Dad boy erotica of a horny guy with friend’s dad: 2

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Dad boy gay story: I licked his armpits and his body. He moaned so loud. His voice made me hornier. He started to sweat. I licked all his sweat and spat in his mouth. We then kissed again. I slowly moved down.

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Sucked his nipple, kissed his tummy and reached his dick. The precum was oozing out of his dick, I licked it and liked the taste. I started to suck his dick. It was a thick monster. I took it deep inside my mouth. He was moaning in pleasure.

He kept his hand on my head and pressed it towards his dick. He told me he wants to taste my dick too. We moved to 69 and sucked each other’s dick. I was about to cum so I asked him to stop. I don’t want to cum so early. I turned him facing his ass to my face.

I liked the smell of his ass. I slowly put my tongue in his ass and spat on it. I started to rim his ass and shag his dick. I tongue fucked him.

After few minutes, I inserted one finger in his ass and started fingering. I fingered him slowly. He said it was hurting. So, I took out a lube from my bag and applied it on my finger and continued fingering.

Then, I asked him to be on doggy position. I applied lube on my dick and in his ass and kept my dick on ass and slowly started to push it inside. His ass was so tight and it was hurting him.

I gave a tight push and my dick was completely inside him. He cried loudly.

I paused for a second so that he can get comfortable. I started fucking him slowly. he asked me to apply some lube so that it will go smoothly and I did the same. Again, I started to fuck him.

After a few minutes he started to moan. Yeah! He was getting the pleasure and it made me so happy. He was in doggy position, I asked him to leave the support of his hand and stand only on his knees.

I pulled him closer to my chest while fucking him and started to pinch his nipples from behind. He was moaning loudly. I hugged him tight from behind and started to fuck him hard. I was biting his ears and neck.

He told me to keep going. I held his hair and started fucking hardly. I fucked him almost 15 minutes and I told him that I’m about to come. He replied “c’mon son fuck me harder and pour your milk inside me.” with a hard thud I came inside him.

We both were breathing heavily. His ass was dripping the cum. I took it with my finger and and inserted it in his mouth. He licked it and kissed me.

He was very hard and didn’t cum yet. I asked him if he wants to fuck me. He kissed me hard and said yes.

He turned me around and spat in the ass and started rimming it. His tongue made me hard again. Uff!! He tried to insert his finger. It was paining like hell. I asked him to stop but he didn’t.

He applied some lube and continued fingering. After a while I was getting a little pleasure and I started to moan. He took out his finger and applied lube on his dick and asked me to apply it in my ass and I did.

He lied on bed and asked me to sit upon him and insert the dick inside my ass. It was paining like hell. So, I was slowly doing it. Half of his dick is inside me and I started riding his dick.

After three or four stroke he asked me to apply lube. I applied a lot of lube on his dick and in my ass. And again, sat on it. Because of the lube, his dick was fully inside me. I was riding it smoothly and my ass was hurting and burning.

But after a while we changed position to missionary. Now he is upon me. He started to fuck again. He was kissing me and spitting in my mouth. I liked it a lot. I wanted it hard.

So, I asked him to fuck me deep and hard. We both were moaning in pleasure. He was fucking me so hard that I could hear the thud sound. It continued for 10-15 minutes. He said he is gonna cum.

Dad boy gay story of a horny crazy and wild fuck

I pulled him closer and hugged him. With a hard thud and loud noise, he loaded his cum inside my ass. He took out his dick and kissed me. He went down to my ass and liked his cum oozing out of my ass.

He drank every bit of it and came back and kissed me.

He was sweating a lot. I wanted to get drenched in his sweat, so I rolled upon him to get wet in his sweat. We kissed each other and slept nude.

Next day morning, Mathew uncle woke me up with a cup of tea. I was naked under the sheet. He came towards me and kissed me. Suddenly someone opened the door. It was Thomas Uncle. Duh!!!

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