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Sexy gay story: Hey everyone reading this, this is the true story of me; Rahul. I am a 20 year old boy and I thought to share my experience with you all after reading all these stories.

In appearance I am tall approx 6 ft and a little bit fair in colour. This is a tale from my college times when we were studying in XI. I was a bit of shy and concealed type of person.

Meanwhile my classmates took opportunity of this thing and would make fun of me in different ways. I would occasionally notice them spanking each others asses in the middle of the class and showing their dicks to each other in the class as well.

Since I wasn’t in any group and was mostly lonely through out the day; I somewhat wanted to join them. Little did I know that it was about to come true.

Halfway through the year we had a huge event to prepare for, I participated in an act and so did some other peeps from my class, their was Karan who was a slim guy, bit fair and a bit tall and Siddhart who was a little lean and short, a little dark but had an Ideal body.

There were three of Siddhart’s friends as well, Arun; dark, short and slim and Falak; a tall, dark and slim guy. Arun and Falak were close to each-other and would mainly the ones in the class to tease me the most.

There was Aryan as well who was a tall, fair had a good body and a round butt. I had somewhat of a crush on him and their was a guy who didn’t participated but was with the group any way; Raj, Tall, extremely fair and a body of an athlete.

All the participants were told to stop after school so they can practise. Their were other students from other classes as well but the one thing I liked about our grade was the unity. So each guy from our class gathered and sat in a classroom which was no longer used or even no longer visited.

It had no windows and just a door which was locked so we got the keys from reception and sat their and began to practise. We locked the door as well to refrain from any disturbance.

After maybe 15 minutes Siddhart asked to practise the play so we can deliver the best. We were all in school uniforms that time so Falak suggested we get the costumes as well. Siddhart asked “and where will we change?”

Falak said “right here.” They all laughed and agreed but they looked at me and I nodded in disapproval because we didn’t had the time. Falak asked me to agree and there is nothing to be afraid of but Aryan backed me and said the teachers might inquire us and it’s better to not ruin the costumes.

So we all started practising and their came a scene of Arun and Falak. Arun was playing a servant and Falak was a maestro buying him from market, halfway through the scene Arun asked “if there’s any capability of me you’d like to see of me master?”

Falak jokingly improved “yes, can you suck my dick?” We all laughed on it but Arun seemed annoyed and with a smirk on his face he stepped and grabbed Falak’s crotch saying, “Anything for you master.”

Now that was a common thing in our class to do so and everyone was really amused by this but then Falak unbuckled his belt and said “Come on bitch”. We all felt shocked and a little taken back but we all were also enjoying this. “Ok but what’s in it for me?”

Arun asked. “If you blowed me for 5 minutes without stopping I’ll blow you for 5 minutes for the next week at any time you want.” Falak said smirkingly. “And if you failed. I’ll bang your ass. Right here. Right now.”

Arun smiled and looked at his pants which were now rising due to the boner. He smirked and sat on his knees, grabbed his cock and pulled down the zipper of his pants by using his teeth and started giving him a blow job.

It seemed normal for everybody as they were laughing and rubbing their dicks inside their pants but it was all new to me. I noticed Siddhart looking at me and making his way to the back of the room where I was sitting.

“You enjoying?” He asked whole approaching. “Kind of” I replied. “Yeah I can tell” he told while looking towards my boner which I hadn’t realised was there. I quickly put my hands over it to hide but he sat beside me and told me it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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I disagreed and said it would be embarrassing even for him. He put a hand on my thigh and started gently rubbing it and said “No it wouldn’t.” Then he noticed my dick erected to its extent and he bent down and kissed it over from the pants.

He asked me if He could go on. I told him if he wanted to but then he said that I’d have to take part as well. I asked in what?.

He stood up, unbuckled his pants and pulled them down to reveal a huge boner in a tight white underwear, saying, “in this.”

To be continued…