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Gay desi story: Hi all, I am Rajiiv & this is my first story. I am a long time reader of this site and love the stories you guys put up here. It makes me happy that some of you are gifted writers too. So, I attempted to write one of mine as well. Hope you guys like it.

Harman was busy gorging on his cousin’s dick. He loved Pratap’s long and thick dick very dearly. Who leaves an 8+ inch juicy schlong while it is hard and throbbing with cum!! Dinner could wait for another 5 minutes. His cousin too was in no mood to let him go off his cock.

It was their secret. It had been for 5 years now. Harman had seduced his 5 years elder cousin as he turned 18. It was Harman’s birthday. And his cousin Pratap was in town. Naturally he was invited to his birthday party.

His ‘whoremones’ had kicked in his teens. But he knew he had to wait. He needed to wait for the right time and the right moment. So, in a way it was his ‘tapasya ka phal’ which he got after a couple of years. In the meantime, he kept giving enough signals to Pratap that he is interested.

He admired Pratap’s slender body and long dick the moment he saw it some years ago while bathing together. The night he turned 18 he couldn’t control himself. It had to be tonight, he had determined. Pratap had a habit of sleeping in his undies. The wintry night of late November was no big deal for him.

It was risky but Harman had to utilise this golden opportunity calculatedly. He teased and fondled his dick at first for a good ten minutes. The whole idea was to get his cousin aroused and then gag on his schlong.

“I need to gulp that piece of juicy sausage at any cost”, he looked stealthily at the wall clock which struck 2 in that misty night. In the dark of the night, the dimly lit room was making him hornier by each passing second. The dawn must see him have a glimpse of his dick if not sucking.

At last, after fondling Pratap’s dick over his trunks for some time, he finally managed to get it hard. And his inner beastly confidence kicked off out of nowhere. As he became assured of him sleeping, he slid his hand slowly inside his underwear. He lowered his undies and took hold of the shaft and guppp….he gulped the entire dick in one go.

A loud moan came out of Pratap’s throat. He had been observing his cousin’s act pretending to sleep. Gimme a deepthroat you sexy bitch, he moaned and held his head tightly trying to gag Harman. Harman became reckless in his movements as soon as he heard this. Ear orgasm achieved!! Mission half successful!

Rhythmic movements accompanied with moaning & a guttural sound started filling the room. He sucked it like a pro bitch. His dream had finally come true and he came at the very thought of sucking his cousin while him being awake.

Harman kept on gulping and suctioning the entire shaft wildly. The periphery and fragrance of a 7 inch healthy pink dick drove him insane. He shot his cum in loads on the bedsheet. His fantasy had at last turned into a ‘fucking’ reality, literally.

Pratap banged him that entire night. Needless to say they became fuckbuddies after that. That sexy night had stretched on for years.


Hurry up Harman, or you might miss your dinner. Pratap chuckled over him sucking his dick. He had come to celebrate Harma’s 23rd birthday. Kar toh raha hu par tumhara lund khali hone ka naam hi nhi leta. 5 saal pehle jesa tha aaj bhi wesa hi hai- sakht aur virya (sperms) ka visphotak.

Harman loved Pratap’s semen like anything. It was like an antidepressant drug for him. Usko ek tarah se latt thi Pratap k virya ki. Aur woh bhi koi kasar nhi chhodta tha usko apna virya pilane me. Come right down, his mother shouted from the ground floor for having dinner.

Harman’s room was on the first floor. He was exhausted by sucking but wanted his sperms too. Dinner k baad raat ko resume karte hain, Pratap shook Harman’s shoulder who was still busy trying to empty his nuts. Both of them quickly wrapped up the scene with Pratap reserving his load for the night.


“The key to the Royal Serpents Door had been lost ages ago”. Harman got fascinated as he read about the serpents of Balokhpur in that wintry night after dinner. He was about to join as a Content Manager in a marketing firm the next month. And was a lover of fiction and anything fantasy. He got hell excited reading about the keys and the sexy half human half serpents guarding it.

“Bro, have you heard about these ancient snakes.” He asked his cousin who was busy watching a video on Youtube. He was a travel Youtuber. Discovering unknown places was the USP of his vlogs. He was famous for this on social media platforms. The very thing you are reading is a book I got from the library to make my next vlog on, Pratap replied coolly.

Where is Balokhpur? Harman asked his cousin while teasing his dick with his toe. “It’s somewhere on the way to Kanha National Park”. Pratap answered while planting a kiss on his lips. “Don’t you know the exact location of this place”? Harman enquired with a childlike curiosity. No, he answered while embracing him. Pratap hugged Harman and started kissing him wildly.

Harman took out Pratap’s long dick and started to wet it. He needed his sperms now. He had waited the entire day and the unfinished quickie oral before dinner had ignited his fire of lust heavily. Harman started sucking like there is no tomorrow. He drained his cock swallowing every shot and licking his penis’ opening. Harman could die for that lovely pink orifice of his cousin.

Pratap slept after the perfect blowjob. After sucking him, Harman took the book and started reading again. The ‘Guardian Snakes’ had caught his fancy. Harman was fascinated and started fantasizing about them. Serpents which could turn into human at will was something he had always seen in movies and shows.

He wished to meet one of them. And maybe even suck them! He kept reading and rubbing himself leaning on the wall side of his bed. And fell asleep while reading the book. Harman used to snore and hush like a snake in his sleep.

Everyone in his family including his cousin Pratap had made peace with this weird characteristic of his. Harman’s parents had consulted many doctors they could but they couldn’t diagnose anything.

Accepting this eccentric trait of their son, his parents had given up the hope for getting it treated. As he slept, he started with his hiss and snores as usual. He had fallen asleep with the book in his hands. The book in actuality was a twin codex of another book. These books shared the same content but with one major difference.

The one Harman held was a portal. And the other book was the key to that portal. Together combined they would open the doors of Naagkanvalpur kingdom permanently unless someone closed the book. But the other book was never found. Harman slept with the book kept on his chest.

Suddenly he felt a jerk and got up. He was somewhere in a Haveli in a faraway land. He felt a bit scared. How was it possible, he thought! This is definitely a nightmare he analysed as he looked around. A room no less than a royal hall with a long corridor on one side. The walls decorated with real gold and gems.

There was not much furniture around. But there were too many wooden chandeliers on the ceiling. It had strange looking candles and pendalogues along with its crystal cups. One strange thing he noticed was that there were paintings, sigil, vases, and antiques etc. had intricate serpent designs.

Harman was frightened to the core. He became sure this is his last day. He started walking towards the corridor to find a way out and saying his last prayers inaudibly. Kahan fass gya tu Harman, woh khud se badbadataa hua bola….Harman girta padta ghabrata hua ek jharokhe k paas khada ho gya.

He thought of this as trouble but mustered courage to look from the jharokha (the equivalent of a French window in India). There was a lot of noise rising out of commotion. The chaos was because of the people shouting and hooting outside.

What he saw amidst the pandemonium made him hard instantly. Gorgeous men oiled from tip to toe wrestling in the haveli lawn with 100s of people screaming for them. This was something straight out of live porn. Two handsome men wearing nothing except a loin were fighting each other off. And circling them were equally gorgeous men.

Gay desi story of cousins exploring each other

They looked like denizens of a fairy land. 6 to 7 feet tall men with oily shining skin and piercing eyes with locks of hair dangling up to their back. Was this even real, Harman bit himself to cross-check if it was a dream. He had seen men in wrestling porn. But this was something extraordinary.

He was definitely in a serpent Shangrila. Swayed by their gorgeous bodies he started rubbing himself with his hand. Ek jagah ikkatthe mard aur who bhi itne sarey, upar se balaa k haseen….usey aur kya chahiye tha!! Woh unhe dekhke khud k lund ko sehlatey huey hastmaithun karna shuru kar deta hai. Aur jese hi woh dono mard jo kushti kar rahe hote hain ek dusre ko pachhad k marte hain, uska viryaskhalan ho jata hai.

Harman woke up abruptly. Damn, what an awesome dream, he says to himself as he finds his shorts wet with cum. He felt sticky and discomfiting. Fuck, it’s 9 in the morning. Mom would knock the door any minute and call for breakfast. Shit, he is all ‘wet’. To escape the embarrassment he goes straight to his bathroom where his cousin is busy taking a shower.

Cutie you could have waited for the ‘morning session’. Pratap winked at him. I had a night fall Pratap! Shut up and let me clean. Harman scolded him coyly. Aww….Pratap grins at his funny situation. He cleans himself up and gorges again on Pratap’s dick before having his breakfast.

Pratap, how I wish I could have your ‘load’ every day. He smiled while devouring and smothering him in the bathroom. You can have it any time you want Harman. You know how my cock loves your cute warm mouth. The next night Pratap left for his video blog tour and Harman was left all alone again.

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