Slutty gay story of school friend’s seduction

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Slutty gay story: Hey guys this is Alok here from goa. I would like to share my sexual experience with you guys. This is my first story so sorry if there are any mistakes.Hoping that youll will like my story.

To begin with I am 5.6 feet good looking fit guy. I am kinda well built so I have kinda man boobs. So now without wasting much time lets move towards the story.

This experience happened to me a few months back.

I had a friend named Anderson. He was 18yo and sexy and hot and he was studying in 12. I liked him a lot. To describe him he was a uy who was around 5.8 feet tall fair tonned with a nice clean shaved face. I always waited for a chance to get to see his dick and have sex with him.

So usually in the evenings me and my friends used to play cards on the terrace and one day only Anderson came and others didn’t. Also another good thing was that on this day my whole family had gone for an outing so nobody was at home.

So I thought this was the best opportunity. So I told him let’s play cards but let’s have a twist today since its just the two of us. I told him that after the game ends who ever wins gets to decide anything and the other person has to do it .

So the first game he won and he made me do push ups. While doing these push ups I removed my t-shirt just to flex infront of him. Though he was straight I tried to make him kinky.

The 2nd game I won . Now it was my turn. I had won. So the deal I told him was that he should remove his pants and show me. That would make it interesting. To which he denied. But then I was eager to see his dick. So I convinced him saying that you agreed to the challenge now you have to show it.

After a lot of convincing he agreed. He pulled his pants down and showed me his underwear. The minute he did that my mouth became watery. He was looking very sexy. His buldge was there and he was looking very sexy. I was just starring at his buldge for half a minute and then he put his pants back on. Looking at this the adrenaline had pumped me up.

Now in order to see his dick I had to win the 3rd game. I hoped that I didn’t loose the game And then we played our 3rd game. Suddenly I got a idea and while we were playing I gave him my phone and I told him to watch porn since he didn’t have a phone and today no one was at my place to which he agreed.

He started watching porn. And this made his adrenaline boost. I could make out looking at his face since he rarely got a chance to watch porn. So we paused playing for a while and I let him enjoy. While he was so engrossed watching the video I cheated on the other side.

After cheating I was like today’s my day and no way am I letting him win the game and he is all mine. Then I started talking to him about sex and stuff so that he gets into a great mood so that later when the actual time comes up he has to agree to it.

Still I was not so convinced that he would agree and all to show his dick. So I had to come up with more plans to divert his mind in order to make him show his dick. So the thing I did was I simply started teasing him saying that Anderson see you got a bonner and all too which he started blushing.

Slutty gay story of a horny school friend’s seduction

He didn’t know what to do and then I randomly asked him how long is your dick to which he didn’t reply. So I simply said you have a very small dick and that’s why your shy and you’re not telling me about it.

To which he deniedg After some time I told him let’s continue playing and then we started playing the 3rd game. I was full on excited that yeah great I am winning this game and that’s what happened. I WON.

Now it was my turn to give him a dare. So I told him this time lets take a step ahead. Last time you showed me your underwear and this time you need to show me your dick. The minute I said this he denied. But now I knew he was trapped.

So I started to tease him saying you have a small dick and that’s why you don’t want to show me your dick and that also he denied and he wanted to leave so I told him if you don’t do it I would tell all my friends that you showed me your underwear and blah blah.

Now he was scared and with this fear he listened to me and then he removed his pant and underwear. The minute he did this I was on top of the world. I got to see his 7” dick standing rock hard.

And after that there was no waiting I went to him and touched his dick and then he started screaming at me saying what are you doing and all so I told him that if he denies I would tell all my friends.and he had to listen to me I started strocking his dick and made him kneel down infront of my dick.

I made him put his mouth on my crotch and sniff it. And made him openmy pants with his mouth. He gently opened my pants and saw my 8” rock hard cock standing and I put in his mouth directly.

This was the first time he ever took a dick in his mouth and…

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To be continued…