Kinky family story of fun with the brother in law: 2

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Family fuckers story: So as you guys are aware me and my jiju were on a camping trip, if no dont forget to read the 1st part.

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I started sucking his dick head as it was very juicy and already full with precum. He was moaning very loudly and I was getting excited for the real life experience.

I moved towards his balls and licked it one by one. He guided me towards his asshole and i tried licking the ass for the first time but was a bit uncomfortable doing it, still I tried for my handsome jiju.

He was shivering with the pleasures from my suck. My dick was already greased by the oozing precum and i placed it on his ass hole which he spread with his hands, I started fucking his ass slowly and than raised my speed.

I fucked him in different poses and due to the alcohol which drank I was not cumming as my sensations were low.

I enjoyed fucking him for almost 30 mins and then he told me that he wanted to fuck me now.

“What The fuck” was the first thing came in my mind as i was virgin. I told him the same to which he laughed and told me to relax.

I lost my erection thinking about that lolz
He made me sleep and spread my legs apart and started rimming my ass hole with his tongue and he moved it in and out my hole I was in pleasure and got back my erection and was pulling his hairs for deeper rimming.

He started fingering me and made my hole lose to get his dick in and in no time he was fucking me, there was minimum pain to which I can see how experienced he is.

He fucked me for almost 20 mins and came inside me, my as was full with his cum and he started sucking me as I had not cum yet.

Then he started jacking me off with his hands and sucking my nipples which made me cum in almost 5 mins.

We both were lying on each other for almost 30 mins and started kissing back.

The cum on our bodies was drying so he picked me in his arms and we both went in the waterfall for cleaning our bodies. We were enjoying our moment together and started kissing back in the river.

We came back and were sitting nude having our beer i had my dinner, but my jiju was still busy witj his beers.

I placed my head on his lap which was warm due to the alcohol he was consuming.

I didnt knew when I slept and in middle of night i woke up and saw i was still in his lap but he was asleep lying back with a hard on pointing the sky.

Family fuckers story of horny boy and jiju

I started gazing it and checking it out and in no time I was sucking crazy. He was still in his sleep so he didnt wake up, he came in my mouth and still he was sleeping.

I tried to lift him up as i had to put him in the tent to sleep.

Somehow I managed lifting him up and bought him in the tent and closed the chain and I slept in his arms and he hugged me tight pressing my nipples in his sleep. I also hold his dick in my hands, kissed him on his pink lips and slept as it is.

Next morning we had to leave,, but I had few more plans to enjoy with my super hot captain jiju.

To be continued…