Curious boys story of horny gym hunks: 1

Horny gym guys enjoy a crazy body play session

Curious boys story: So, Indian men are inherently submissive both sexually and generally. There are many factors contributing for that. One reason is that a single man has to take care of many people of his family and usually gets pressed between his personal and family matters.

So we usually surrender to the pressures of people and society around us. Secondly we are not very tall, we have small pricks (at least I have one, less than 4.5 inch when fully erect), have very low self esteem and above all we like to follow and comply to strong people especially men around us.

I wouldn’t have said this at all if I was not proven wrong. Why I’m saying that, you may ask? Because, nobody could expect a straight trophy bodybuilder who is jacked and had won many district competitions and also had been a runner up to ‘Mr. X’ (province/city not mentioned) last year to suck cocks and ride them.

I’m 5’8 (as I said not much taller), well-built with broad pectorals and big pecks. Cladded with washboard abs I bring satisfaction to all the eyes of all the girls in my village. I have a wide back that ended in v- shape.

Working out my body and restricting myself only to desi protein have an incredible effect anybody could hardly move both men and women’s eyes away from my glistening brown skin doing pushups under the shade of banyan tree.

Moreover, I love flexing my body and showing of muscular strength. I would skip no chance of doing that. I was not only an eye candy for women but also a motivation for the men of my village. I even had given free training sessions to the young inspiring boys.

It is all about my physical appearance, let’s come to my inner attributes. I’m not an arrogant piece of shit that mostly dudes become after becoming a Hercules. I won’t say I’m the sharpest tool in the shred but also not the dumb jock will all muscles.

I can be naive at times (more now) but people also ask for my suggestions. I’m 27, and about to marry a beautiful girl from a neighboring village.

A bodybuilding competition is imminent and I ll part in it. I will be visiting Mumbai and living with my father’s best friend who is a lawyer. Both are the childhood friends and we have cordial relationship just like a family.

Uncle Ram has two sons, the older Raj who is 25 and younger Sahil who is 21. Both are really good men. I used to play and go to school with Raj as a kid. It’s been a while I’ve met them so it will be nice opportunity to relive old memories.

As I arrived Raj came to pick me up. We hugged excitedly and as I bent down to pick my bag, someone’s hand touched mine and I looked up to see him. There was a cute boy nodding me to pick himself the bag.

He was about my height or may be a bit taller and thin but had a nice smile. He reached his hand out and we shook hands. “Rishi, meet Sahil. Hope you haven’t forgotten him?”, Sahil kept on smiling and I was surprised how did this small kid get taller.

“Man you had all grown up?”, I asked with a smile and hit him on his shoulder. “Thanks brother Rishi”, he replied politely. We all went to their home.

As it was getting dark and I was tired, they got me share the room with Sahil. It was not a big house. There were just three rooms. One for uncle Ram, one belonged to her 16 year daughter and this one was shared by the brothers.

As I was the guest so I had to share brother’s room and Raj had to share the room with uncle Ram. See in Indian families, younger siblings always have to make this compromise. It is a cultural thing, so I ended up in Sahil’s room sharing his bed.

I’m used to sleeping without shirt, so I took it off and laid down. I didn’t notice Sahil staring at me while I did that. I grabbed my mobile and checked few messages all from my fiance that put a smile on my face. I wrote her a good night message and put my mobile aside.

As I did that I saw Sahil crouching on the couch and I felt bad for him. This family was gonna take care of me for the next two weeks so I shouldn’t make them uncomfortable, I thought. “Hey Sahil, come up on the bed mate…don’t be uncomfortable on the couch”, I said to him.

“No, I’m ok here brother”, he replied but my constant request forced him to share the bed with me. “Man it’s a huge bed. We both will be easy here”, I lied as the bed could barely contain more than three people.

I was already so buff that I took space for two people. At least, Sahil was opposite of me physically, so it didn’t bother him much. To make a little more space Sahil moved backwards and our backs touched.

Soon I was in a deep sleep and I had a beautiful dream. My fiance Naina was there with me feeling my big biceps. I was smiling and ogling her over her beautiful body. She squeezed my muscles harder feeling every inch of it. Then she moved aside touching my melon shaped globes.

Usually I do that to her but anyways, I liked her touching my pecks and giving them a squeeze. The touch felt so real like it was not a dream and I moaned a little. I could feel my cock tenting in my trousers.

Naina’s fingers encircled my right nipple and tweaked it gently making me groan. Her hand moved down felling my six pack abs and spread that area for some time. The feeling was so amazing and it didn’t look like a dream.

My cock was throbbing as if it would explode all the churning fluid in my ball sac. Her hand moved down and my heart raced on a high pace and as it wriggled through my waist, I turned my body around and opened my eyes slowly.

I thought that bed jiggled a bit but totally ignored it. I looked around and saw Sahil’s small back. He must be sound asleep and then I looked at my crotch and to my surprise a wet spot had formed with a protrusion.

“Fuck”, I cursed. The dream really made me wet. I was totally embarrassed and struggled to sleep again.


I was hard as a rod in morning and horny to the peak. After having a wet dream my cock was begging for a release. I wished Naina was with me so that I could have calmed my urge down. But it couldn’t have worked out either until we were married.

That makes me virgin I guess. Again it is a cultural thing we have in India. I have never had sex just few kisses and a regular masturbation in nights. There was only thus thing I could do. I went to the bathroom to take a shower and masturbated there quietly.

I imagined fucking Naina and shot my load with a racing heart. It was a quick relief, I also happened to shoot quickly and had a low stamina. I came out of bathroom only in a towel. Sahil came into the room and looked at me.

Again I didn’t notice him lusting over my body as I was so busy in choosing my attire to wear. “Man, I can’t believe you have grown so much. Last time I saw you clumsily walking around bumping into things”, I laughed initiating a conversation with him.

“Yes brother Rishi. You have also become so big you know. I can recall you were so lanky back then but now you are an inspiration. I even show your weightlifting competition to my friends last year, pity you couldn’t win it. My mates are eager to see you though”, I couldn’t tell if he purposely mentioned that it I was being sensitive about coming as runner up but I totally ignored that.

“Yeah, I was so confident to win that, you know”, I said with passion in my voice. “Yes, you will brother…look you have improved so much since. I bet your arm size had increased a lot”, he came closer and touched my arm squeezing it.

“Will you flex for me brother Rishi”, he asked with such innocence that I couldn’t refuse him and put a flexing show for him. “See, I was right you have improved a lot”, he touched my pecks and I didn’t even imagine what wild thoughts were running in his mind.

I was so used to such stuff. Even my friends would touch my biceps and punch my pecks so I was cool with that. “Oh I forgot to tell you. Breakfast is ready. Come quickly, I can see your muscle show after that”, he said smiling and I reacted in the same way.

“Just gimme five minutes mate”, I said and quickly pull off my towel as I heard him closing the door. “And one more thing—“, I quickly turned to see him and looked at his surprised expressions.

“Oh..I’m so…sorry….I really am”, I turned and put the towel away as I assumed Sahil must have left the room. I even heard the sound of door handle. But when I heard his I turned around and clumsily picked the towel to hide my crotch but I knew it was too late.

Curious boys story of horny and wild gay men

He must have seen my little package. “It’s….it’s ok”, I sure was annoyed with him but I pretended like nothing happened. He looked embarrassed himself.

I should have at least locked the door or waited a minute or two. It was my mistake. “I should apologise…..I was saying if you wanna see around the city, I and big bro were planning to take you out today”, he said looking down with the evident shame on his face.

I just nodded my head with utter embarrassment. “Fuck”, I cursed. I quickly changed my clothes and came down to the table. I couldn’t even look at Sahil as I was so embarrassed.

To be continued…