please excuse me for any grammatical mistakes. If u want to provide me with any suggestions regarding the story, please mail me at [email protected]

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