Family fun erotica of a gay boy with brother-in-law: 1

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Family fun erotica: Hello Everyone Jazz here. So I am writing a real story of mine which happened between me and my jiju (sisters husband). This story happened when I was hitting may be 18 or 19.

My sister was then married with him for more than 5 yrs, after multiple miscarriages my sister conceived and she was staying with us since 4 months of her pregnancy.

My jiju used to come and stay with us for several days. I was in my class 12th and was studying most of the nights and my jiju used to sleep in my room in his boxer shorts. I was growing my pubes, harmones were changing so I used to get turn on by seeing him sleep like this.

Till now I hadn’t seen any grown man’s dick or neither seen anyone in their underwear as I was grown in a very conserved family.

Anyways coming back to the story, one night my jiju was scrolling his phone and was adjusting and scratching his genital area, I was quite confused why is he uncomfortable, as it was diverting my mind towards him.

Out of curiosity I asked him what the matter is, to which he replied that the underwear he was wearing was old and fitting tight and was causing irritation lolz it was quite funny, as he didnt had much clothing here and the other undies were washed.

He couldn’t wear my fathers one as he didn’t have an unused one. And the one which I had were jockstrap which I hesitated to think while sharing it, but still I took an initiative and asked him if he wished to wear my jockstrap which was unused to which he agreed.

But since it was night he didnt want to wake anyone downstairs so the point was where he will change it, then I told him I will close my eyes and turn around meanwhile u can change it, and I’ve been around with men in jockstrap in gym, I added.

To which he told I am not shy to pose my body in front of anyone. To which I made fun and turned around to see what he was upto.

Oh my goodness he was trying to pull those tight undies which were stuck near his thighs and eventually he needed my help to remove it and he called. My focus was on his dick omg it was so thick and those balls were medium sized but hairy as hell.

I helped him remove his underwear and purposely touched his dick multiple times as it was completely new for me. I was curious how big it could grow, but couldn’t take much risk as he was my jiju.

Finally the struggle was over and he hugged me like that only thanking me for lending my undie in such a situation. He promised me to get one new branded to compensate which I agreed.

I saw he was semi hard and he wore the jockstrap in front of me and pulled up his boxers.

I did try to request him to sleep only in his boxers as I had already seen his dick and we both r men, to which he replied ur still my kid to which my reply was I am also grown now.

Again he was using his phone and again he started scratching it, meanwhile I completed my studies for the day and made myself sleep besides him. I slept near him and he started asking me questions about my puberty stage, hairs on the body, size of the genitals, nightfall, masturabtion and etc.

I could see a bump on his pants but I ignored it and started replying to his answers foolishly.

He gave me a good sex education session and I got a hard on listening to it from my jiju. He noticed it and asked to undress myself to check whether I am growing properly or not.

Family fun erotica of a horny and wild gay slut boy

As he was in the police department he was handling all the physical activites and training sessions. I was hesitation to which he replied we both can see each other’s and you can check how things will change in your body in upcoming years…

Next part will be writing soon. Kindly share your comments on my real story and share yours if u encountered any jiju of yours…