Indian Gay Erotica of Losing Virginity to Uncle

Indian Gay Erotica of Losing Virginity to Uncle

Indian Gay Erotica: Hi guys, this is my first story here, hope you all will like it. Let me describe myself I’m Jayesh, 24 years old muscular gym guy. This incident happened when I was 18. That time I was a slim guy.

My uncle(cousin) was somewhat near about 35 or 36 years old. He is 6feet tall and macho kind of guy. He lives in Dubai, due to some reasons he came to India. I went to receive him at the airport. I saw him after 6 years.

I waved at him, he saw me & waved back. I took his trolley and escorted him towards our car I asked the driver to keep the luggage in the car & we got inside the car & asked the driver to take us home.

After uncle had left for Dubai we changed our house. We entered the house Chahu said ”Bahut bada ghar h” & I smiled. Everyone in the house greeted uncle & he greeted them back. Anyways coming back to the story. After this, all Indian formalities were done my mom asked me to guide uncle to the guest room.

We both went to the guest room. I explained to him everything that this is your room here’s balcony here’s bathroom & all that. And said I’ll ask any of servant to get your luggage & You have a bath and take a nap as he must be tired after a hectic journey.

*After few hours*

It was dinner time, so my mom asked me to invite uncle to the dining room I went to his room and asked him to come down for dinner. He said” I’m so tired please ask bhabhi to get my dinner to my room,” I said “Ok”.

I went down and told mom that chachu is not coming down so I & he will have dinner upstairs. Mom agreed and I & chachu had dinner together while having dinner chachu asked me ”Do u have a girlfriend?” I replied ‘No’ he again asked why & I was like umm umm he said ‘Don’t be shy, I’m your chachu you can tell me everything.‘

I told him that I’m not interested in girls, I’m interested in boys. For a second he was like a little shocked. But then he tried to break the ice & told that once during his teen ages he had sex with a guy. I got excited since I wanted to have sex with him & he is comfortable in having sex with a guy.

I said, “I like you & want to have sex with you…” He was again shocked after 4-5 seconds he said ’Ok let’s have sex.’
We finished our dinner. I went to the washroom, used some mouthwash and came outside.

I told him that I’m virgin & I don’t know how to start so he said no problem I’ll teach you.

He came closer & closer & my heartbeat was so fast that I can actually feel it. He put his one arm on my waist and another on my neck I followed him & did the same. He then kissed my lips though It was my first time I was a little nervous. I started kissing him.

While kissing each other we both removed each other’s clothes except underwear. My uncle’s bulge was clearly visible so was mine. He started to kiss me on my neck, then he started sucking my nipples. I took him towards the bed laid him down & removed his underwear I was totally blank seeing live a 9 inch uncut cock for the first time.

I started sucking his cock, he was moaning Ohh!! Aaahhh!! Suck it suck it hard. I too got excited and started sucking him hard then I suddenly felt a touch on my butts. It was his hands going inside my underwear. He started fingering me. Since my ass never took a cock it was painful and I screamed.

He said Sssshhhh. I told him I never had a cock inside me. He said ‘ok no Problem ‘ I’ll make your hole free. I stopped sucking him he asked me to get in doggy position. He started to rim my ass I can’t tell you ‘It felt so good’ I was on cloud 9.

He then grabbed a bottle of oil. Applied it on my ass & some on his finger & inserted a finger inside firstly it was so painful then gradually I started liking then he inserted the second finger also. Now I started enjoying.

After 5-7 minutes of good fingering, he applied some oil on his dick and tried to insert it inside me. One-third of his dick was inside and I liked it. But when he tried to insert more I tried to push him away he said ’Ye tera pehli baar hai Isiliye thoda dard hoga, Baad mein maza aaega tension mat le.’

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After saying this he inserted his full dick inside. It was complete darkness in front of my eyes. Lights were on but I couldn’t see anything. He didn’t move his dick it was 2 minutes inside me. He not moved and I also didn’t move.

After that, he started slowly fucking me and I was enjoying it. He then got a pace and fucked me.

After 25 minutes of fucking, he asked me to turn and shot his load on my chest. He asked me’ You like it?’ I said yes.

He asked me to sleep with him that night and I agreed. I told my mom that tonight I’ll be sleeping with Chachu. That night we not slept for a minute he fucked me for 3 more times.

Now I was a pro. The 4th round was amazing.