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Gay banging story: After Rohit left, I opened my flat door and went inside got naked and saw myself in the mirror. Upper half was full of red marks given by Rohit Sahil & Mayank.

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You cant make out which mark was given by whom. I also felt my butt hole it was opened upto an extent that it can take two thin dicks together. Started thinking about last 15-18 hours and I got boner again.

I ordered some food and went for shower. I was cleaning my whole body and hole and heard a door bell. I thought my food would have come. I took bath quickly and rushed to open the door.

I only had towel wrapped to my lower body. Anyone who would observe the towel, the shape of my dick was quite visible. I forgot that my upper half had all love marks.

When I opened the door, it was Raj my neighbour (whom I thought to be straight) was there to ask for some help. The moment I opened the door, his eyes were just observing my upper half and marks all over.

He smiled and said “it seems somebody had a blast last night” for a moment I did not realise what was he saying. But then I realised that he is looking at me and all marks. I asked him to come in and rushed to my room. He was waiting in living room.

To describe Raj, he is almost same my height but much younger to me. He was just 20 year old boy. He was from Orissa and here for studies. He was not a hunk but a decent looking guy.

I asked him what he wants and told him that there is some issue with water and electricity in his flat and the guy is going to come by evening to check, so if he can finish some of his college work from my flat.

I agreed and he brought his laptop and sat in living room and started doing his work but his eyes were observing me all around. Earlier I did not pay much attention but then I realised his whole attention was on me and eyes were ogling my dick and body.

I decided to give him a tease.

I asked Raj if he is hungry and wanna join for lunch. My food had come and anyway I had extra food. He agreed and joined me for lunch.

As I was flaunting my dick in my boxers (as I do not wear undies at home), he was observing it while eating. We talked in general while eating, then he asked how come I have so many marks in upper half with concern that if I am ok and not any allergy.

I laughed and said no this is no allergy. Now, he started asking about how I got marks with a sarcastic tone. I told him that I had a blast last night with friends.

His eyes were wide open as he did not expect me to share such thing with him. I could see boner in his half pant. I thought to spend the afternoon as I was hard and eager to fuck which I couldn’t do last night.

Now, it was the point who will move first. We were done with food and he offered to clean dishes. We were in kitchen and I observed his butt while he was cleaning dishes. It was perfect round butt.

I went from behind and stand in such a way that my boner was touching him and pretended that I needed something from the front wall. He did not react and gave a small moan. I got my signal to proceed.

I hugged him from behind and rubbing my dick on his butt in slow fuck position. He completely surrendered himself to me and turned around. We started kissing and he was pro in smooching. He said he is pure bot and haven’t done with anyone in a long time.

He thought me to be a straight and we both laughed. Now, we moved to my room and he removed all my clothes and I was standing in front of him full naked and my 7inch boner waiting for him to service.

He kneeled and took it in mouth. I loved that feeling. I felt that warmness. I was lost in the warmness of his mouth and lied on my bed. He started removing his clothes and was naked too.

He had decent body but small dick around 5 inch but a nice round butt and relatively small hole. I asked him will he be able to take it in. He said please do it slow.

I laughed and he continues working on my dick and sucking to the core. I knew I am not going to cum as in last 20 hours I was already done 3 to 4 rounds down. Then I pulled him and we again started smooching.

I went on to his nipples which were red. I started licking each nipple one by one and he started moaning in pain and pleasure to the other level. I gave him few marks around his nipples but he was in trans.

I was so much in pleasure that he came without shagging or touching his dick. He asked me to go on. From his nipples I moved to his navel to thighs and his hole.

I started rimming his hole and tongue fuck him. He was again lost and started asking me to fuck him. After a while of rimming, he started begging me to fuck him. I told him to wait it’s not the time yet. I had a vibrator with me. I asked him to close his eyes and not to open.

I inserted vibrator in his butt and started it. He kind of jumped but I held him and started licking his nipples. He started begging to fuck him as vibrator was doing its job. He was enjoying it so much that his butt hole started leaking.

After a while, I removed the vibrator and kept my dick on his hole and pushed it slow as his hole was quite small. He shouted in pain. I held him and started pushing it in slowly.

I was half way in and he started asking me to remove. I did not pay much attention to his request and I was so horny now just gave a hard push and I was full in him. He shouted and begged to remove.

I waited for a while and started fucking him. In sometime the pain turned to pleasure and he came in sync. Now from doggy we moved to cow boy so that I can go deep in him.

He came on me and sat on my dick and jumping. With each jump I started pushing my dick deep inside. I touched his gspot and he came 2nd time on me. I was still far from cumming. He continued the jump and asked me if we can change the position.

I told him to sleep on bed and tuned him around and entered in him in missionary. I started fucking him hard. I tool some break in between to extend the session and after a very hard fuck for long I was about to cum.

I asked him if I can cum in him. He nodded his head and shoot all my load in his ass. The hot lava started touching his ass hole walls and he was enjoying that warmness of cum.

I fell on him with the exertion with my dick still hard and inside his ass. After a while, my dick came out and I fell beside him. He was still in trans. I got up and went to washroom to clean myself.

He joined me too and started sucking my dick. He told me that he was eyeing me for a long but could not approach. Today when he saw some guy dropping me in morning and marks on my neck, he made up his mind to approach me.

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Finally, we came out of washroom after cleaning I gave him the towel and we dried ourselves and wore our clothes. I asked him if he wants to have a coffee.

We started sipping coffee and I realised its already 5 PM and Rohit was going to come to pick me around 7. I told him that I have to go out and get ready.

He smiled and said no problem and he left after we had a deep smooch. We had threesome later with me Rohit and Raj where we double penetrated but that is for some other time.

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