Indian Gay Erotica of Getting Fucked by Brother-in-Law: 1

Indian Gay Erotica of Getting Fucked by Brother-in-Law: 1

Indian Gay Erotica: This is my first story here. I am Rahul and I am a 20 year old white twink. I am normally a shy person. My sister got married when I was 16. She was married to a muscular guy named Gaurav. He was 28 when they got married. So when this incident happened for the first time, I was 18 and he was 30.

After their marriage they had shifted to Bangalore as both had their jobs there. I used to go there whenever I had vacations. When I became 18, my sister managed to get me a seat here in an engineering college and asked me to live with them for which my parents too happily agreed.

He had morning shift at his office whereas my sister had night shift. They used to spend time together only on weekends (IT job life sucks!!). So whenever I came back from college around 6, she will be there. She leaves at 7 and he comes by 8. They were barely ever together during weekdays and I spent a lot of time with him all alone in the home.

So it slowly started like I used to see him half naked when he comes after shower and sits to have dinner with me with just his towel. Trust me he looks very hot. Hairs on his body turned me on all the time. But I couldn’t initiate anything because I was scared.

One fine day sister got the news that she had to go to Philippines for one-year as part of her job. She soon left and we decided to give the room which I slept in for rent and I started to sleep with jiju in their room. Jiju has a habit to sleep just in his boxers.

He asked me, “Tum comfortable ho agar mei sirf yeh pehnun?”. I replied , “Nahi, it’s fine”. At that time I saw a big bulge in his underwear. So days went by. After 3 months, one day he caught me watching gay porn. He told me to stop watching it and told watch straight porn instead.

Then I told him that in straight porn also there is anal sex, this is the same. He told me that it isn’t. Then I asked him did you ever try. He gave me a disgusting look. I knew that it’s not right from his part to criticize like that. So I just got up and showed him my white chikni ass. And asked,” abhi bhi kuch karne ka mann nahi kar raha?”.

At that time he just grabbed my ass and spanked it. He told, “3 mahine se sex nahi kiya aur tum upar se agar aise dikhaaoge toh pigalna chahiye na” . He asked me if he can fuck me. I told haan. Then he opened his underwear. His cock was rock hard and guys it’s 8″. Then he asked me if I was virgin. I told yes.

So he went to the drawer and took condom and lube. I asked him why you use lube with sister. He replied,” tumme Kya lagtha hei hum anal sex nahi karte??” And he laughed. He told,” idhar la tera chikna gaand , khub marta hun”. He told that and inserted it.

Indian gay erotica of a horny guy’s wild fuck with his jiju

It pained, I cried. He took care of me, he started to do it slowly made me feel comfortable…kissed me again and again. And he kept fucking me. I was just feeling his chest.

The beds were making sounds. Then he asked if he could fuck me without the condom. I told yes. He removed the condom and started fucking me hard. It was paining but at the same time it felt nice. I was loving having my jiju’s big and hard cock deep inside my hole!

Atlast he came in my ass and filled me fully. It felt soo good.

Then when we both were going to sleep. He asked me ,” kal ek kaam karega?”. Meine bola haan. Then he asked,” kal apne didi ka bra aur panty aur woh boack part saree pehnke ready ho jaogi raat ko?”. Meine bola haan. He was really happy and cuddled me and we slept.

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