Gay tutor story of a horny and wild boy with teacher: 3

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Tutor student erotica: In the previous two parts, I told you about the last visit I made to my tuition teacher’s house. After chatting for a while, I was about to leave when he pulled me into a hug.

The hug led to us kissing and he invited me into his bedroom where we kissed each other, he bit me several times and asked me if I would blow him.

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He sat on the bed with his legs spread wide, his manhood erect and glistening in all its glory. To start, he asked me to sit between his legs and play with his dick, balls and pubes.

I held his dick in my fist and gave it a squeeze while I held his sack between my index finger and thumb and wiggled it.

I suddenly realized that my face was very close to his dick- and that I could feel the heat emanating from it on my face- or was it my own hot breath reflected back to my face?

He instructed me to start by licking the shaft all around. As I started this, he took a more comfortable position, closed his eyes and started enjoying. He also told me to keep using my hands, my lips and my tongue simultaneously to increase his pleasure.

I continued licking his dick along its length while I held it at the base with my left hand and used my right hand to play with his balls. After making his entire dick wet, I moved towards the head which was covered by the skin and was full of pre-cum.

I kissed the skin, and licked the precum off- it tasted salty- I liked it. Now holding it in both my hands, I pushed my tongue inside the skin of his dick without really pulling it, in hopes of more juice and touched the slit.

He hissed loudly, grabbed my head and asked me to pull the skin down. I could now see his bright pink and pulsating dickhead oozing more pre-cum.

Unable to resist anymore, I just engulfed the gorgeous head in my mouth and squeezed it using my lips. His grip on my head tightened and with a moan, he pushed his dick deeper into my mouth.

I used my hand to control his entry which prevented me from choking, but I kept going up and down on his dick in a rhythmic motion which made him moan even more.

Being a novice in this art of pleasuring a man, I soon got tired. He instructed me to take rest by licking around his organ and by using my hand to keep the stimulation going.

So, I started licking his thighs, the base of his cock and around the balls while I held his dick in my fist and kept squeezing it.

Sometimes I would also use my thumb to touch his dickhead and make him writhe in pleasure. I had learnt giving head pretty quickly.

Soon, I was alternating between swallowing his balls, biting lightly on his scrotum, licking his shaft and taking his dick as much as I could.

He seemed to be enjoying the blowjob for his eyes were closed, his hands were caressing my hair and every now and then he would lift his ass and try to force himself a little deeper towards my throat.

I was getting comfortable with this when suddenly he held my head and pushed his dick all the way in and held me there. I started gaging and thrashing and hitting him on his thighs in an attempt to break free of his grip, but to no avail.

I was choking on his thick tuber and my eyes were tearing when he released me. I was panting for breath, shocked by this sudden onset of roughness but he pulled me up, hugged me tightly and started stroking my head and back to help me relax.

He asked me if I was alright, to which I didn’t reply. He said that he couldn’t control himself and that my throat was too inviting to not try a deep throat and that with a bit of practice I would master this skill as well.

As he said this, he pulled my cheek lightly and kissed me again: not the gentle kiss that he was doing earlier, but a rough kiss which involved his teeth and his tongue long with his lips.

Despite the roughness, I kind of liked it. After kissing him for a while, I started going down licking his hairy chest, flicking my tongue across his nipples, biting him on his belly, putting my tongue in his navel, and eventually reaching his dick.

The way it was pulsating and throbbing, it appeared as if it was waiting eagerly for the warmth and the wetness of my mouth.

Once again I resumed sucking his dick while I used my hands to play with his thighs and balls and the surrounding area.

This continued for about ten minutes; I would take breaks occasionally to kiss his legs, thigs, torso or any other body part that I might have missed, often biting him hard and making him squirm.

He never asked me not to bite, so I bit him quite a lot and made him moan. I should have known that I would pay for this dearly.

As I moved back towards his dick and resumed sucking him again, he put his hands back on my head and grabbed me by my hair. But instead of deepthroating me, he began mouth-fucking me with full force.

I once again started gagging and making all kinds of noises. Tears were flowing out of my eyes, and saliva and what not from my mouth and nose onto his balls and down on his bed.

The sounds of my gag were mixed by his moans of pleasure; and weirdly enough I could feel myself going harder at this.

He stopped in a few long seconds: he was panting and sweating; I was gasping for breath and was almost puckish. He leaned back on the wall and continued stroking my hair softly while I regained my breath.

I needed my rest so I laid down with my head on his thigh, my right hand around his waist while my left rested on his other thigh. I wanted to touch his dick and play with it but I was a little afraid of what he might do next.

He on the other hand continued stroking my hair with his left hand and was softly rubbing his dick on my nose and lips.

Tutor student erotica of a horny and wild virgin gay boy

As I regained my composure, I also started becoming more active and would occasionally flick my tongue across his dick, or bite his thigh or squeeze his waist with my right hand or pinch him on his thigh making him rock hard again.

This time he came down to me and started kissing me again. It was passionate and aggressive this time: because he was squeezing my butts hard, nibbling on my lips, and moving himself all over my body.

I could feel this was a build up to something more and soon enough he asked if I would let him fuck me.

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