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Gay hostel story: Hello Everyone, My name is Mevlyn and I hail from goa. I am a pro in writing short stories and have published couple of them. Now the issue is, I am not able to figure out which language I should use to write a story. Since this is my first story here, I will start writing in English. My Next story will be Hindi. Please give your suggestions as they are very Important for me. Enjoy the STORY!

I entered hostel newly and I was allotted a hostel room of about four person each room. I was supposed to stay alone in my room until another batch was given admission too.

Fast forward, even after 10 days there was still no sign of room mate what so ever. We had to wake up everyday at morning 5:00 AM and we were supposed to exercise. Since it was a boys hostel, we had a common bathrooms where we all used to take bath together. Around 50-60 people used to take bath together. I used to admire all the naked teen bodies around me and their erections peeping through their undies every morning.

There was a senior living next to my room who was simpleton, with an atheletic body, Height might be above 175cms and was thing and handsome. His name was Jai.

As I was bathing in one of the bathrooms, Jai entered in a hurry and asked me to pour water on him. He was in hurry to go for a class. He literally ripped off all his clothes infront of me in the bathroom, and stood in his underwear and asked me to pour water on him.

I went totally numb while watching him ripping of his shirt and shorts and unveiling his chiseled body with teen-6 pack abs and lean muscles. For some unknown reason his Nipples were tight like hell.

I kept pouring water on him as he was taking bath and then he took his towel and started wiping himself infront of me. He wrapped towel around his waist and took out his wet underwear and then started wiping off his dick and balls with towel.

In hurry he didn’t notice that I could see his Dick wriggling around in his towel and I could easily make out that his dick was bigger and thicker and juicier and bouncy for his age.He left for Classes.

At night it was decided by the municipality that a blackout will happen because of some temple nearby. Since It was dark, I invited Jai casually over to my room and asked him to make himself comfortable around and look around my answer sheets.

I knew that today is the first and last chance for me to make a move on him. He lied on a bed and i lied down beside him on a small bed and it was quiet for everyone in the boys hostel to do.

He started speaking about teachers, classes, subjects etc etc. His head was resting on my pillow and I somehow (while talking) rested my head on his arm. After around few minutes, I turned around on one of my side and wrapped my hand around his belly. We were still talking.

While he was talking, I suddenly gave him a peck on his checks and he didn’t bother to pay attention to it. It was evident that he realised about my intentions but tried to stay aloof.

I slightly started to slide my hand from belly area to chest area along with exposing his abdomen and his shirt was also coming up along with my hand. While he was still talking,m I tried to press on his nipple along with surrounding skin. He was still speaking and I was also interacting along with seducing hi. Our topic of discussion was strictly restricted to college.

I had to make my final move with which he will he stop speaking and try to engage in the act. Already his full upper body was exposed and his shirt was elevated till his neck. I could see a flicker of lust in his eyes. I took a bold step and without thing twice I raised my upper body,went over him and wrapped my mouth over his nipple.

At this point he stopped talking and kept quiet. I was still unsure whether he is or is not interested in this act. I sucked his nipple for around 2 minutes and switched to other side and started pressing there first . I could feel the heat of both the bodies meeting in between us and creating an explosion of lust. As soon as I started sucking and pressing hard, He started to moan and yes, HE STARTED TO ENJOY THE ACT.

I stopped and looked at him. His eyes were closed and he looked peaceful. His lips were still wet. I pressed my lips against his lips and voila he started kissing back with eyes closed.

We kissed for about 15 minutes and meantime we had removed our shirt. He tasted better then any other thing in this world. We stopped after 15 minutes and looked at each other. We had become very hot and the temperature was raising like hell.

We again kissed for like 12 minutes and stopped. He untied my shorts knots by his mouth and dragged my underwear down by teeth. He wrapped his warm mouth around my dick and started sucking. I could feel his warmth of the mouth around my tool.

He sucked for around 15 minutes and then turned me over and started rimming. This was the first time I was getting rimmed and that was a heavenly experience. I could feel his tongue trying endeavoring something on my nutthole. He licked for around few minutes and I forced him to come down.

He was lying beside me and I gave him a wonderful blowjob. I spat on his dick and started to lick like crazy. He started to moan like crazy and I asked him to lower his voice. He could not bring his voice down as I was so good at it. He took my undies and pressed it in between his teeth to diminish the sound.

Gay hostel story of sexy twinks having fun together

He caught me by my hairs, pulled me down. Turned me over, spat on my buttcrack and pressed his dick against my hole. He fucked me in a doggy style and then pressed me over to a wall and started fucking again. He took a pen from the table and put it in my butt. He removed it and then licked.

He did for around 2-3 minutes and started doing with his fingers. He then pushed me on the chair and fucked me against the chair. It was a one time experience.

He asked me whether I want to fuck him. But even being a top, I had enjoyed getting fucked today. I asked him to continue and he fucked my mouth and cummed in it. Later on after 1 minute he took my penis in his mouth and sucked till I came.

We both were full of sweat and had tried enough positions to make us go to sleep. We slept naked that night.

In the morning our school watchmen saw us sleeping naked while he had come to wake us up for morning PT. This story I will continue next time.

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