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Gay incest story: Hello everyone, my name is Shankey Jaiswal. This is my first story I hope you will love it. Please forgive me if I do some mistakes in writing and do let me know about your viewpoints on it.

I am a fatty guy who lives in a beautiful village of Himachal Pradesh in India. Now I am 24 years old. But this is a story when I was 21 years old and just completed my graduation. I lived in a nuclear family which included my parents, my elder brother and me. I am gay and I hadn’t told it to my family members at that time.

Both my father and my elder brother have muscular body and I am the only one with bulky body in the family but I got really good looks thanks to the genes that I got from my parents.

In my graduation, when I was living in Noida, I had many sexual experiences which were great and I want to talk about them but maybe later, right now let’s stick to my father and fun I had with him.

My father is the most handsome man I have ever seen. At the time, he was 45 years old and I was 21. His height is 6 feet and 2 inches. He go to gym on weekends and maintained a really nice shape. He served in Indian army for 15 years and now working in a bank.

Clearly being in army helped him to maintain his physique. He used to drink a lot at that times and whenever he get drunk, on the next day he doesn’t remember anything about it. My brother was living in Canada due to his studies and because he wanted to get settled there.

It was summer and my mother was visiting her parents so it was only me and my father at home. My father asked me if I want to sleep on the roof of our house and I agreed. we made our beds on the roof top and slept there. I get weird dreams during night and my parents knew about it.

During midnight, I got up from sleep and saw that my father is sleeping beside me. He was sleeping just in his underwear. He is very open about it and usually walk around the house in them. But it makes me horny whenever I see him in them. As he was sleeping, the moonlight was falling on his body and he looked like a sleeping angel to me.

He had hairy chest and dark nipples his legs are u very hairy. I wanted to touch and kiss every part of his body. I looked at his underwear, he was wearing a grey jockey trunks which looked great on him and holding his package. I wanted to touch it but I hesitated because he was not drunk and I was afraid that he might wake up.

But I wanted to touch it badly. So I got close to him and I placed my hand on his chest while lying beside him. When I get no response from him I got some courage and moved my hand slowly towards his stomach he was still sleeping so I moved further down and placed hand on his underwear where his dick was sleeping.

With my hand I tried to measure its length and it was quite big even without being hard. I got more courage and slowly put my fingers inside his underwear and played with his pubes and further inserted my hand and placed it on his dick. His dick felt warm in my hands then took hold of it and tried to measure it’s thickness which was nearly 2.5 inches.

I hold on to it and started stroking it and the dick started getting hard in my hand. Then my father woke up I closed my eyes and hold onto his dick firmly. My father instantly removed my hand from his underwear and tried to wake me up.

But I kept my eyes closed and didn’t move he thought that I was in sleep and maybe having some nightmare. He tried to go back to sleep but his dick was hard and I saw that by slightly opening my eyes. He tried to adjust it with his hand.

I again placed my hand on his stomach near his waistband and remained there for some time. This time my father was awake and he didn’t remove my hand because he was thinking that I am in sleep. I moved my hand slightly in such a way so that my small finger can get under his waistband only this time his dick being hard give a jerk which let the waistband up a little and let my finger enter.

My father nor moved neither removed my hand. His dick was making trusts which means my father was clearly loving it or maybe because he didn’t had sex in last two weeks since my mother was visiting my granny. I moved my hand inside his underwear only this time I just touched his dick slightly but didn’t hold it.

I moved further toward his balls and placed my hand on them which were quite hairy. My father now moved his hand inside his underwear and I thought that he was going to remove it but instead he took my hand and placed it on his dick which was quite shocking for me but clearly he was loving the feeling of his dick being touched.

Gay incest story of horny daddy’s big cock

I took hold of his dick and with my eyes closed started saying that dad please pull the rope otherwise I am going to fall from hill. My father thought that I am sleeping and having nightmare but he was horny and he cummed in my hand then he removed my hand and went to bathroom.

My hand was filled with his cum. I licked some of it and heard his footsteps then again I closed my eyes slightly he had a mug in his hand he brought water in it he washed his cum from my hand and again went to bathroom. After 10 minutes he came back and went back to sleep. I was very happy and I slept beside him.

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