Gay friends story of fun time at hostel: 2

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Hi I’m Sharan, 24. This is my second part of the “Gay friends story of fun time at hostel” In this I gonna share how I seduced a straight friend which changed shubam and my relation
I want to say that this is my real story and some have doubts that how I had sex when there are guys besides me but that night they were so drunk and slept like dead bodies.

So we enjoyed our moment.

Coming back ,after that upto 2weeks ,shubam used to call me daily ,he used to worship with my nipples and we did handjob to each other. He never ever tasted my dick after that night, as I never agreed to do anything to him except masturbating his dick.

After 2 weeks ,one day as usual he called me, I went to his hostel, we went to into a empty room in his hostel and he played with my pink nipples. I was making sexy voices like “umm….haa..”.

Which made shubham so horny ,he started moving up and down and licking all over from my neck to my pubes,which made me so high and I started making erotic sounds and biting my lips, shubham watching me from start by doing his work on my body,so when I bite my lips ,he moved towards my lips ,he is about to kiss on my lips.

I moved and said: what r u doing.

He:what just kiss,ur not doing anything fun with me , atleast kiss tho karney dho

He got angry ,we stopped at the moment ,we didn’t do nothing that day. But something happened at that.

There is a friend of shubham whom shubam used to move closer with (In my views somewhat intimate and always thought his also like shubam). His name is charan.who is 6feet tall somewhat fair but has good looks and has fit body.

**Seducing straight friend of shubham**

So on that day I slept beside Charan within the same blanket becoz I was staying at shubam hostel and as u know he went to night ride. So I was with Charan and I wanna try something new with him but I don’t know he is gay or not, but after him coming after bath ,I can’t control myself from dreaming about him.

So on that when we were sleeping I wanna seduce him. in midnight ,Charan is semi naked as he is only sleeping on his boxers.

So first what I did is placed my hand on dick on his boxers.(so if he wake up I gonna say, I was in sleep and it’s not intentional or if not then to continue). after placing for 1 min there is no reaction from him, so I further grabbed his dick.

I can feel his huge pole in my hands that too without erected ,”omg I had never imagined that it would be this much big”.so I moved forward and placed my hand into his boxers , first I touched his huge pubes, moved in,their i felt a warm ,soft and smooth ,a sleeping🐍 (actually he trimmed his pubes above the dick and totally shaved his dick on and below ).

Then I grabbed his snake, carrying it, within a half a min his huge dick become more huge and his sleeping snake got up and hissing ,then I quickly got that dick. Now I know he is in his conscious then I grabbed tightly, he has 6.8 inch dick and around 3 width.

So he is not responding to me I quickly moved towards him and placed my hands on his red nipple and started pinched it but he isn’t making any sound,but he is making small movements, now I want to do more, so I placed my head on his bare chest(no reaction from him), it is lightly hairy.

I felt so warm,and I can also smell his manly scent which is making me so erotic and crazy, then I started to lick his nipple, it is first time sucking a nipple,it was so amazing and somewhat salty (his sweat) although I continued licking.

Although he isn’t responding but he is also not stopping so I moved forward and started sucking his nipple while stroking his hard dick and I heard his small moan”ummm…ah”.

Then I understood he is also enjoying so I started hard way of doing it like bitting his nipple and caressing it with tongue after bitting and tightly pressed his dick which cause him pain,after 5-10minutes of sucking his nipple.

I touched his lips with my hand first so that I can kiss his lips but at that moment (so I was in the blanket totally from head to toe),someone came and shaking my legs ,when I got up to see who is that bitch wasted my wonderful adventure.

It is none other than shubam , and his killing intent eyes which made me so afraid of him(actually he came before waking me up and seeing the whole story).

But I wasn’t afraid that I played with Charan as we weren’t a couple but as you know of shubham character,which made me afraid.

Here comes an another story.

So he called me out and we have some argument and after that we went to sleep in another room but he is more angry now becoz of the argument.In that room there are 2 people sleeping at a side and we are at another side.

Out of anger he catched by chin and kissed on my lips forcefully and licking my lips with his tongue and I startled and tried to push him but I can’t.

So then moved my t-shirt up and started sucking sucking nipples and placed my hand on his dick from inside, with anger I removed my hand he then bite my nipple hardly, which made me so pain,he again placed my hand on his dick and saw my face.

I had a disgust expression, so he started to the work roughly, bitting my nipples hardly while also caressing it with his tongue at small breaks, and giving his hard hickey’s on my neck.

I lost my anger and now I was in so much pain, tears coming from eyes, I wanted to shout but I can’t as there are also people sleeping in the same room. In middle of his doing I also somewhat enjoying it,but the pain I can’t control,he then removed my shorts and taken my dick in his hands but it’s not erected so he got angry and sucking my nipples hardly (nipples are my sensitive part)while tightly gripped my dick in his hand.

After it erected, he again biting over my neck and on chest and he flipped me and started kissing first on my back then giving hickey’s afterwards,he then taken down his shorts and rubbed his dick on butt cheeks and suddenly pushed his Dick in butt hole.

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It made me so pain like hell,he then started fucking so hard while also stroking my dick and sucking my nipple, although it made pain but I also got into the mood and enjoying it but not displaying it, but at some point I made sound like”uhh..yeah..fuck harder”.

This given him more energy and made him boost the fucking speed and throbbing like hell while I also making small noises like “ummm…ahh” but suddenly it frightened me as I remembered that we weren’t the only people in the room but I can’t control myself but can only lower my voice.

After fucking around 20-25min I felt his warm and somewhat hot cream under my butt hole and he started stroking me hard and I cummed in his hands then cleaned with someone’s shirt which hanged near us.

To know what happened after that
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