Gay experiences story of a straight man: 3

Indian Gay Sex Story: My hot desi daddy: 2

Gay fuck story: After my last night’s experience, I was already feeling guilty. I returned to my home and took a long bath. I did not talk with anyone for the whole day. It was a fight with myself. Next day at the office, I was finding it hard to make eye contact with my friends. It seemed all downhill from there.

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Weeks and months passed by and I kept quiet. Suddenly, I got a job offer from Bangalore. I cannot describe that feeling but it was a big relief. I wanted to leave Mumbai for-ever.

In a week’s time, I was in Bangalore. Trying to get around with the city and its people. Found a new home. But, just as I was about to settle down, I started getting disturbed by erotic feelings, thanks to 6 months of no sexual encounters.

It was 10:00 PM. I decided to meet a girl. It was only after reaching there that I came to know that I was conned.

Dejected and angry, I returned home. I thought for a while and started browsing some male hook up websites. Suddenly, I got pinged in one of the chats. He sent his pictures. He was well built but short, around 32. He wanted to meet me and gave me an address.

I don’t know why but I took my bag, already had condoms, and rushed to his place. It was a big house, his family was perhaps out. I could smell some alcohol already. He asked me to lay beside him and then started showing me videos of clean penetration, creampie and barebacks. All that made me hornier.

Finally, he asked me loose all my clothes. He was wearing a lungi. He asked me to suck.

His tool was limp but thick with some hairs. I took it in my mouth and started sucking it. He then held my head and ears and started shoving his tool in my throat.

As soon as he was erect, he asked me to turn around and punctured my anal hole in one go. At that time I knew that this is my destiny. AFter 5 minutes of brutal fucking, he cummed inside me.

I did not even washed myself, just wore my underwear with all the cum inside me, took a tip of 500 rs and returned home.

Now that my mind was cleared, I decided to have regular encounters. But, I wanted to experiment. Hence, for a change, I dialed a gay massage center. It was a Sunday morning. A guy on the phone asked me if I have place, to which I said that I want to come to your parlor.

He asked where I lived and then gave an address around 3 km away from where I was. I quickly got dressed, wore my yellow panties and booked a cab. I was already clean shaven, as I knew I will have frequent encounters from now on. So I shaved every week.

I knew the importance of it! I was getting aroused while seeing my own smooth legs and yellow lingerie.

I took some condoms and entered the cab. The massage center guy kept on calling me at regular intervals, just to make sure if I am coming. I kept on responding him in coded words because I did not want the cab driver to know much.

On reaching at the mentioned spot, I got out of the cab and called the massager. He somehow located me. He was lean and thin and I was disappointed. He asked me to follow him quietly.

After walking for 5 minutes, I reached a small gully with few small shops. Towards the end was a saloon. He said that is the place. I entered inside. I was asked to pay 1.5k which I did.

Then I was led to a small cabin shaped room with a small bed. It had an AC. Then a guy came and asked what I needed. I said “pure hairy top”.

After waiting for 2 to 3 minutes, suddenly someone knocked. It was a dark tall man with well built muscles. He entered the small room and locked the room from inside. Then he asked me to strip and lay down.

I intentionally let on my yellow undie. He asked if I needed massage also. I said that I needed an oil massage. I knew that would anyways help in penetration!

He removed my undie and started putting huge amounts of oil on my body and butt hole and gave me a sensual massage.

I was already aroused, My dick was fully erect and moist. I asked him to stop and undress. He did that in a minute and asked me to suck. It was like a 7 inch black iron rod with hair all around it.

But other parts of body was clean shaven. It was not fitting my mouth. But, I knew I had to do it so I tried my best.

Gay fuck story of a slutty straight guy

After a couple of minutes of sucking, he asked me to turn and lay on bed. After some fingering, he climbed on top of me and punctured my a hole.

There was no struggle or pain, thanks to all previous experiences, it was wide opened. His 7 inch dick just slipped inside and he started humping.

At that point he lost all control and was behaving like an animal. It was brutal and never ending. After 10 odd minutes, he asked if I would like him to cum inside.

I said, yes please. He offloaded huge amount of cum inside my anus. It took around 45 seconds for full discharge.

Later he cleaned me and asked for a tip. I gave him another 500 and returned home.

To be continued…