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Family homosexual story: Let’s begin with the story in series “gay incest story of dad’s slutty boy“.

After my father left for his job I cleaned the kitchen mess we created. Then I did the laundry, swept and mopped the whole house. Then I took my bath.

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I was so overwhelmed with the feeling that how my father and I are coming close to each other. But the thought that my mother will be home tomorrow shattered my heart. I felt like she is gonna be my competition & she will snatch my father from me.

So I thought I should do something which so that my father won’t turn from me. So I wore some clothes took my bike and went to the amb( a city in himachal) to buy the stuff. I got some black & white bras and panties, bought a nice red saari, some makeup stuff and came back home. I also bought the viagra from chemist shop.

When I came back home I used veet to clean my body hairs. I took bath again. It was 4pm already I started cooking our dinner because my father gets back around 6:30. Since my sexual encounters with dad I don’t wear anything in house.

I started chopping the onions and tomatoes I thought that I should make Rajma chawal as my father loves it. I was done cooking dinner. Then I thought that I should cook something sweet for my dad.

It was 6:15 already and my father would be at home anytime now. So I started making basen ka halwa. This thing takes time and you have to continuously stir it while cooking so that you don’t burn it. I was completely lost in that.

Dad’s POV:

After my son gave me a blowjob in the morning. All my day I was thinking about his tight ass and how I would have fucked him I didn’t had work today which kept me hard for the whole day. But I was desperately waiting for the day to end so I could get back to him.

After my job I rushed back to home. The door was not locked. My son must have forgotten to lock it. I walked in slowly and locked the door behind me. I took off my shoes left my bag in the living room and stared looking for him. A smell of Besan and ghee was coming from kitchen.

I walked towards the kitchen door and saw that my son is making Besan ka halwa and stirring the besan continuously. He was stirring it, standing there completely nude. Seeing all that made my dick hard. I noticed that he don’t have any body hairs.

I quietly moved back to the living room, took off my clothes and got completely nude. Then I get back in the kitchen with slow steps so that he doesn’t know that I am home. I hugged him from behind positioned my dick with his hole and gave a sudden thrust and I was inside him.

It happened so sudden that the ladle fell out of his hand. He was both shocked and happy at the same time. I asked him if he liked it. He said that he loves it but he is cooking the halwa for me. I asked him weren’t you did the same while I was cooking.

He started laughing and turned the gas off. I took my dick out of his hole and asked him to sit on the kitchen shelf. We he sat on it I picked his legs up so that his asshole is exposed to me. I knelt down and started licking his hole.

I asked him that why he removed his hairs he said that he wanted to please me. I told me him that he doesn’t have to do anything to please me because I am already in love with him. Then I get back to rimming his ass.

He was clearly on the moon as I started fucking his asshole using my tongue. He started moaning and asked me to please fuck him. I got up as I don’t wanted to wait either but I wanted to tease him. So I started rubbing my dick on his hole.

He was shaking with every touch. He pleaded,”plz dad insert your dick inside me”. Then I positioned my dick with his hole and with single thrust I was inside him. He held me from neck tightly.

As I started thrusting my dick inside him he started moaning with pleasure and that excited me more, I took his face in my hands and started kissing while fucking him at the same time.

Family homosexual story of slutty boy fucked by dad

I fucked him in that position for 20 mins then cummed inside him. We kissed each other again until my cock slide out of his ass on its own. Then we separated and I asked him to get back to making halwa.

He turned the gas on and started cooking again while I kept on hugging for the whole time.

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