Daddy boy story of horny fun with neighbour uncle: 4

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Gay fun story: Each stroke felt like a silicon rod was being inserted in and out of me. On top of all of that there was the fear that someone from the other building will see us and record us fucking.

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Qasim uncle got hornier and he threw me a little in the air so that his dick almost pulled out, and then as I fell towards him, he rammed his dick inside with extra force. My ass was already hurting from the spanking and this force hurt even more.

I felt like a pendulum that was constantly crashing into a wall. Uncle was moaning now and saying “I own your skin Abeer. I own your ass and I can do whatever I want with it. You can’t stop me anymore. I’ve waited so long for your body, and today I’ve got it all to myself. aaahhh . . . fuuuccck.”

He continued fucking like this for 6 mins.

Then he put me on the sofa and fucked in missionary. My hole was now loose so I was enjoying the pounding so much more. His huge body was overshadowing my tiny size. I felt like his toy sex doll because I was so much smaller than him.

He kept putting his dick in and out, in and out ruthlessly. And when I moaned loudly he spat in my mouth. Then after 10 minutes of fucking me like this, he was close to cumming. He grabbed hold of my neck and fucked me harder and harder.

This was the hardest I had ever been fucked. I was shouting, literally yelling in pain and he kept going. He was almost choking me now and my neck was suffocating. He pulled out his dick from my ass, and used both of his hands to jerk his cock.

The expression on his face was intensifying and he looked very very angry. Looking at his dominant and super hyper masculine form I was insanely turned on.

So turned on that in just a couple strokes of my cock I came fully on myself and my cum shot up till my face. I looked at him now and I was terrified out of my wits.

His face was literally red and his veins in the neck and arms were popping out. He shouted loudly in anger and his mouth was so wide open that I could see all his teeth and his eyes were popping out, and then in 3 MASSIVE shots he came all over my body.

I am not lying when I say that I took a bath in his cum that night. That cum was so thick and sticky, and it was on my face, nipples, stomach, everywhere over me.

He had that raged expression for 10 seconds after that, and none of us moved. We only breathed heavily and our breath could be heard in the silent room.

Then Qasim uncle slept on me, and our cum mixed into each other and it was on both our bodies. I was crushing under his weight, but I was so tired that I didn’t have the energy to ask him to move.

He looked at my face again, and kissed it once more. He took me to the shower of the guest room by picking me up in both his arms this time. He took a bath first and watched me taking a shower while drying himself, adoring my body from a distance.

He felt like he owned me now and that he had accomplished the goal that he had been planning for.

I was super exhausted and hungry. So uncle served me dinner, which was basically just a salad and a piece of chocolate, so that I wouldn’t become “too heavy” for him.

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It was a great salad though! We slept naked in the guest bedroom and he spooned me till I woke up next morning and went home.

Did you like the way Qasim uncle used me? Do you have an alpha neighbour or crush who you like a lot? Or maybe you like a twink like me who you want to dominate.

Tell me your fantasies, questions and your thoughts on the story at [email protected]. While this story was largely real, I had one fantasy experience with Qasim uncle.

Let me know if you want to hear that one.