Indian gay story of horny roommates having hot fun: 2

Indian Gay Sex Story: Straight to gay: 2

Gay twinks story: Hi all, Thanks for appreciating my last post. Here I am with my second part. If you have not already read the first part, you can read it here.

Continuing from where I left… Both of us woke up and went to shower together. We rubbed each other with soap and had a little foreplay there by rubbing and playing with each other’s dicks and asses while gently kissing and biting each other on nipples, butt cheeks and assholes.

Raunak wanted to have shower sex but I was running late for my online class, hence had to make our shower session short and quick and somewhere I knew I won’t be spared by this cute little beast.

My class got over around 10 PM, I checked my phone and Raunak had messaged that he had had his dinner and was going to bed. I won’t lie but was disheartened a little as I was expecting our second inning :P.

Just to confirm whether he slept or was just fucking with me (pun not intended) I went to his room to check on him, but to my disappointment he was asleep ( or at least it looked so in darkness). It was around 11.30 PM and I was also tired because of work and classes, so I planned to call it a night.

I lay down on my bed and was facing the window. I was wearing jut my short boxers that barely covered my dick. Although I was tired, the chilly wind was not letting me sleep. It was making me horny and I was lying there alone playing with my dick and was pinching my nipples and making soft moaning sounds.

While my self-satisfaction session was on, I heard Raunak’s footsteps, maybe he heard me and woke up. He came to my room and switched on the lights and saw me naked and gave me a wicked smirk and switched off the lights and went outside.

Him walking away, was the biggest disappointment of my life so far . But to my surprise after 5 minutes I saw him coming back to my room, as it was dark I couldn’t figure out whether he was dressed or naked but when he came near me, I could see him in the lights coming from outside and he was stark naked with little sweat on his body and a huffing and puffing breath ( I guess he skipped rope before coming in as he knows that I have a fetish for sweaty body and wet underarms).

He smiled at me in a naughty way and said , “Hey Nikhil, give me some mouth to mouth” and he just climbed on top of me and started kissing me hard. I could feel his smooth back and a little hairy chest on me while we were kissing each other madly and biting each other’s lips.

He pulled by boxers down and now our dicks were rubbing each other, I cannot explain the feeling when your dick rubs against your partner’s dick. Both of us were oozing precum and he was just kissing me madly like that was the end of the world. I am always more into passionate and slow romance while topping whereas Raunak is a beast when he is topping someone.

After kissing for long, he just started biting and sucking me everywhere, he was licking my earlobes and was sucking my neck and simultaneously pinching my nipples and mashing my chest region.

He held both my hands, so I don’t resist much and slowly moved down and bit my nipples and started licking around the nipular area and I was just moaning loudly “aaahhhhhh Raunakkkk” and was biting my lips.

He moved down and started licking around my navel and by now, he had placed both his legs over mine and was already holding my wrists so I don’t move… He was biting me and playing with his tongue and in between every now and then, he was coming up and kissing me hard and was going down again…

This continued for a while before he moved to my groin area. He took his tongue out and licked the tip of my dick that was filled with precum and slowly took the dick inside his mouth.

He used his tongue and teeth to roll down my foreskin completely and in one shot he took my entire dick in his mouth and started sucking it… That was one of the best sucks I have ever had, he was playing with his tongue and knew exactly where and when to use his teeth.

I was trembling in ecstasy “uuuuummmmm…aahhhhhh…..Raunak ahhhhhh….ooohhh mannnn please be slow…aaaahhhhh. He went down and started sucking my toes and then at once turned me upside down… I knew he would fuck me hard that night and I was prepared for that.

He slowly moved up towards my ass and bit my ass cheeks and with both his hands he broadened by but cheeks, exposing my hole. He stuck his tongue on the hole and gave it a slow lick. He started fucking my hole with his tongue and I was just moaning there almost captivated by him both physically and mentally 😛

He would spit on my hole and bring his dick near it and give a slow brush with his dick, in between he would again come up from behind and kiss me hard… He started liking my hole and it was lubricated with his spit and precum…after a while I just couldn’t hold myself and asked him to enter.

He took his index finger and inserted it inside my hole and started finger fucking me, he gradually increased the fingers and now was fucking me with three fingers while kissing me from behind. Slowly, he brought his dick near my hole and gave a gentle push and his head was inside mine.

I cried loudly….”oooooohhhh ahhhhhhhhhh….aaaaaaaah “, with another push he was completely inside me. He was now moving gently inside and pulling the entire dick outside, again getting inside and pulling the dick outside, after a play of around 2-3 minutes he increased his pace and that is when the beast inside him came into action.

He broadened by butt cheeks to expose my hole to an extent where I felt he would rip them off. He held my wrists and tangled his leg around mine so I don’t move and resist him, and he continued his motions and all I could do was moan and cry loudly.

Gay twinks story of hot horny top’s turn to bottom

“ooooohhhhh Raunak…yeahhhhhhh..aaahhhhhhhhh….go sloowwww mannnnn….aahhhhhhhhhh….yessss yeahhhhh…oooohhhh. He just kept on increasing his speed and his balls were hitting my thighs and the entire room was filled with these sounds.

He would momentarily stop and give a hard push and again increase his pace…”Yes Nikhil, I will make you pregnant my sweet little bitch”…..”Yeaahhhhhh…aahhhhh..huuhhhh.”. This continued for around 20 minutes and by then I had cummed on my bed.

He was about to cum, he pulled his dick out, turned me over came on top of me and spilled his cum on my face and my chest and fell on top of me. He kissed me again, I had his cum in my mouth and we exchanged it and he tasted his own cum from my mouth.

He put his head on my chest and played with my nipples and we rested a bit in that position.

Both of us were tired now. We kissed each other and went to clean ourselves. As my bed got dirty, I decided to leave it like that for the night and went to Raunak’s room to sleep there.
We decided to sleep naked. We just slipped inside the blanket and hugged each other and slept.

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