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Family gay story: The next day I woke up around 9 AM and my uncle was already gone, I noticed that I was sleeping naked and my clothes were lying on the floor. I got out of bed and headed for a shower, my ass was still hurting from the last night and I was thinking about the last night in the shower the way my heartbeat rose, and the pleasure I felt last night with my uncle.

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I just knew I need him to do that again with me. I came out of the bathroom and uncle Ramesh was sitting in the living room.

I said, “Good Morning Uncle”, he replied with a smile, “Good Morning Karan, how are you feeling?”. I didn’t know whether he was referring to the pain in my ass or was just asking in general but I replied, “Good, Uncle”.

I sat next to him and asked, “What’s the plan for today?”, he replied, “We can go watch a movie and hang around, a friend will be coming home tonight”. I was excited so I changed my outfit and we went to the nearby cinemas.

During the whole movie, Uncle Ramesh was just looking at me, he was constantly touching my cheeks, my hands, and brushing his hands between my thighs and my face got hot red with blushing and halfway into the movie he took my hand and put it over his cock, it was rock hard again.

I said, “Uncle, what are we going to do with it here?”, I had a grin on his face and he stood up pulling me with him and took me out of the cinema room, “Just follow me, Karan.”

We got into the washroom into one of the cubes, the washroom was empty as all people were watching the movie, we got into one of the cubicles and he locked the door.

Next, uncle Ramesh unzipped his pants and pulled his big thick cock out, and seeing it saliva filled my mouth, and I all I could think was

It looks so juicy!!!

He said, “Get on your knees Karan”, I didn’t understand what he wanted me to do. I gave him a confused look and he pushed my shoulder and forced me on my knees and inserted his cock in my mouth saying, “Suck it like it is a lollipop”.

Honestly, I liked the taste of the thing so I started sucking it and uncle Ramesh was making noises like,

“Oh yeh my boy”

Seeing this I started sucking it faster and I could feel something was coming out of his cock into my mouth, instantly he pulled it out and came all over the floor with some of it dripping from the side of my mouth.

He pulled his pants back up and cleaned my face with his handkerchief. He said, “Good job my boy, what would I have done without you”. We went back to our seats in the theater.

After the movie, we went out sightseeing and came back home around 8 PM. I was very exhausted and fell on the bed to get a quick nap, when I woke up some noise was coming out of the living room, I guess his friend has arrived.

I opened the room to the living room and it was filled with smoke and a weird smell that I have never smelled before. Uncle and his friend were sitting on the floor and they have already ordered the food. Uncle saw me and said, “You woke up, great. Come….. Come here my boy” and he grabbed me into a big tight hug.

I looked over to his friend, “Hi, I am Karan.” and he replied, “Hello, I am Paul”. Paul was also handsome like my uncle and a bit taller, his long hair was falling on his eyes and I could see his big biceps through his tight t-shirt.

Taking my eyes away from his I asked, “What were you guys doing by the way, and how this room get filled with smoke”. They both looked at each other and started giggling. I noticed that both of their eyes were red and I thought it might be because of the smoke.

Uncle’s friend Paul replied, “We were just having some medicine, it helps us relax. Do you wanna try it as well???”, he extended a glass flask kind of this to me with a circular base and a long cylindrical top and something was burning on the side of the flask.

I didn’t know how to use it so I gently refused. Seeing me a bit uncomfortable uncle Ramesh said, “Don’t worry kiddo maybe some other time, have this till then”, he passed some brownies to me and I took the plate, there were about 4 big brownies in there and started eating them while both of them were smoking out of the flask thingy.

We were chatting and there was good music going into the background but suddenly I felt something weird in me. My head started going in spirals and I could feel the cold air breathing it in and out suddenly I got very sensitive towards sensations and the music was feeling much better to my ears.

I thought both of them were staring at me but I couldn’t be sure. I told uncle how I was feeling and he replied, “You are tripping my boy” and they both started giggling again.

I heard uncle Ramesh saying to Paul, “Well, I think you can have fun with him now.”, uncle Ramesh turned to me and said, “Why don’t you take some rest Paul will take you to the room”. Paul pulled me on my feet and slid his head under my arm to support me as my head was spinning a little and he laid me down on the bed.

I closed my eyes and my head my spinning even more. I heard a clicking noise and Paul turned back towards the bed and got over me. I could feel his weight pressing on me and he started kissing me.

I tried to resist him but my arms and legs were not reacting, it was like I had no control over them and Paul started to undress me, he pulled out my t-shirt and pants and flipped me on my stomach. Next, he removed all these clothes and got over me again.

We both were under sheets now and I could feel his big cock rubbing against my ass. Paul gave a huge spat on my hole and started fingering me with 3 of his fingers and with these heightened sensations I was enjoying it even more.

I started moaning, “Mmmmm……Yehhhhh”

Seeing this he gave a tight slap on my butt and slid his cock inside my ass. Unlike uncle Ramesh, he didn’t use a condom and his cock was even thicker. He started slow and once my ass opened enough he got on to thumping me hard like one thumps a bitch, he wasn’t gentle at all like Uncle Ramesh.

He was pounding me with such passion that I wasn’t sure I was crying in pain or pleasure.

He switched the position and got me on my knees in the doggy position, grabbing me by my waist, he was giving me a nice bang or as they say ‘Fucking my brains out.’ He said, “You like being my bitch, Huh!!!”

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I was just moaning because I wanted him to do this to me even harder and deeper, “Oh Yes……Yes give it to me”. He was striking more vigorously now and with a sudden push he pulled out his cock and flipped me over. We both were sweating and he was on his knees stroking his cock with his eyes rolled backward.

He came all over my chest, he was panting deep breaths now. After he was done he got over me and his weight was making it hard for me to breathe but didn’t mention anything.

He said, “Dude that was great, Woah I loved every minute of it”. He gave me a long kiss on the cheeks and put his clothes back on.

Before leaving the room he turned once and then closed the room on his way out. My head was still spinning so I closed my eyes and slept alone in the bed.