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School sex story: Hey I’m 19 years old so I’ll be changing my name in this story. So I am Angat and this story is frictional. I’m extremely fair, average body, cute smile and tall enough. Lets begin with the story.

I was in school’s final year when this happened. There was a program in my school and I had to stay back for the arrangement with seniors and teachers. My home was in the next city and it was already very late and we do not get vehicles for my hometown at this time.

After finishing my work I was waiting on the road for any vehicle if it comes and also it was about to rain. As I was waiting Vivek sir (I always had crush on him)approached me and said what happened?

I replied “I don’t think I’ll get any vehicle for my home today. ” He asked me to sit in his bike and said that he will leave me. We left for my home but it started raining heavily.

So sir asked me to catch him tightly so that he could drive fast. I was very happy as I always wanted to catch him. I catched him very hardly and could feel his body.

After sometime I realised that we were on a wrong direction and I said “Sir my home is not this way”. He replied “I’m taking you to my house, your home if far we aren’t going to make up there with this terrible weather.”

I was so happy and then we reached his house and I called my parents and they thanked Vivek sir. He used to live alone as he was from far place and was only here for teaching purpose.

I could see his body and his dick through his pants as he was full wet and so do I. He gave me his T-shirt and shorts to wear and went to take a bath. He gave me his mobile to use it for playing games.

I by mistakenly opened his gallery as I saw his nudes and sex pics with some senior brothers. I had never had sex before. He came out of the bathroom in tight white shorts and red tshirt.

I could see his dick as it was kind of hard. We already had dinner at school so we weren’t hungry.

We watched tv for a while and then went to sleep. As we were sleeping he asked me” who is your favourite teacher?” I replied you sir. He asked me why I replied “sir you are so handsome and good ” he smiled and said let’s go to sleep.

After sometime I felt as if my bed is shaking and I thought it might be an earthquake. I opened my eyes and saw that sir was masturbating. I kept staring at his huge and fat dick it was around 7 inch and fat.

He saw me seeing it and stopped and asked me” You saw my pics from the gallery right? I replied no as i was afraid. He said I know everything I saw it on my background app. I always saw you in school staring at my dick.

I didn’t replied anything. He then took his hand and placed it on his dick. I was excited as well as afraid. I started rubbing his dick. He then grabbed me and started kissing. It felt good.

Then he asked me to suck his dick which I denied but then he took my head and made me do it. It was yummy af. He then removed his hand and I was still sucking and he knew that I too have interest in him.

Then he sucked my dick it felt so good as it was my first time. Then he licked my ass and applied some ornaments and then placed his dick and started pushing it.

I never had sex before and it was paining so much as I was just 15 and taking his 7 inch long and 2 inch fat dick in my ass.

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I started crying and shouting and then he placed his one hand in my mouth and the other to my chest and started rubbing my boobs. He kept on fucking me I was in so much pain.

He kept on fucking me for like half and hour and then he left in cum inside my ass. And then he asked me to suck his dick.

And then we both slept naked while he was rubbing his dick on my ass the whole night…

This isn’t a real story. I hope you guys liked it.

Thankyou. ❤

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