Slut boy story of wild gay fuck with Policeman: 2

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Wild gay story: Suddenly I felt a pleasure which is difficult to explain in words, with his fingers massaging my prostate and his dick deep inside my throat.

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Quickly the pleasure was subdued by a quick impulse of pain, I slightly pulled away from his now fully erect 9 incher and said
‘Ahh… Easy tiger, easy. How many fingers you’re trying? Don’t put more than 3 pls’

‘Its already 4 and you haven’t even flinched.’

‘Ohh Daddy. Do it daddy. Slowwwly.’
He now pulled his fist, and with it my ass, towards him. I did a 180 rotation again, with my ass facing upwards, he spit on my ass again and slowly inserted his thumb & his entire fist inside my body, while rubbing against my prostate gradually increasing his speed.

I turned back to see this roaring bull while moaning in pleasure. For the first time I saw his complete physique and My God those biceps, those thighs, that hairy chest & that dick- felt like this man was made to fuck and I was made to totally surrender before him and leave myself at his mercy.

With that thought in my mind, I cummed again from my tiny unerect dick which was looking smaller than a calf’s penis as compared to his huge bull penis. He noticed it, pulled out his fist out of my ass. Slapped that big dong on my asshole and uttered…

‘Now it’s perfect for me, turn back, let’s start with missionary. Set up your phone camera quick coz once my kunna is inside ur kundi, till my milk overflows from your sweet ass, noone can separate them, not even me.’

Hastily I set up the phone’s selfie cam on one edge of the bed to shoot us. Then laid on my back and folded my legs, held them with my hands to give a steady target for his gun. He set his target and started enlarging & deepening my hole with his 9″ pistol.

I don’t know where he was getting his stamina from but he was so energetic that I could literally feel my hole stretching like a pussy. He loves entering deep inside, then pulling out totally & then repeat.

As I was staring alternately into his lusty eyes & his energetic penis, I got reminded of a wild Indian bison (Gaur) because he has long surpassed the Bulls & Oxen. He was banging me like the entire world’s fate depends on it.

Swift, deep & pulsating strokes…

As he was ramming into my ass which was now outside the bed as he kept dragging me while the bed was moving away, my mobile had fallen off the edge (hence the short duration of the video), the coconut oil bottle was on ground getting spilled but only one thing that remained together was my ass & his dick.

I was exhausted but still was enjoying being the passive bottom. My only job was to keep my asshole open & relaxed. After what felt like an eternity, he cummed in my ass but didn’t pull out.

Adjusted us to a spooning position with his now semi erect dick still in my ass. I put his bulky arms around me, it made me feel both safe & loved. He kissed me good night from behind & told ‘sleep darling, get some rest.

You’ve to take atleast 2 more loads by the morning to break that aunty’s record & start leaking my cum. That’s when I pull out after you start smelling like my cum.’

‘I’ve surrendered my kundi & mula to you. You own them now. It’s yours. You may do with them as you please. 2-3 I don’t mind, fuck me till you’re completely satisfied. Good night’

Little did I know that he’ll go on to fuck me 7 times in that night treating my asshole like his personal penis stand. I woke up next morning when the milkman rang the doorbell at 10, with still his limped dick in my gaping asshole which has become a literal cumdump although of one person.

I carefully removed his dick, kissed it. Thank God we were in the first floor, I shouted ‘coming 2 minutes, chetta’. Wore a boxer & his black vest and ran down. Took the milk bottle from him, poured it in a container.

While going to return the bottle, he gave me another bottle & said ‘The neighbouring Police uncle seem to have emptied all his milk on you, keep his bottle with you too. This oversized vest is also his right? Just look at the cumtrail you’ve made haha.

Now what’ll happen if your parents get to know about it” He grinned while pointing to the stairs where fresh drops of cum can be seen on each step, then moving his finger to between my feet where a small lake of cum has been created, with my boxer still dripping cum on it.

Wild gay story of a slutty gay boy’s crazy fuck

‘I’m a proud bitch of my Daddy. He fucks me in this balcony, letting everyone see us. Those who can’t see, for you guys there’s his sweet nectar flowing from my ass.

And those who still don’t see it, look at my duck walk and my wider butt & bulkier boob. I’m Daddy’s true whore and I carry his cum with dignity. Don’t worry about my parents.

They knew about it before they left for their pilgrimage (a total lie). Worry about you & your business in case I complain about you to daddy.’
(To be continued..)

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