Hostel sex story of a horny and wild gay boy: 1

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Hostel sex story: This is the story about me and my hostel roommate. This is my college’s story. It was my first day at the college and I was alloted a room randomly in my colleges hostel.

I went to the room and laid on the bed keeping my bags still packed. 10 mins after my roommate came in the room with a bag tall 5 9′ height decent body and cute looking in specs.

I got up from bed and greeted him. He told me himself and we shared some random talks about ourselves. We had our dinner together in the mess and got back to our room after a walk.

I was in love with them on the first day itself. Next morning we had our orientation program we got up early and got ready for the function. He was looking so hot in a loose t shirt and jeans.

Our friendship got stronger with time. One day when he left for his classes I saw his shorts kept on his bed I got up and sniffed those I felt my cock instantly got hard.

I locked the door and started masturbating keeping his shorts in my hand. I got one step further I knew he used to wash all his undies on sundays I opened his laundary bag and took his undies which were still unwashed and sniffed those which made me even harder.

In the meantime rooms door got banged, in hurry I threw his undies in laundary bag and shorts on his bed and opened the door. It was him, he told me that his class got cancelled and came inside the room.

He laid on the bed and started to use his mobile. My dick was still erect. I got up from my bed and was yawning when he saw the bulge in my shorts. He asked me about it “salle hila raha tha kya” in a naughty tone.

I told him no just morning erection. Then he said you have a big bulge compared to mine. I asked him to show me his bulge. He said currently my dick is soft then I asked him in a low voice let me make you hard.

He heard it got up from then bed and locked the door. He came near me and lowered my shorts and touched my bulge. I asked him to stand and remove his jeans he did the same. I saw his bulge and got on my knees.

I started to touch his bulge and was going to remove his undies. I lowered them and an 6 inches circumcised dick came in front of my face.

I took it in my mouth it was a little bit smelly with cums smell but it got me super horny.

He took hus dick out of my mouth spitted in my mouth and shoved it again inside. After 10 to 15 minutes of sucking we both became completely nude and he applied lotion on my ass hole.

He was spanking my ass very hard making it red. I was shouting a little bit so he pushed his underwear in my mouth. I sat on my fours on his bed and he was standing behind my ass pushing his dick in my hole.

He fucked me in the same position for 15 to 20 minutes. Then I sucked him again. He fucked me for over an hour. At last he came inside my mouth I drank every drop of his cum. Then he cleansed my hole with his tongue.

I laid naked on his bed and I saw him completely nude only with his specs onn. He was looking so fucking crazy and cute that I smooched him again.

Hostel sex story of horny and wild gay boys

He came on top of me on his bed and hugged me tightly and we slept like this till the evening.

In the night after dinner I was on my bed he came in the room locked the doors removed his pyjamas and t-shirt and came to my bed. He removed my shorts and undies and started sucking my dick.

I pressed his head into my dick and abused him. Listening to which he started to suck me even faster. He came to my face and gave me smooches then again went for his suck session. He told me I want this in my asshole and saying so he removed his underwear.

I told him not so easily I will be master for the night if u want this dick u will have to be my slave.

Next will in part 2. 😜