Cross Dresser sex story – Fucked by patient

Cross Dresser sex story

I was a Cross dresser and whenever I am dressed, I look like a perfect Indian lady. No one makes out that I am a Cross dresser. I had just quit my job in search of a better job. But one month had passed and I didn’t have a job. To manage my finances I had to at least search for a temporary job. I went to a job portal and searched for various types of jobs however most of them required female candidates. One of my CD friends whom I found on a dating site, told me that a nearby hospital required a nurse for evening shift.

I thought I should join as a nurse because I had experience of medical billing. I would go as a Female and would not tell anyone that I am a Cross dresser in reality. Thus within 4 days, I joined the hospital as an Associate Nurse. I had a uniform which I had to wear daily. A Light blue colored nurse gown.

Thus I always wore tight cotton panties inside my nurse skirt to keep my penis intact in between my thighs. I wore fake breast forms always 36 inch breasts which looked real on my body because the skin color matched. I used to wear a wig and always tied my hair in a bun.

That day I decided to keep my hair open. I dressed in my nurse gown and reached the hospital in the evening. My Doctor said that I had to take care of a patient who has both his hands fractured. My task was to feed him, change his clothes and take care of his daily activities.

I went inside the room where this patient was kept. He looked at me and smiled. I read his file and learned that his name was Vijay and he was 29 years old. In our hospital, we maintained cleanliness and all patients had to take care of personal hygiene. I smiled at Vijay and said hello.

He replied and said hello as well. I made him lie down comfortably and made him drink water. Then I wiped his face with a fresh towel. He was in patient’s uniform. Doctor had told me to shave of his pubic hair. So I asked him “Are you ready?”

He said “I am quite nervous and a bit shy.”

I said “Don’t worry, I am your nurse. I’ll take care of you.”

Then while he was still lying on bed, I lowered his pants. He had a black penis and had bushy pubic hair around it. First of all I took a wet cloth and washed his pubic area. Then I applied veet and kept it like this for 15 minutes. Then I removed all hair and made his penis clean. Then I kept the towel aside and held his penis in my hand to see if any hair is left.

My touch made his penis semi erect. My mouth started watering as I hadn’t sucked any penis for months. I looked at him and he hesitated a bit and said “I am sorry, but since you touched my penis, it became erect.”

I said “It happens. I am a woman and if I touch your penis, then obviously it will become hard.”

Then I started pressing his penis and said “I have to look if you have got all hairs removed.”

When I pressed his penis it became fully hard. It was completely erect and stood 8 inches high. He said “Nurse, can you do me a favor?”

I said “Yes, I am here to help you. Tell me anything you want.”

He said “I have not masturbated since 2 weeks. Please stroke my penis with your hand. I want to masturbate”

I smiled mischievously and said “No problem. You are a young man and you haven’t masturbated for 15 days. I can understand how you feel. Okk, I’ll masturbate your penis.”

I grabbed his penis and started stroking it slowly. He closed his eyes and moaned “ohhhhhh… yessss… make me spurt out my hot sperms..”

I said “Do you want it to be more intense?”

He said “Yessss”

Then I removed the buttons of my shirt and unhooked my bra from behind and exposed my boobs to him. I didn’t touch his penis for 5 minutes and it was as hard as a rock. He said “Ohh nurse, please masturbate my penis, I want to take out a lot of sperms..”

I bent over him and made my boobs press his face. He started licking and sucking my nipples. He also bit my nipples. My penis was also getting harder and harder. Then I once again took his penis in my hand. I started stroking his penis skin and down and he started moaning heavily. Then I took his penis in between my boobs and he moaned even loudly.

I saw his pre-cum on the tip of his penis. I pressed the tip of his penis with my tongue. He said “Ohhh nurse, please suck it. Give me a nice blowjob”

I licked his penis from top to bottom and then started sucking it in and out of my mouth. Then while sucking his penis, I removed my panty from under my skirt and made sure that he didn’t see my hard penis as I didn’t want him to know that I was a Cross dresser.

Then I faced my ass towards his face and sat on his lap. I took his penis in between my ass and slowly started sitting on his penis and making his rod go inside my asshole. I sat in such a position that he couldn’t see my penis. He said “Ohh nurse, yes, I want to fuck you hardly…”

I started jumping on his penis and making it go in and out of my asshole. While doing this, I started stroking my hard penis very fast. He thought I was rubbing my wet pussy as he couldn’t see me stroking my penis.

Then I didn’t fuck for long time because I feared he may see my penis and then complain to the doctor. I removed his penis from my asshole and stepped aside. I wore my panty and then started masturbating his penis with my hand. He said “Please let me fuck you”

I said “When you get completely well, I promise I’ll let you fuck me.”

He said “In that case, please make me cum, I want to take out a lot of sperms”

I stroked his penis madly and masturbated it hard and hard. Just then he spurted out a lot of hot sperms on my face and boobs. Lots and lots of sperms which were waiting to come out since 15 days.

I quickly went to the washroom and imagined all the moments and masturbated my dick hardly. I also took out a lot of hot sperms. I had to take care of Vijay for 5 days and after that I was shifted to morning shift. However for 5 days, I always stroked his penis and gave him nice blowjobs.