Gay doctor sex story of wild fun with parent patient: 2

Hospital gay sex of doctor with horny patient

Hospital sex story: In no time, out popped an 8-inch thick-cut cock. He leaned back a bit and started to hold my arms and shoulders and play with them. I started to stroke his huge cock and I could hear him go”ahhhhhh mmmmhhhmmm yesssssssssss daaaaaa”‘

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I went down and licked his dick and spit on the head of that little monster. I took some saliva that I spit on his dick and slowly started to massage it near his asshole. He seemed to love it.

I started putting both my hands to use and started to stroke his dick with my left hand and finger fucked his tight asshole with my right. I loved the hiss ass and how fucking tight his hole was.

I made him lay down face up on the bed and pulled so his lower half would be out of the bed. I unhooked my pants and my dick was already excited with all the precum oozing out of it.

I stood between both his legs and my dick started to touch his head of his. I still kept stoking his dick which he doesn’t seem to get enough of.

I couldn’t wait anymore and my ding was begging me to push him inside a hole. I rubbed the top of my dick around his asshole and he was getting nervous. He said he’s a virgin in the asshole and has never had any gay experience other than a few blowjobs.

I leaned forward and started to kiss and lick over his neck which I was sure turned him on so much that he started to like it.

I assured him that it was alright and he’d enjoy what I am gonna do to his ass.
“Don’t worry uncle, Do as your doctor says and I assure you you’re gonna be enjoying it” I whispered in his ears.

I spit around his ass again to make it easier for me to push this dick in. He was still a little worried but it all changed in a few minutes. After teasing him around his asshole, I slowly started to push my dick inch by inch as he had a very tight hole.

I was feeling like I was flying in the air, the way his ass clenched around my thick dick, and the way he was moaning out slowly. He was completely enjoying getting fucked in the ass now.

Once I was fully in, I started to pound him slowly at first and then picked up the pace as I went on. The way he moaned, I knew he was in heaven. My dick pushed into him with an accelerating pace we were both only a few moments from having an amazing orgasm.

I could feel his ass muscles clenching my dick tighter and tighter as he was nearing an orgasm.

Not after a few seconds, he started to shoot cum all over my chest. He was enjoying his first time being fucked in the ass and shot a huge load. I doubt even his wife has ever made him cum like this.

After a few more non-stop minutes of fucking, I was nearing my endgame too. But I didn’t want to fill this man up in his ass with my juice in his first-ever ass fuck.

So as I was nearing my climax, I hold him by his hair and pulled him closer, and then I pulled my 8-inch behemoth out of his ass and shoved it in his mouth before he could say anything.

He wasn’t liking it at first but I put my head in his hand and helped him take my dick.

“That’s it, That’s it. Listen to your doctor like you did. Take the whole dick inside your throat” I said as I pushed it in.

I was enjoying the way this man was taking it in his mouth. Even though he’s not a pro he was learning it quickly and not after a few seconds made me cum all my glory load in his mouth. He sucked it for a few more times without me even guiding him.

After we were done enjoying each other, we both went to the washroom and he spit the cum and cleaned his face. I washed my chest with a towel and cleaned the cum he sprayed. Then we started putting our clothes on.

When checked the time, it was already 11, and I couldn’t believe I fucked this hot uncle’s ass for almost an hour straight and came.

Hospital sex story of a doctor’s fun time with a patient

He said it was time for him to leave and before he took his bang and left, he came close to me and put his hands on my cock which was only semi-hard after busting in his mouth.

He only rubbed it for a couple of seconds and I was already feeling aroused again. He said he’d be coming for frequent checkups, asked for my number, and left.

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