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Boys gay story: Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well. I am here today to share the next part of my story. Let me quickly remind you. I am Ankur, a 19-year-old slim tall guy, versatile (though I would love to take a big cock any day), fair skinned and with a cute bubble ass.

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I never had any sexual attraction to women but whenever I saw a hunky hot man, I would quiver with desire.

Last time I shared how I met a hot beefy guy, Aditya. Today I am going to tell you what happened next.

After the college incident, I unblocked him and we chatted frequently. But unfortunately, since my exams were round the corner, I could not meet him again. We used to Video call sometimes whenever he was horny, but of course that was not enough.

I was dreaming like crazy for him to take charge of my ass. But alas, luck was not on our side. I was leaving for home on the day of my last exam. I live in a PG here for college, but my hometown is quite far away.

He also wished to meet me but I couldn’t because of exam pressure. So, one evening, as usual I was chatting with him (this was one day before my last exam) and since I was going home the next day, I was quite relaxed and happy (also because the exams were to be over), he asked me- “what are you doing? where’s your roommate”.

Since my roommate was going to stay over at his friend’s place, I was alone and I had almost completed my prep, so I was just chilling. After that he stopped texting, so I also thought maybe he was busy and I decided to pack my clothes.

After about half an hour later, around 6pm, there was a knock on my door. When I saw, it was Aditya. I invited him in and we sat. I asked, “what happened, why are you here”. To which he replied “nothing, just wanted to see you before you leave.”

So, we just chatted for some while (I was packing simultaneously). Suddenly he picked up my underwear and started smelling it. I was blushing. I asked “what are you doing?”.

“This doesn’t smell like you” and saying so he got up and hugged me and started smelling my neck. Gosh his beard felt good. Since it was still summer, he was wearing a half sports t-shirt and shorts.

You can just see everything, his biceps, veiny arms, thick legs and calf muscles and on top of that he is extremely sweet. I just don’t know how to resist such a guy. He looked me in the eye and we locked lips (I just melted!!!).

There we were standing and just kissing for I don’t know how long. Then he took of my t-shirt and asked me to take of my shorts. I know where this was going so, I told him that tomorrow is my exam but he insisted “Its just for an hour and besides you have already studied”.

I took off his t-shirt and we got on the bed. He was on top of me and started kissing me and pinched my nipples so hard (I almost screamed). If you look at my chest, I would say it is a bit bubbly.

He was having fun pinching and licking them. I also licked those biceps and underarms. It was just heavenly (he got perfect proportions like a Greek god). He was pressing on me with his heavy body and I could feel his hard tool pressing against me.

I put my hand in his underwear and felt his dick, he then took it off and moved up and almost sat on my chest with his dick poking my face. I took his 8-inch uncut white thick tool and started licking it. Oh, his smell was working as a drug.

I took my time putting my tongue around his shaft and rubbing the head, I could taste his precum. He then held my head and pushed his dick in. waah! In this position it felt as if it went straight to my stomach.

After sometime he took his dick out and went to open his bag. He took out a packet of condoms and a bottle of lube. I was shocked and asked “when did you get this?” he smirked and replied “the first day, I met you”.

He then took off my underwear and applied lube on his finger and my ass and started fingering me. Since this was my first time getting banged, I was pretty nervous.

He said “relax your ass, it is so tight my fingers aren’t able to move.” Slowly one by one, he inserted all of his four fingers. When he felt I was ready, he took out a condom (it was extra-large) and slipped it on his cock.

He also poured a lot of lube on it and put the tip on my ass. “Ok baby, lets start!” with this he pushed his dick in me with force. I screamed and tears rolled out, but I was expecting it so I tried to hold it in.

He stayed that way for some time and kissed me. With him on top of me and his dick inside I felt extremely overwhelmed. He slowly started moving and with each stroke the pain reduced. He exclaimed “oh this feels amazing!!”.

Apparently, it was also his first time with a guy. (He was bicurious but had been with girls only) I also started enjoying it, the feeling was new but so much more intense. He fucked me for a good 1 hour (it felt like so) in this position then he laid down and asked to sit on top of him.

I was quite shy but I followed. I sat on top of him and he slipped his cock inside my hole (it was going easily in now). Then I started moving but, in this position, it felt as if he was fucking my intestines and stomach.

After sometime he asked me to stop and started pushing himself. Suddenly his dick hit something. I felt a strange tingling in my ass. He continued like this, he would suddenly push deep inside once and then stop, this was building strange tension inside me.

I understood he was hitting the prostate. But this was too much for his first time. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“Why? Don’t you like it?” saying this he started pushing the spot frequently and within seconds I came and that too a lot. “Woah! It’s quite something, you came from a soft dick just by hitting your prostate”.

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With a few more pushes he came inside me and I lied next to him. I saw the watch, it was already 9pm. He left after sometime (after a bath and cleaning my ass).

Next morning when I got up, I could still feel his dick in my ass, with this happy sweet feeling, I went to give my exam. (It went pretty well)

Thanks for reading. If you have any feedback or wish to connect, do let me know at [email protected]. Until then, goodbye.