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Seduction fun story: To start with me and my description, my name is Samar and I am 26 year boy with an athletic body with around 6 feet height, a bubble butt and dick size around 7. Me being versatile in preference I enjoy my life to the fullest in bed performing both sides.

This is purely a fiction which I want to be real but as you all know not everything turns into reality.

This is story about me and my best friend Shobhit. I used to or may be even today I like him. But this event happened when we were in college. I had a secret crush on him and he is my best friend.

So except seeing each other naked there is no secret between us. I used to always shag thinking of him fucking me and me sucking him deep and he moaning and fucking my mouth.

I would have shagged n number of times thinking of him but I did not know it will turn to reality some day. I could tell him what I feel for him due to fear of loosing him.

So it’s the story when we went to track in to mountains and we were going to stay overnight. We planned a treck from Mussoorie to some hill top which is safe to stay overnight.

So we were carrying a tent, quilt which is light weight, food, daru for sure and other stuff. We had left early in morning. We started from the base and walked behind him as I wanted to ogle him his ass and whatever I could.

Shobhit was a stud broad chest big dark nipples strong thighs and almost of my height and around 7+ dick which I got to know later. We have seen each other in undi so many times.

I knew there is dark snake lives behind that undi cover and I wanted to eat that out. So this overnight trek was my only chance to get him.

Finally, we reached to the top around 3 PM and he asked to me fix the tent and he went to bring woods for fire at night.

As it was month of December, it had already started to chill and night is going to be super cold. He brought lot of woods and made a bon fire so we are safe from any wild animal and we get heat too.

Nothing happened till dinner, I was continuously observing him even when he asked why am I staring at him. He even joked saying my intentions are not right for tonight with him.

He was straight and had never even thought of doing with a guy ever so he did not know what was going on in my mind. I was playing a battle to make sure he becomes mine for tonight or forever.

So finally after dinner, we decided to start drinks. I knew after 5 to 6 pegs he will be out and will not know what is going on. I started making large drinks for him and small ones for mine.

After 5 – 6 drinks he was out and started crying as he had broken up recently.

After 8th peg he started calling me by his ex-gf name and begging me to come back to him. So I thought to try something if he is really out or acting. I asked him if that he really loves me den just go out of tent and make a round to bonfire and come back.

He was not able to stand and go but I supported him and then stopped him. So he was out completely. I gave him couple of more pegs and he slept.

It was a jungle and I knew no one is gonna come to disturb us whole night. The night was so cold and we needed heat. So I removed my clothes and went inside quilt and opened his zip and removed his pant.

I removed all his clothes and he was only in undi now. I started licking him. Slowly I went down and removed his undi and took his dick in my mouth. I was damn excited as my dream was coming true.

I sucked so well he was rock hard and once even tried to push my head I got worried but he was in sleep and was imagining his ex gf.

I was sucking and felt he may come so I sucked much faster and he shoot all his load. I loved his cum and drank all. It felt salty and nice to eat it. After a while I wanted him to fuck me so again I sucked him and once he was rock hard again.

I jumped on him and started getting fucked in cow boy. He even in sleep came in sync was going deep inside and after a long fuck he came deep inside me and impregnated me.

The feeling was amazing. Now I wanted him forever, so I slept just like that with his dick inside my ass.

Now, even I was hard, so I turned him around applied lot Vaseline in his ass hole and on my dick and slowly pushed inside him and fucked him too. He was in pain which I was able to make out but I did not stop as I was damn horny too tonight.

I fucked his virgin ass badly and I felt he was awake and enjoying. I did not pay much attention and after long fuck came inside him. Then I sucked his dick again, made it hard and kept his dick inside my ass and slept.

In the morning, he woke up and saw that his dick was inside me and all the marks on body. He got scared and woke me up. I told him some fake story that he forced me but as he was my best friend, I accepted him and confessed my feelings to him.

After a while, he asked if we would do all that again while he was awake. I jumped with a joy and took his dick in my mouth and he started moaning and fucking my mouth hard.

Seduction fun story of friends going gay and slutty

He turned me around and fucked me so hard that morning that I started bleeding and was not able to walk properly. We had two rounds of fuck one in tent and other under waterfall. He was amazing fucker but he loved my ass said its better than his girlfriend too.

We had many sex sessions after that on our every trip. He had fucked me mostly everywhere in hotel beach jungle river and in all positions. I also fucked him and we have kind of becomes the best buddy who shares everything including dick and ass.

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