Gay desi story of the legends of serpents of Balokhpur: 2

Indian Gay Sex Story: Sexy Road Trip: 1

Gay fantasy story: “Who came here”? Two serpent guards chanced to see Harman’s sperms forming a sticky white patch. The jharokha where he stood last night bore witness to semen painting on it. “This is human seed!”. “But how is this possible”! One of the serpent guards hissed in his half human and half snake voice.

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“We need to find out. Our yearly games are going on. And we cannot compromise with the security of our land”. The first answered as he looked for more such human trespassers. “But how are we going to find out about the person having the key to our portal”. The head guard looked at the semen, touched it and analysed it.

“Whoever has it would definitely come back. Our realm has attracted a lot of these greedy lots. And this one is just a teenager”. Are you sure, the second guard questioned him with a worried look. “Yes, I am sure of it. And the next time he comes we would be ready for him. Now let’s resume our weekly orgy and get back to work”.
It was the land of the Serpents of Balokhpur where Harman had arrived last night in his dream! And after thousands of years a human had dared entered it. Or found the portal to it. Balokphur was ruled by a gay prince Viryevaan.

His real name was Baloch but his grand sex life (it’s said he came in huge loads) had earned him this nickname. It was said that his harem of 100 male serpent-humans had given him this name as he was a perfect veritable casanova. He was a firm ruler but a just one and loved by all.

Under his rule everyone was content and happy. Their realm was a secret and locked for outsiders. And no one had put their realm’s existence in jeopardy. But this incident of a human encroaching their land was trouble uninvited. “Our prince must not hear or know about this at any cost”.

Exchanging this thought, both the guards took a complete human form and went towards the orgy hall…

Harman had kept that ancient looking book with him knowingly. He knew that Pratap would need it for his video. And this could be his chance of meeting him on his tour. As luck would have it, Harman’s parents had to go for a relative’s marriage. It could probably take a week. There was no hassle of going to office. Harman talked to his dad regarding this and asked for his parents’ permission to join Pratap.

They were reluctant at first but finally agreed. He called Pratap who was en-route their next destination. “Where are you”, enquired Harman on the phone! “I am in the Volvo and we are going to camp in Gandharvgarh for 2 days. You can join us there. We are going to have a pre-shoot for Balokhpur video”.

Pratap disconnected as his phone’s signal dropped. Before Harman could say about the book, Pratap’s connection became disturbed. He and his two friends had finalised some locations for the shoot and drone shots were on the list as well.

Harman got ready to leave. He was about to join them the next day. He packed his bags and asked his friend Vibhor to join him. Vibhor was his childhood friend. Strong, well-built with a gym tone body, Vibhor was gay too. And a big time flirt. But he and Harman never had anything more than orals or mutual masturbation.

They were simply friends like any other boys of their age. He agreed, and both of them started off early in the morning. As they got onto the bus, Vibhor saw a handsome guy sitting right next to him. The tour is going to be awesome, Vibhor winked at Harman.

The guy sitting next to them noticed the shine in their eyes but ignored nonchalantly. The journey was of eleven hours. And it was pretty exhausting! Gandharvgarh was the twin town of Danavgarh. Both these towns had a distinctive history.

Whereas Danavgarh was famous for bulky alpha males with big dick virility, Gandharvgarh had a strange mystery surrounding it. The legend had it if any handsome man was a musician and virgin, he was forbidden to play any instrument in the forest of Gandharvgarh.

Doing this would invoke the Gandharvas (music deities of Gandharvgarh forest) who would in turn take him away forever with them. Harman and Vibhor had slept after trying unsuccessfully to seduce that guy. That guy sitting beside them had a very long dick, somewhere around 9 inches. It was evident from his bulge being visible from his white pyjama.

Vibhor sitting right next to him had felt it with his elbow when that guy had dozed off. How badly he wanted to have that long dick inside his ass and mouth was beyond measure. But the cold response from him had washed off all his plans and desires. 6 hours had passed.

Nothing happened. It was evening when they woke up. Their bus stopped at a road side dhaba. It was an isolated one in the green fields. Duskhad descended on the green fields looking purple for now. With just two shops adjacent to each other & an open bathroom the place was eerie yet having sensuous vibes.

Everyone in the bus got down to eat and refresh themselves. The guy sitting next to them had slept as well. Harman got up from his seat. He was hungry. “I’m going to grab on anything I get. You want to eat here or should I bring it for you”. Harman asked Vibhor while yawning & rubbing his eyes.

“I will eat in the bus”, Vibhor replied looking at that guy’s hard dick. It had formed a nice sloping tent in his pyjamas. Both of them chuckled. “You try to gorge on that Cadbury, and I will go, eat, and pee”. Harman got up smiling and teasing Vibhor who was still looking at that monstrous rod shooting upwards.

As soon as Harman left, that guy woke up. As he opened his eyes, he enquired about the place from Vibhor. We are still 5 hours away from Gandharvagarh. Vibhor answered trying to hide his boner which he had got after staring at it the entire journey.

You have a pretty good size, he complimented Vibhor. He blushed and was kinda dumbstruck. A hunk saying these words was absolute ear orgasm. His cheeks turned pink and his dick resumed with the erection. So, what’s the actual size by the way? 7 or 8? 8.5 inch… Vibhor replied coyly.

Can I see? He requested Vibhor with a naughty smile. Of course, Vibhor smiled wide and unbuttoned his jeans. The moment he took out his dick, the guy grabbed it and gulped it direct inside his mouth. Vibhor let a very controlled yet seductive moan.

He was flabbergasted. All his prayers before Kaamdev (the god of fertility, sex, and youth) had been answered at last. The handsome hunk was puckering his phallus like anything. And that too without any inhibitions! It seemed like he cared less about people near him. Luckily, there was no one around.

Their choice of seat in the back of the bus had paid off really well. The more he sucked him, the more waves of orgasm he felt electrifying his body. He had never received such an awesome blowjob. “I will cum if you keep doing that”. Vibhor tried to stop him with faint efforts.

“Cum in my mouth, I am thirsty”. He responded with an equally seductive moan while deepthroating. Within a minute, Vibhor shot 10 loads of cum and he swallowed every drop of it like a cum-thirsty pig. Omg, you are divine!! Vibhor complimented him shyly in a whispering tone.

He knew he had to keep his voice lowered because of the surroundings. The entire episode happened with 5-10 minutes. And fortunately, no one noticed these two hot lads going wild in the bus. What’s your name, Vibhor asked him as he zipped his pants. Kavya, he replied licking cum off his lips and tasting it with his fingers.

You are indeed a dream come true for anyone, Vibhor retorted while teasing his dick. You can have a glimpse too. Kavya lowered his pyajamas. Vibhor now saw the best dick of his life- fair texture, with a pink opening & two veins running in parallel directions on the shaft.

It seemed like the sculpture of Michelangelo’s David. Only difference was that the dick was blessed by the Roman God Priapus. He took it in his hands and felt a wave of current run through his body. Without further ado, he went straight for it and started gorging on it hungrily.

Only a minute had passed and people started re-boarding the bus. Most of them were done with their ablutions and supper. Shit man! Vibhor hurriedly put back Kavya’s dick and sat as normally as he could. I need a favour, Kavya said as he tilted to Vibhor’s ear to say something.

What favour? Vibhor questioned him seeming rather perplexed. I want to fuck your friend. He has a beautiful bubble ass which I love. Just this much, Vibhor smiled at his request. This is easy. I will make him sit with you. Rest you are smart enough.

The bus journey resumed after 10 more minutes. In the meantime, Harman had seduced a dark beefy guy in the toilet area. When they re-boarded the bus, he sat near Harman’s seat in the back. Due to an outbreak of a pandemic, there were less people journeying in the bus. So, you have tasted the Cadbury already without me.

Harman winked at Vibhor who was smirking like one does after having an outdoor quickie.

Yes, he replied with a confident demeanour. Now switch the seat with me and take this. You are going to need it. Vibhor handed him extra thin Durex condoms stealthily which Harman tucked in his pants swiftly. Harman was in the seventh heaven as he thought of getting 2 great dicks and that too in a bus.

This is going to be an adventure of a lifetime, he smiled as he sat with him. Kavya smiled seductively at Harman as he sat near him. I need you to guard our seat Vibhor, Harman requested him. He signalled about his conquest (the dark beefy guy who wanted a taste of Harman’s ass. He had already made him swoon over it in the bathroom).

Okay he said, as he got up and squeezed the fat dick of that dark guy before exchanging his seat with him. What’s your size? Harman asked the dark guy as he switched seats with Vibhor. Fat enough to not fit in your mouth! And long enough to make you cum twice, he answered trying to whisper in his bass voice.

Perfect! Harman looked at him with a satisfying breath. “And what about you”? He turned towards Kavya with a mischievous look in his eyes. Big enough for you to ask more! Kavya beamed with pride over his 9 inch long tool.

“Then what are we waiting for Madhav”? (the dark guy was Madhav) Harman caressed his dick while seated and stroked the other one on his right.

Let it get duskier completely, Madhav replied while feeling Harman’s ass. When half an hour passed and people started snoozing and dozing off, Harman started unzipping both of them.

Their dicks too were throbbing and had started leaking precum already. It seemed like two prisoners had been finally released out of jail.

He took the black one in his mouth first which barely fit. It was a gigantic alpha male dick. Dark brown foreskin accompanied with dark pink shaft. Madhav was unconventionally beautiful. His curly hair fell to his shoulders with waves forming motions with the blowing air.

Pearly white teeth made him look like a princely demon as his lips curved. A round butt that had formed after a thousand squats with big beefy dad body complimented his humongous alpha dick aptly. As the bus lights went off, Harman turned to Kavya who was flagging his dick right in front of his face.

It seemed like a third leg of his. Long, slender, and white like condensed milk. The full moon’s light caressed it with the accompanied starlight made it glisten even more. The whole environment felt like an erotic poetry weaving spells. Perfect thickness of 3.5 inch with a smooth texture defined it royal as well.

This is going to be a ‘dickful’ night to remember. Harman said to himself as he took both the dicks in his hand. He started sucking them one by one in turns! After a good ten minutes, Kavya requested for a butt fuck. Are you sure, he questioned him looking at people in the bus.

‘Don’t worry, I know how to fuck silently’, Kavya assured him as he slid his finger into his ass with the lube he had. You just cooperate and don’t moan loudly. It’s better if you control that and just sit on my dick. Harman obeyed like a child.

The moment he sat on his cock, it went inside with smoothness. He had never taken such a long dick. It hit his prostate in a very tickling manner. And he moaned with his pupils getting delirious. Is that even human, he whispered while getting intoxicated with Kavya’s dick. Just keep riding it and try not to moan.

Kavya lowered his shoulders as he prepared to thrust. He fucked him in two to three poses as per convenience of the backseat. One cock in the ass and the other in the mouth! This was the best bus ride ever. Harman was having the time of his life. The whole fucking fest continued for an hour with both the men switching positions after half an hour.

Gay fantasy story of a wild orgy in public bus

Harman had requested to drink their cum. The moment Kavya came, he filled Harman’s mouth with 12 shots of cum oozing like jetty. Harman was ecstatic as he received his elixir of life. And closed his eyes as if thanking him.

After 5 mins, it was Madhav’s turn. When Harman asked for his cum, he told him to wait for 5 mins. Harman was a bit perplexed but obeyed like a slave to his master. After 2 minutes, Madhav too came in huge loads told him to have it on both of his palm.

Lick it as ‘Prasad’ and devour it in one go. I like to be worshipped like that. Harman did as required. The light of the full moon falling on their semi naked bodies was no less than a dream sequence on roll.

Two to three hours remained to reach Gandharvgarh. All this while, Vibhor was wet again in his pants with precum spilling inside his undies.

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