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Teen boys story: Hello to all my readers. I had multiple encounters over the years of my sex life and still have many every now and then. No no I am not an old man, just a sex maniac.

This story of mine is of late teens when my hormones were at peak and I wanted to fuck anything anytime. By the way, I am Saanjh-fair, tall and athletic, but not too athletic, with above average hair growth.

I was 19 when it happened. Every other day I would hear faint moaning noises from my parent’s bedroom and thumped my pillow until my white liquid ruined the tissues. It was all making me cranky and I wanted a real ass (or pussy) to fuck.

Then it happened. Our house maid had to go to attend a wedding in her village and would not come for a week. Another maid was called to fill her absence. This maid said yes with one condition that her son also gets a job at our house.

Since we needed the maid, we accepted her son too. Her son would run errands for us. Even when the old maid was back, we kept the new maid’s son to assist us. He used to sleep on the kitchen floor.

I always admired his body. He was Priyanshu, 19 and was tall, wheaty and naturally well built. One day it was raining. It was Priyanshu’s 12th day in our house. It was cold at night and the kitchen floor was wet from the rain from the window.

I asked Priyanshu to sleep in my room for the night where it was warmer and much more comfortable. He hesitated but when my parents forced him, he gave in. He grabbed his pillow and blanket and made a bed on the floor.

I asked him to join me on my bed since it was a double bed. He refused but after a short debate, agreed. We watched some cricket and soon it was 1 am in the morning. He yawned and I understood that it is his sleep time afterall he works hard all day.

I switched off the TV and asked him to sleep. He took his blanket and closed his eyes. I always slept in my shorts without underwear, so got up, removed my shorts, then my underwear and wore my shorts again.

Then I pulled off my shirt and laid next to him on the bed. I slept within 10 minutes but woke up abruptly a few hours later and was shocked. A faint but quite clear moaning noise was emanating from my parent’s room.

I got horny and my dick popped and made a tent in my shorts. i looked at priyanshu and his eyes were wide open. He was caressing his dick and I could see his bulge clearly.

I asked- “Can’t sleep?”
he was shocked and quickly removed his hand over his dick and said-“ahh ye..yes”
at this time a very clear moan reached our ears and i said-“Can you too…?”

he said-“hear your parents? yes! They are loud enough today.”
i said-“not just today.”
he said-“oh ok. ”
me-“do you have a girlfriend?”

he-“no bhaiya”
me-“don’t call me bhaiya. We are the same age. call me saanjh”
he-“ok if you say so”

me-“are you virgin?”(this question was out of my mouth before I could even think)
he-“what is a virgin bhaiya..i mean saanjh?”
me-“well you know..have you had sex with anyone”
he-“oh..well no..have you?”

me-“na, but i wish. everytime i hear my parents fuck or see porn, i wish to fuck someone.”
he-“you know what i do when i get this desire? i dry thump a pillow or cucumber”

me-“those help only for a few days. Now I need real flesh.”
he-“yeah me too.”
me-“all this talk made me more horny.”

he-“yeah me too saanjh.” and he started playing with his bulge.
me-“i can’t take this anymore” and i pulled my dick out of my shorts and started jerking
he-“what are you doing? maybe i should go”

me-“no no. we are both boys and mature enough to do this. Come on grab yours too.”
he-“no bhaiya it is wrong”
me-“calling me bhaiya is wrong but this is not wrong. come on priyanshu.”

he-“ok ok” and he pulled down his track pants to reveal a dick almost identical to mine just less hairy.
me-“ours are same size”
he-“yeah i know”

me-“how do u know?”
he-“no no nothing..forget it….well ok i see you every time you pee..you never lock”
he-“sorry i should not have done that..i was just curious”

me-“sorry won’t do anything..i want to give punishment..”
he-“sorry bhaiya..no punishment”
me-“don’t call me bhaiya..and as for your punishment, you will suck me”

His face relaxed and a grin spread over his face.

He-“happily” and he crawled on top of me and kissed me. I took his ass into my hands and I pressed it to me, pushing his dick on top of mine. He started to move his pelvis up and down sending me into a frenzy.

My right hand found its way to his dick and I took it. It felt so freaking good. I have to be honest, the thought of touching another person’s dick had never crossed my mind.

But man it felt good. It felt warm and tender, yet hard under my touch. Priyanshu squirmed in pleasure as I started jerking him, I could feel his moans in my mouth as our tongues wrestled.

Then he broke our kiss. He put his hand around both of our dicks, bringing them together. He started jerking both of us at the same time. I swear my eyes went to the back of my skull. What a feeling!

I could see him looking down at me, his broad chest glowing in the moonlight from the window, that bush of hair right there in the middle of it. I could see his face pulled into a grimace of lust and pleasure.

I soon let go. He pulled down and licked my dick which sent shivers in my body. He ate my balls until they were wet and then his mouth was over my dick. That feeling was heavenly. my mind lost all senses for a few moments.

His mouth was doing wonders there. Within five minutes I was ready to shoot load but I didn’t want to. so i grabbed his body and gestured to him to lie flat. I crawled over to his dick and then I smelled it.

I guess I have to say I smelled Priyanshu, for I felt it was a very private, unique smell; something that came out only of Priyanshu’s most private part. And God! It was such an intoxicating, exciting and arousing smell.

Strong enough to drive me wild with lust. I opened my eyes and I saw Priyanshu’s cock right in front. Laying over his brown pubes, hard as a metal rod, laying there in a most peculiar way, almost in an inviting way.

I had to have that dick. The smell had done it, it had driven me insanely wild with lust; a lust that could only be satisfied with Priyanshu.

And so I did something I never thought I would do. I put Priyanshu’s dick inside my mouth. I wrapped my lips around it, as if kissing it. I could feel my tongue rubbing the underside of his dick.

I could feel the warmth coming from him. I had a dick inside my mouth, I had Priyanshu’s dick.

“Ahhhhh!” was all Priyanshu said.

And so I started moving my head up and down as I moved my tongue all around. I was kissing and licking his cock as if my life depended on it. And it kind of was. I couldn’t get enough, the smell was just so intoxicating.

Teen boys story of horny young gay men having fun

He was moaning loudly, he sure liked his blowjob and I liked being the one to give it to him. I sucked his dick as if it were the most delicious candy in the world. Soon his body contracted and he shot loads of cum all over my face.

His warm liquid made me dirty but it wasn’t gross. It was an act of love. my dick was rock hard and with just a few thumps over his hairy chest I released my load.

My cum spread over his chest hair and a bit reached his face. We both were gasping and sweating in winter, all naked. I looked sideways, his eyes were twinkling and he was smiling.

I reached for tissues and cleaned myself while he cleaned himself. We both knew that this would continue and so it did.

To be continued…

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