Indian Gay Erotica of The Magnificent Obsession: 2

Indian Gay Erotica of The Magnificent Obsession: 2

Indian Gay Erotica: Let’s have a start with a beautiful glimpse, where we ended up. My heart was palpitating too fast as about to explode during our conversation on the phone. My tongue was stammering, my body was stumbling or fumbling of lips was defining my nervousness.

Me: Hey, am extremely sorry for my neglectful work.
He: Hey, why you apologising for what reason?? No need to worry, I respect your feelings or emotions. Fetch your books or other stuff from me by tomorrow evening on coffee, can I pick you directly from college, if you will free.

Me: Actually pardon for disturbing you so late at night. Ok, then meet you tomorrow, Bye and goodnight.
He: snickering, it’s 2:30 Am lol, it’s morning now.
Me: sorry. I grinned

I ended up the call and looked at the watch it was stroking 2:30 AM, I was still contemplating that might be he was thinking that it was a manoeuvre of mine.

I strolled a little in my room and took a glance to peek out of the window, it was dark haze outside as It was winter days, even the twinkling of stars or shine of moonlight had faded somewhere by dewdrops mist.

I started pondering about Amrit. He was really a deep warm-hearted person. He had a humble genuine personality. Then I took a book “The Alchemist” and started reading it as I was not getting sleep, meanwhile reading I yawned and drifted off.

As I fall asleep, my subconscious mind started sending or showing me the flashback scenes or memories of our meeting( As we all know the abundance powers of our subconscious mind).

So, it was a cold hazy winter’s day and very humid(moist) day as it was about to rain. There was rumbling or thundering of black clouds or wafting of mist air was giving a sigh of relief or solace.

Our college had organised a sumptuous event on ” The power of Mind “. A lot of Doctors or neurologists were approached to attend this event. Amrit was also among them.

The event had already been started and I got late. I was in a panic since college staff had insisted me to give a presentation after the inauguration.

I entered in the event hall in a rush as I listened my name being announced by the host.
I climbed to the stage fastly, I was panting or my heart was throbbing, I could feel the heat. A few minutes ago I was very flustered or nervous for my presentation but in between this all rush my nervousness had been gone somewhere.

I took a glass and drank some water and gasped, and gave a big smile. My grey eyes were shining like a dazzling diamond. I took a wide glance at the audience, and I noticed a handsome Doctor sardar there sitting in the front first row. He was the most handsome Doctor among all others had a decent but gallant personality.

He was gazing at me manically. For a while I got a little bit uncomfortable but then I ignored.
I started my presentation on The power of our mind. I stated the levels of our mind like.
1. The conscious mind
2. The subconscious mind
3. The superconscious mind
4. The cosmic mind or the supreme consciousness.
I could sense that people were adoring it. But, the spunky jaat was just glaring at me or was just twirling his thick moustache or was giving a smile.

I noticed him thrice and was thinking might be I was giving some wrong statements then I looked upon me” Am I looking clumsy or freaky”. Not at all, I was looking good. He intentionally doing it all.

I just stared at him or raised my sharp eyebrows to show him my provoke. His constant smile was irritating me somewhere. Now he bowed his eyes as to give respect to me.

I successfully completed my presentation, there was quite hush in the hall and I gave a wistful smile and bowed my head. Suddenly, I heard somebody’s clap sound I raised my head to see the person.

And it was Amrit clapping for me. He gave a standing ovation to me. After him, everyone stood there and clapped for me. The clapping sounds were humming in the entire hall. I was very impressed or delighted after the event. I was wandering here and there in the hall.

Suddenly I noticed that the smily Sardar was hovering me throughout the whole event. Now I smile at him back because he helped me.

After that, I was enjoying my brownie, suddenly, I felt some soft hand over my shoulder I whirled and it was he.

I said hello, in a sweet tone with reverence.
He: you gave a brilliant presentation he said in excitement, keep it up. This is my phone number, take it.

Me: Thank you so much so sweet of you I saved his number asking his name. I was thinking in myself( ye jyada hi rocket NHI h kuch). And I grinned.
He: hey you messed your lips with chocolate,
Me: I took a napkin and tried to wipe it but could not.

He: let me wipe it he took his handkerchief or started cleaning it.
Me: As he touched my lip brim I got a sudden shiver in my body. And I just peeked in his deep eyes, which was as pure as holy water.
He: Now it’s perfectly fine and he grinned.

Indian gay erotica of a budding romance between strangers

For a moment, the globe stopped swirling for me. It was an inexpressible period. After that, he departed and we bid each other a good-bye and moved towards our destinies. But left so much with each other.

Then suddenly some magnificent words echoed in my ears.

“Your destiny is looking for you or when it finds you. It will make your work according to its plan.

I made a rapport amicable relationship with Amrit in few moments. But who knows what our destiny wants.

Best regards,
Kabir Sandhu.
To be continued…

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