Rough sex story of wild fun with hot neighbour: 2

Loud gay fuck by a horny master daddy

Gay master story: Hi guys, I’m Mahi back with part 2 of the story. Thank you for your warm response on the first part. You can read the first part here: Rough sex story of wild fun with hot neighbour: 1

I barely could sleep that night, it was a mixed feeling. I taught of him again and again. It was what I wished for always but I couldn’t get over it. I slept.

In no time alarm rang at 4.30am. Got up, cleaned myself as ordered, douched a bit, and dressed myself and was ready. By that time I got a msg, ‘come down now’.

I slowly went out, there he was, wearing a loose black T shirt with shorts on his bike, looking hot as fuck. I didn’t utter a word, hopped over the back and sat.

As we moved, his manly odour started hitting me. That sweaty neck, just couldn’t control.

He stopped near a old house, it was less crowded area for banglore. “What are you waiting for? Get your ass off the bike!” He said. I got down. He took me in.

There was no one in the house. It was clean, it was his old house. No one ever go there except for a keeper.

He took me to a bedroom. Sat over his bed and said, ” Still wearing cloths, bitch take them off”. I was less scared than yesterday. I slowly started to take all my cloths off.

He removed his shirt and shorts, two eyes weren’t enough to look at him. He was wearing same underwear as yesterday. He pointed at his shoes and ordered to take them off. I did.

“Open your fucking mouth, bsdk” he said. He suddenly pushed his foot into my mouth and asked to clean it. It was horrible smell. Tasted salty. He was pushing whole of his foot in my mouth.

He took one off. I saw his face. I started to lick his second foot. He slapped on my face and said ” That’s my little bitch learning fast”.

He held my hair and pulled me up to his armpits. “It’s time to clean your daddies armpit boy, come on bring your tongue out”. I felt disgusted but I was turned on by that smell and salty taste.

“From today you are my Slave. You’ll call me, Master or Daddy, do you understand” he said.

“Yes Master!” I replied.

” Your body is mine, you are merely my toy, your place is at my foot. Just follow my orders. If you fail! We’ll you’ll see what happens.”

“Y..yess Master” I replied.

He stood, I was on my knee. He pulled his underwear. His dick was already hard. Was nearly 8 inch in length and thick. He ordered “Open”, I opened my mouth.

He kept dick in my mouth “Breath whenever I let you to, and don’t resist he said” I was already scared, I now know what was coming, also knew today will not end with single stroke. I simply nodded in fear.

He held my head with both his hands. He was in in no time, his cock was pushed in my throat, I couldn’t breathe, I was gagging and tried to cough.

My eyes were filled in tear. Tried to push, his muscles were strong for me to resist. He pulled my head back and gave one slap. “I said don’t resist, Your master knows when to allow you to breathe” he said.

I didn’t reply. “You didn’t follow my order, now you’ll face it’s consequence” he pulled me up. He said me to sleep on bed with my head at the edge of it.

He brought in a piece of long cloth, Tied my hand and legs to the cot. I couldn’t move them.

He pulled my head to edge. He said to open my mouth. Fuck, he looked scary from down there. I slowly did. He hit his cock on my face few time. It was already drenched in my spit.

He inserted it’s head in my mouth and pushed it in completely. Fuck that was horrible. I couldn’t move my body. I started to cry, gag. He pulled it back.

I took a long breath. In no time he was in again. Whole of my face was drenched in my spit. It was coming through my nose as well.

He started to go too and fro in my throat and started fucking my throat, giving small gaps to breathe in between. I tried to vomit, but nothing came as I was on empty stomach. He continued for nearly 30min.

My whole face and body has turned red. He took off his dick, it was glistening with my spit coating it. I was taking deep breaths. He untied me. I couldn’t even get up.

It had just been nearly 2 hrs and the whole day was left. I couldn’t even imagine my plight for remaining of the day. After few minutes he got me a glass of water. I gulped it.

It was painful to even swallow water. “You’ll get used to it bitch” he said. I knew it was first but not the last.

“Wouldn’t you thank your daddy for training you”
“Thank you daddy” I replied in fear. I felt soo low, I now knew being a slave is not that easy but quite difficult.

Hailing from a rich family, taking commands from a person nowhere related to me, calling him my master and accepting that I’m just his slave and a toy, giving up all my rights to him were making me feel horrible.

I now, after so many years understand this is exactly what he was training me for, to loose my identity and accept his identity and wishes as mine.

I knew lots of thing were on my way that day and weeks to come.

He lied on bed beside me “what are you seeing, suck and clean your spot off your Papa’s dick”, don’t know why I just obliged and started to suck his dick and balls.

Gay master story of hot and crazy fun

Cleaning and swallowing my spit from his dick. He just laid with his eyes closed on bed. After few minutes. He swapped me down with his legs.

He sat on my chest and started to shag. He left all his cum all over my face, loads of it. My whole face was filled with my own spit and his cum.

He left from room to clean up, while I laid on bed, passing into sleep smelling his cum which had covered my face. I feared to remove it as my master hadn’t asked me to do so…

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