Desi Gay Erotica of Wild Encounter with Chauffeur

Desi Gay Erotica of Two Cousins Being Incestuous

Desi Gay Erotica: Pakistan, especially my religious family wasn’t one where a person could even talk about sex let alone reveal his/her sexual orientation. But of course, like many others, nothing stopped me from indulging in sexual endeavors with random men. I was very careful though, each time as to never get caught.

About my physical attributes; at the time of my story’s occurrence I was 18 years old. Since being gay wasn’t allowed, I was very “straight acting”. But whenever I wanted to attract a guy, I would let out my feminine side a bit. I was around 5’7”, 145 lbs. and didn’t have much body hair. Though I wasn’t muscular, I used to run a lot, so I had a slim athletic built.

My family was very well to do and so like other rich people, we too lived in a big mansion surrounded by a tall wall. My bedroom was upstairs and the best thing about my bedroom was that it had a window through which one could see the main gate (I will tell later in the story why it was a great advantage).

Now coming to the story; Our driver/chauffer had to go back to his village for a few months due to a family thing. To cover his shift, he requested his cousin to come work for him while he was away. These were the kind of house related things that I didn’t pay much attention to, as the decisions were made by my dad. But I didn’t know that all was about to change and possibly give me one of my youth’s best sexual encounters.

The day the new chauffer showed up it was a Sunday. Our current chauffer made sure that the new guy came on a weekend, so my dad was at home to meet/interview him. I also happen to be home as I didn’t have any social plans that day. When the doorbell rang and my dad was notified that the new chauffer had come, he went outside to see him.

And as I was sitting idle, I followed. And the moment I saw the new guy my heart just skipped a beat. I was expecting an older married gentleman just like our current chauffer. But oh boy was I wrong.

He was in his early 20s, very fit buy probably playing cricket, doing a lot of manual labor and eating fresh foods back in his village. Was around 6 feet and was wearing kurta pajama (shalwar kameez, the traditional clothes villagers wore in Pakistan). He had the perfect tan skin tone and was clean shaven with very sexy lips.

I just stood there close to my dad with my eyes involuntarily stuck on him. Don’t know if he saw me starring but I was starting to feel horny and I knew I had to go inside before I was becoming too obvious in my shorts. With his face fresh in my mind I went straight to my room and indulged in some hot masturbation.

Even his thought had given me such an intense orgasm, that I wondered how crazy it would be to sleep with him. And since that day I started planting my seeds to get him into bed.

Like I have said before, I knew I had to be very careful as one wrong move could get me into a lot of trouble. Every day after school when my dad was still at office and my mom was occupied with dinner prep, I would go outside into the front yard and walk around and divulge in small talks with the new chauffer.

His name was Yusuf and he was single. Always wanted to move to the city and get settled as there weren’t many jobs options back in his village.

After a few days of the same routine I got bolder and soon enough our conversations started to shift towards dating and hint of sexual activities. That was the time when there weren’t any portable digital devices which would have been very handy to watch porn, so I bought a deck of adult cards. Of course, they all had pictures of naked women, but my plan was to get Yusuf horny.

During one of my routine walks and small talk I showed him the cards and just left them with him. One day to my surprise during my front yard walks I saw him looking at those cards. When I went over to him without making my presence known he was startled and stood up instantly.

Without realizing that his dick was very much erect and obvious. He suddenly started smiling and I with a blush winked at him. I came inside and I knew that my plan was now set to make the final move.

The next day after coming back from school I went to Yusuf and asked him to get batteries for my cd player. A small convenience store was just a block away so I knew he wouldn’t be too long. But I told Yusuf that I had to do some work in my bedroom so if he could come straight to my room when he returned.

As soon as he left, I ran to my room, took a quick shower and dried myself. Kept looking at the window from my bedroom, waiting to see Yusuf coming back. And soon enough he was there, entering the main gate. I started pretending to clean out my closest and within 5 mins I heard I knock on the door. I pretended to ignore it as I knew it was Yusuf. He came inside the room and saw my naked ass.

At this time my heart was beating so fast I could hear it, but I knew I had to act cool. So, I turned around and with my dick semi hard walked up to him and acted very calmly. Thanked him for the batteries and went inside my bathroom. Don’t know what was going on in his mind but he left. My plan was to make him feel extremely comfortable around me and give him a hint that I was available for play.

That evening when I went outside for my walk, this time he came over and started talking about random things and soon somehow brought up massages. He said back in his village he gave excellent massages and thought I would really like it myself. I pretended as I had never had a massage before and would very much like to try it.

He said tomorrow after college if I could come to his room (we had quarters in the backside of the house for all the house helpers. Each quarter had a nice sized room and an attached bath.

The next day around 3 pm after coming back from college and freshening up I went to his quarter. He was there in his room with a sheet on the bed and a bottle of oil next to it. I went inside and he locked the door behind me. He said I should take off my clothes and so I obliged. But kept the underwear on just as a tease.

But he said that I should take that off too as it will get dirty with the oil. And of course, again I did as I was told. But I took my time and removed my underwear in a very sensual way.
He asked me to lay on the bed with stomach facing downwards. My cute fat butt was now naked and ready to be pleasured.

I heard him getting undressed too. He said he wanted to make sure his clothes didn’t get dirty with oil. I didn’t look back as I was just too excited and nervous. Soon his warm hands were all over my back. He poured oil on my back and started rubbing, slowly going down to my ass. But then he skipped my ass and then went towards my feet.

Slowly rubbing oil drenched hands, moving in upwards, towards my ass. It was so intense that I couldn’t help getting hard. And that made me lift my ass a bit upwards.

He then got up and that’s when I gave a quick sneak as to what was going on. Apparently, he was now taking off his pajama/shalwar (bottom) and his underwear. I quickly turned around and now my heart was racing like crazy. In that brief look I saw that he had thick pubic hair but were trimmed and his dick was just perfect, easily 7 inches.

I was dying to get that in my mouth and later other places.

He started massaging my butt cheeks now, slowly with each stroke moving his fingers towards my asshole. I couldn’t help but started moaning. He was driving me crazy and this was by far the best foreplay I had ever had. I didn’t want this time to end. Apparently, that was all the foreplay he needed. He started rubbing his now fully erect cock on my butt cheeks and slowly trying to enter my hole.

But there was no way I was going to not have it in my mouth first. So, I just got up and turned towards him. He was confused as to what was happening and without wasting anytime, I just took his entire cock in my mouth. I am pretty sure he had never been orally pleasured before as he just let out this loud moan as if about to cum. And I just kept at it.

His cock was so delicious that I could have spent an hour sucking it. But now my ass was hungry for it and then I turned around into a doggy style. But to my surprise he turned me around and made me lay on my back. I complied of course, and then he lifted my legs and put each on his shoulder.

Regardless of the number of sexual encounters I had till this moment, this was my first ever missionary position. Apparently, all the men I had slept with till now only wanted to fuck a whole and not necessarily have sex with another man. So apparently either Yusuf had done this before or being young blood, he was just experimental.

Back to the intense scene; now my legs were resting on his shoulders and my asshole was all hot, ready to be ridden. He oiled his dick and slowly started to penetrate me. I was tight, and he was sweet not to make me feel too much in pain. I could feel the top of his dick entering my hole.

I was moaning in intense pleasure. He moved more of his dick inside me and I couldn’t help but let out some painful sighs. To my surprise he kept on doing this for at least 15 mins, not entering all the way in and slowly penetrating more with each stroke. I guess that did the trick, as the pain turned into amazing pleasure.

Then he suddenly leaned over and kissed me so passionately with is tongue all the way inside my mouth and with one stroke moved his dick all the way inside. That was the most pleasure I had ever encountered in my life. He then moved his lips away and started fucking me, getting rougher with each stroke. I wanted his sexy lips again.

Desi gay erotica of a young Pakistani guy’s wild encounter with his chauffeur

And I moved my head a little upwards and he got the signal. Again, his lips met mine and he started kissing me so passionately that I couldn’t help but shot my load without even touching my hard cock. My cum was all over my chest. He felt my cum and then started fucking me so hard that within a few seconds let out a loud man and came inside me.

Then we got up and with a towel cleaned ourselves. While getting dressed we didn’t speak a word but were constantly smiling. We both knew this was the start of the many passionate sex times we were going to share but deep inside I knew that it was only for a few months and that made me very sad.

I think that was the first time I made love and not meaningless sex and I wanted it to last forever.