Desi Gay Erotica of Mallu Cousins in Twincest: 1

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Desi Gay Erotica: Despite being a Malayalee my interactions with Kerala were limited to summer holiday visits to my ancestral home in rural Palakkad. I’m not sure how many of you know what it is like but it can be quite a drag with nothing much to do.

The days were pretty much spent basking in the natural splendour of the greenery, eating about five to seven times a day, meeting and chitchatting with the entourage of relatives both local and those who descend from across the globe, temple visits, and for me swimming.

I could not bear the summer heat, so swimming in the family pond was the only thing that kept me sane. The pond, with laterite walls all around and typical Kerala architecture gateway, and steps leading into the water, was located some distance from the main house, where the mango and areca nut groves ended and the palm and coconut began- so it was very well shaded and secluded.

The women of the house used the pond twice a day in the early morning and evening and I would behave like a water buffalo for the rest, seldom joined by an odd relative or farmhand, coming out only to eat and sleep.

One summer when I was barely nineteen, my twin cousins, Vishnu and Jishnu, had come to spend the summer at the Tharavadu (ancestral home). They were army brats who had lived across the country and studied at some boarding school. I had met them thrice until that point, all during my childhood, so when I saw them after all those years, I felt a certain tingling sensation in my loins at their twenty-three-year-old versions.

They were, of course, identical but Jishnu was hairier and a shade darker than Vishnu. Both were well built without being too muscular and the swinging heavyset bulges each sported over their shorts left me wondering how different they were down there.

Vishnu was the friendlier of the two- goofing around, pranking about, and climbing mango trees. Once they realised there isn’t much they can do to while away time, they joined me for my leisure swims.

Usually, there would be about three generations of about seven to 18 men at the pond in the mornings and evenings (after the women) all going about their businesses peppered with gossip and ‘Pass the coconut oil please ammava.’ The afternoons were typically just me, leisurely floating on the water until the twins joined me eventually.

The typical clothing at the pond was either just the underwear or, for me, my local uncles and cousins- just a thin white cotton towel called thorthu which turns translucent once wet. The thorthu leaves nothing much to the imagination, especially with the rear and because there would be the overlap of the fabric around the crotch it offers some propriety to the wearer, denying the viewer the clear view of the family jewels- but it still outlined the shape and girth really well.

Amongst the locals, until a decade ago or so, this flimsy thorthu was considered more respectable and modest than the underwear. (Lately, however, I have noticed Malayalee men wrap the thorthu over the underwear, so these days one has to really imagine what lies under them).

The twins while initially swimming in their boxers soon shifted to just the thorthu as the pond water really took a toll on fabric, drying boxers took time, and I guess they didn’t pack enough for the summer. Perky asses, one hairless and the other with hair poking out of the fabric, they had.

About the crotch, apart from the heavy swing, I still didn’t have a clear picture and I was careful not to be too much of a voyeur- my dick has a mind of its own, so too much stimulation, visual or otherwise would lead to questions I didn’t want to be asked, not at last by the family.

A boner is impossible to hide under the thorthu unless you were underwater. Being novices at the deft art of tying it firmly around the waist, the very first day they wore the thorthu, it came off with the first lap they swam.

Being the chill blokes they were, they were unfettered by it and threw it to onto the steps and pretty much kept themselves to the water. Just the thought of their naked crotch got me horny and I began to chub up, so I made sure my erection remained underwater and hidden.

Perhaps it was the nudity, perhaps it was the fact that it was just the three of us and the seclusion the pond provided, they became more and more boisterous. They started spraying water, pushing each other underwater, some form of water wrestling and whatnot, and of course, I got dragged in as well. And then Jishnu pulled my thorthu off underwater and flung it.

In doing that his palm had brushed against my hardon prompting him to clasp it tight making me gasp. ‘Bro our little cousin here got a boner ya!’, he announced loudly. My ears turn hot and I just wanna drown in the water. ‘Fuck, seriously?’, Vishnu asks and swims closer and replaces Jishnus palm with a vigorous jerk. ‘You like gandugiri, don’t you?’ he asks, his face breaking out in a beautiful smile revealing his pretty teeth.

Desi gay erotic of a horny mallu guy getting cornered by his twin cousins

‘Please leave me, its nothing like you think.’ I faintly protest and try to swim away, but his grip is firm. By then Jishnu is behind me and begins to grope my bare ass. ‘You gotta feel this bro’, he says and turns me around for his brother to squeeze. ‘Looks like this isn’t going to be a boring summer after all’, Vishnu says as he begins to pinch my now hard nipples.

I feel like some toy sandwiched between them. ‘We will show you how to enjoy a boring summer aniya’, he adds with a wink. Little did they know how how much I have been craving for exactly this. Letting go of my inhibitions I retort, ‘Don’t think you’d be showing me anything I don’t already know.’ and began to fondle both their cocks.

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