Gay seduction story of top losing control: 2

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Gay first time story: Hello guys Harry here from Mumbai and I hope you all are doing well in this pandemic situation. So this is a continuation from my last part where I met Ajay again at his place and we both gave each other amazing orgasms and yet we weren’t done with each other. Before that I want to thank IGS platform, all the readers and those who pinged me and shared their feedbacks. So let’s continue…

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I was shocked for a second and was worried but he made sure that it will soon go away. He said he was sorry and didn’t want the sex to end so soon, now the problem was I could not go out for at least 1 to 2 hours or so and it was already 7 PM and when we started it was 6 PM.

So I told him “You have tempted the beast now get ready to have your ass sore as hell” and gave a naughty smirk, jokingly of course he gave me a comedy nervous smile like he’s dead.

I leaned in to kiss him and we had one of those passionate kisses again for few minutes and I kept pressing his ass. I stood up and went behind him made him sleep on his stomach and pulled his ass upwards and pressed those buns. I was massaging his ass cheeks and slowly spreading them to see the hole.

It was hairless as well, very well maintained hygiene and no bad smell as such. I touched his hole with my index finger and as soon as I did that his whole body shuddered and I could feel that. He must have felt current running through his spine and I slowly rubbed my finger in circles I could feel his ass clenching over my finger’s touch.

I slowly bent down and kissed his hole, this time his upper body rose a little with the sensation of my lips touching his hole. I kept giving kisses on his hole and on his ass cheeks. Now I started licking his hole and he gasped on my each lick now I started putting my tongue into his hole he gasped several times and started gaping and moving his body like a fish.

Now his hole had loosened up so I started inserting my index finger and he was in agonize this time. I lubricated it enough for my finger to slip in easily I could feel his ass muscles contracting. Also I could feel the tightness and warmth of his ass I slowly started fingering and saw his expressions, I was enjoying him twitching like a girl who will lose virginity soon.

Now I put my middle finger and he started squirming saying things like, “oh yeah baby, make it wet, go slow baby, fuck me with your finger, aaahh mmmhhmmm”

Now I started inserting two fingers at the same time and he was breathing very heavily and controlled his ass contraction, slowly the ass loosen up and now I was fucking his ass with my two fingers. I did hit his spots and started rubbing it like a clit and he started crying and moaning like a girl, due to this he had got an erection as well.

It was fun doing that and I explored the depths of his ass. After a while I made him sleep on his back and lifted his both legs up and again started fingering him. The deeper I went the flawless expression he was making and I loved watching that, now two fingers were easily able to slide in and out and when I tried third finger he screamed in pain and I stopped for a moment.

After sometime I tried again and it slowly made its way into his ass, I had three fingers inside his ass and I removed the fingers from inside his ass and he loudly gasped. I figured he was ready now so I put on the condom applied some spit on his ass hole and on my dick I started rubbing my dick over his hole making him ready and placed my dick head on his hole.

I pushed my dick and just the tip was in and that’s when he cried to stop I waited for a moment for him to relax and started rubbing my hands on his thighs and when he was breathing trying to relax I gave a sudden push and my dick head was inside him and that’s when his second cry came.

Every time I moved a little he said, “Aaaahhh Bhenchod fatt gayi gand aaahhhh, slowly daal, go slow, marr gaya me toh” I could see his expressions and tell that for first time he is experiencing all this and all the while he was in pain at first he was expecting fun at the end of it. I waited for a minute and then slowly started gentle to and fro motion with just my dick head inside and not taking completely out.

A few minutes later I could feel his ass opening up and I slowly pushed inside, he again groaned but controlled, it was almost half inside, again I started to and fro motion and kept pushing. I was almost inside him only little was remaining and with a sudden hard push I was fully in and he groaned so hard that his eyes were wide open.

I understood he wanted to curse me but I kept my lips on his and slowly started to move I could feel the groans under the lips due to slow motions of my dick going in and out of his ass.

A little while later I understood that his pain has subsided and his ass was now accustomed with my dick so I started giving him long slow thrusts passionate ones and leaned over to his face, he had his eyes closed and I could see he was having little pain and was enjoying also.

I slowly planted a kiss and he opened his eyes and smiled and kissed me back, my rod was now sliding in and out with ease. I got up and increased my pace he felt those hard thrusts reaching deep inside his ass, exploring. “Oh yeah aaahh that feels so good fuck me keep going” was the only things he kept saying and it made me go faster.

Now I made him slide to the edge of the bed such that his ass was at the very edge and I was standing ready to plunge his hole took those legs spread them wide and shoved my dick inside his ass in one go. He gasped and started to breathe heavily until he got to the rhythm I was going with my fast pace keeping short powerful thrusts going to the depths of his ass.

He was now all passive and was getting his ass fucked deep for the first time all he could now say was, “Aah aah ah” with short breaths. I continued fucking him like that and one final push I was deep inside his ass, his ass was so tight and warm. I slowly removed my dick till my tip and shoved it inside again deep, this I did for several times and slowly he started smiling whenever I was fully inside him.

My pelvis was hitting his ass cheeks, after this I removed my dick completely and laid on my back panting, ajay got up and kissed me on my lips and sat over my belly I understood what’s next so I grabbed my dick and placed it near his hole and he slowly sat down taking my dick inside him.

He got full control and was going up and down on my dick. He rode really well and started using his ass in to and fro motion it was a slow motion and I could feel his every inch inside his ass.

Every now and then I smacked his ass while he was riding me, I told him what a slutty bitch she had become for my cock. He was tired of riding so I made him into doggy style and shoved the dick in one go, now I became ruthless and started fucking his ass hard. There was only ‘thap thap thap’ noise of his ass and my pelvis hitting hard and our moans of course.

I could hear his “oh yeah oh yeah aaahhhhh” which made me go even harder and faster. Every time I rammed my dick he went ahead and I had to pull him back by his waist. After few hard thrust I was going to cum soon and I went faster and with one final hard push he lost his balance and went on his stomach making me fall on him and I went deep inside him and came with a loud groan.

We both were panting very hard and stayed in that position for some time I looked around and saw the clock in which the showed 8:35 PM I couldn’t believe it we were at this for more than an hour! I slowly removed my dick from his ass and he gave a sharp sigh.

Gay first time story of top’s virgin ass getting bred

I went and cleaned myself up when I returned I saw him sitting on his bed and asked him “how was it? Did you enjoy?” He simply gave a tired smile. I was so empty in my balls having such an intense sex was very much tiring I asked him didn’t he wanted to cum and he told me that he came when I was fucking him.

I was surprised and he said, “Muje hilane ki bhi jarurat nahi thi I came without touching my dick that too twice!” and he showed me the bedsheet which was sticky and wet. Finally my dick started to become flaccid and I was glad and tired.

Soon I started getting calls from home so I got up freshened up a little and got ready whereas Ajay was still in his bed laying on his stomach showing that bubbly ass, man I was semi erect again but I controlled and kissed him on his lips and told him to apply ointment for the sore and pain in the ass he simply groaned to acknowledge I patted his back, gave small spank on his ass cheek and left his place.

Two days later I checked on him again and he was getting better but the pain lasted much longer and hence I decided no hard sex from now on. We occasionally chat and make plans but place becomes the issue as he has his cousins at his place and I stay with a joint family.

But whenever I think about that time it gives me a hard on.

Thank you all for reading my story.

I hope you guys like this part because I got many more to share. If you want to connect with me then do ping me on [email protected] and I will surely catch up with you guys.