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Gay dad son story: Hello everyone, I am here with my next part of “Gay incest story of dad’s good slutty boy”. I am very thankful for the love of my readers and one’s who mailed me. It’s really good to hear from you guys. Plz continue to shower your love. Without wasting time let’s go to story.

After sucking my father, I took all his clothes that I had taken off and kept them in his room then I changed my clothes and wear loose tshirt and v shape underwear and went to sleep in my room. But I was unable to sleep because I was thinking about my father.

My parents room and I share same bathroom which has two doors that open in both the rooms. After an hour I heard footsteps in bathroom. My father was awake and probably using bathroom. Then I heard a loud bang in bathroom I opened the bathroom door and found that my father had fallen on his back and his dick was out of his underwear and was semi hard.

Clearly he was trying to pee but fell down because he was still too drunk up. When I saw his dick it made me horny.

I picked my father up and kept his right hand over my shoulder and helped him to stand because he was barely standing on his own. He started pee but his piss was not getting into the toilet as it was hitting on lid of the toilet. I placed my left hand on his waist to hold him still and with my right hand held his dick to point it toward the toilet bottom so that his piss can go in it.

His dick felt warm in my hand. But with the touch of my hand his dick was getting bigger. After he pee I stroked his dick so that last drops fell from it but it got rock hard with my strokes. I put his dick back in his underwear and take him to his room and made him to lay on his bed. His dick was giving jerks in his underwear which made me hard.

I thought I should do something so that he can be mine. I knew that if fuck myself now with his dick then probably I will not get his dick again because he is not going to remember anything in the morning because whatever happens to him when he is drunk he don’t remember anything on next day.

So I made plan so that I can get his dick again and again. I took off my t-shirt and underwear and ripped them into pieces and threw them on the floor. My father was awake but unable to move because of his drunk state I took off the underwear of my father but he resisted me a little but I took them off anyway.

Now my father was completely naked in front of me in his full glory. I kissed him on his lips but he resisted a lot so I tied his hands with one of his ties with metal headboard of the bed.

Then I held his head in place between both my hands and kissed him on lips which he was resisting. Then give kisses on his neck and moved lower towards his chest I played with his nipples and sucked then his chest hairs were also getting into my mouth.

Then I moved towards his armpits had smelled them. The smell was musky I licked his armpit and simultaneously I was pinching his nipples. He was shaking his body because he was trying to resist but clearly his body was not responding in his favour because his dick was rock hard he started saying that what am I doing?

But I ignored him and kissed his stomach and licked his naval with my tongue as I was lowering further towards his dick he started abusing me which made me more horny I kissed his thighs and without touching his dick moved towards his legs I kissed every on both his legs then I moved towards his feet.

He was trying to kick me but I hold his feet firmly and kissed on the top of his feets His feet were very gorgeous. They were white in colour and the base was pink. I started sucking his fingers and toes which I sucked for almost 10 mins then I again kissed on his lips and took his dick in my mouth and started sucking it.

I sucked him for some time then I took his balls in my mouth and started sucking them.

His dick was completely wet with my spit so without wasting anytime I picked a bottle of lotion and applied it on my ass hole and some on his dick because my ass was itching and craving for his dick. I got on top of the bed and started lined his dick with my ass hole and started sitting on it.

His dick was very big for my hole I was barely able to take his head and it was paining a lot but I continued to take it deeper inch by inch. Within 2min he was completely inside me I just sit on his dick for 5 min which gave time to my body to relax then I started slowly getting up and down my father was abusing me and saying what are u doing son?

But I started moving fast and my father started enjoying the feeling because he stopped abusing me his eyes were closed and he was moaning. After 20 minutes he cummed inside me and shot 5 ropes of cum which lubricated my hole I fell down on his chest his dick was still inside me I kissed him on his lips but this time he opened his mouth and let my tongue enter his mouth and to my surprise he even kissed back.

Gay dad son story of slutty boy’s wild fuck with his daddy

His dick was getting soft and while we were kissing it popped out of my hole I got up and took his belt and started hitting me badly due to which I got belt marks on my whole body. But when I was doing that my father fell asleep I untied his hand. Then I slapped my face until I got red marks on my face. I placed my father’s tie back in cupboard.

After a lot of struggle with the belt of my father I tied my hands with the metal headboard of the bed with the help of my mouth. So now I was completely naked, beaten up and tied to the bed. I fell asleep and slept in the same condition when my naked father was sleeping beside me.

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