Desi Gay Erotica of Two Cousins Being Incestuous: 1

Desi Gay Erotica of Two Cousins Being Incestuous

Desi Gay Erotica: Hey. I’m Arun (not real name) from Kerala. I’m 21 years old, wheatish, slim, versitile guy. I’m going to share my first experience with you all which happened with my cousin when I was 18. Telling about my cousin, he is same age as mine, fair, fit and handsome. And yes I had a crush on him.

He lives in Chennai. This incident happened during vacation when he visited us. So that day evening we were having some chit chat and suddenly he started to talk about girls. He said he was obsessed with their boobs and I was obsessed with his. The smell of his sweat made me horny. I was struggling to hide my boner suddenly we got a call to have dinner.

So we both headed to have dinner and came to bed. He sleep in my room whenever he visits us. I was already on bed. He switched off the light and turned on his laptop. I asked him whether he is not sleepy. He said no, with a naughty smile he added that he is going to watch porn. he asked me to join him if I was okay.

I hesitated because I was shy and lied down pretended to sleep. It was really hard for me to sleep when he was with me. His smell always turns me on and he was all over my head.i was kept on staring at him and he noticed that. After a second, he asked me “Are you not sleepy”. I said no.

Then he again asked me to join him watching porn. I thought what if it is a sign so without resisting I went and sat beside him. He gave me an earpiece to listen. Straight porn didn’t turn me on but his boner did. While watching he asked me whether I do masturbate. I said yes. He said me that he is going to shag now and asked me if I want to join him.

First I hesitated. So he stopped the porn and lied on the bed. He covered himself with the bedsheet. By his gesture under the I realized that he removed his short and started to shag. Actually I was feeling shy to join him. I was getting hard. I was dreaming of kissing him. But I was scared of the consequences. It has been a long time and I was wondering that didn’t he reached the climax yet.

Suddenly he took off the bedsheet told me he is loosing his erection because he turned off the porn and nothing is exciting him. He asked me to help him. I was confused. He asked me if I could give him a kiss. I was shocked and butterflies were all over my stomach. I thought if it is a dream or my dream really came true.

I acted like I can’t do such things because I wanted him to convince me and he did. I gave him a kiss on his cheeks. He asked me to give him a strong kiss. I again kissed his cheeks. He then turned and asked “what are you doing? Is this how you kiss?” Then within no time he lips was on my lips. I was shocked again. He started to bite my lips and put his young on my mouth.

It was passionate. I satrted to enjoy that. It wasy first kiss ever. He took off his T-shirt and asked me to take off my cloth and I did. Now we were completely nude. He came upon me and started kissing. He the started to suck my nipples. I was seeing heaven. Then he pulled me upon him.

I licked his armpits and his body. He started to sweat it was making me super horny. I licked all his sweat. He pushed ame down to his dick and asked to take it in my, I did as he said. It was full of his precum, I licked it and liked the taste. I started to suck his dick. It was a thick monster. I took it all over my mouth. He was moaning in pleasure.

He kept his hand on my head and pressed it towards his dick. Now I asked him to suck mine. Without any hesitant he agreed. We sucked each other’s dick in 69 position. I was about to cum so I asked him to stop. I don’t want to cum so early. I turned him facing his ass to my face. I liked the smell of his ass. I slowly put my tounge in his ass and spitted on it. I started to rim his assist tried to penetrate his ass with my tongue.

He enjoyed every bit of it, so did I. After a while he asked me to lie down. He came to my ass area and spit on it the he tried to insert his finger. It was paining like hell. I asked him to stop but he didn’t. He applied some oil and continued fingering. After a while I was getting a little pleasure and I started to moan. He took out his finger and applied oil on his dick and asked me to apply it in my ass and I did.

He lied on bed and asked me to sit upon him and insert the dick inside my ass. It was paining like hell. So I was slowly doing it. Half of his dick is inside me and I started to move up and down. After three or four stroke he asked me to apply oil. I applied a lot of oil on his dick and in my ass. And again sat on his such.

Desi gay erotica of a hot incestuous night between cousins!

Because of the oil his dick was fully inside me. I was moving up and down and My ass was hurting and burning. But after a while I started to feel pleasure. Extreme pleasure. Then we changed position to missionary. Now he is upon me. He started to fuck again. He was kissing me and spitting on my mouth while fucking. I liked it a lot. I wanted it hard.

So I asked him to fuck me deep and hard. We both were moaning in pleasure. He was fucking me so hard that I could hear the thudding sound. It continued for 10-15 minutes. With a hard thud and loud noise he loaded his cum inside my ass. He took out his dick and again inserted it inside my ass and started to fuck again.

After a few seconds, with a smile we took out his dick and started to blow mine. He was sucking so deep that I came within two minutes inside his mouth. He drank every bit of my cum. He came to me and huggtight a tight and asked me “do you want to fuck me”. I said yes but now, we will have it tomorrow as I was tired. We slept naked hugging each other under one bedsheet.

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