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Indian Gay Erotica: Let’s turn over the pages of “The Magnificent Obsession” again and have a beautiful prying glimpse of these pure souls Amrit & Kabir and see what’s going on between the two. Perfectly complementing each other. Black and white looks are enchanting. Combination of black and white giving a sight of the contrast of peace, solace, kindness, compassion, reverence and poised .wow. Both are looking very cute together.

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His soft hand was on my eyes and gently caressing them. My eyes were little moist or sob, I was deeply overwhelmed, somewhere I was concealing that. I find hiding easier than telling why I am sad. Even I want to share my deepest secrets, my scars with someone but I am afraid to trust someone and try to hide my feelings behind an imitate smile or simplyer.

I beckoned him to start the car and we went towards the rendezvous place, meanwhile, the way we were talking, laughing or rejoicing, seldom he put his soft hand over my warm hand or gently brushed them. In between this I got little titillate or shiver inside my corpse or my heart started pounding.

Me: so, Dr. Amrit, how’s your betrothed??

Hush surrounded us for a while!!

He: began snickering loudly. I am single “Hottie”.
I don’t know why but these words gave me solace or piece or a beam of hope of love. I grinned.
Me: I am extremely sorry but why you are single. I think you just perfect for anyone. You are well-settled neuro, have good height and physique with a sweet smile and a good lifestyle. I think whoever would get you would be the luckiest person. And I smiled.

He: He gave a wistful smile and bowed his glistening deep eyes and put his hand over my hands, and retorted in a soft tone “I want a soulmate” who understands me, my feelings, emotions or loves me unconditionally. Awaiting for that person yet.

Me: I was bewildered or numb for a while. Since he exactly thinks like me and was delighted from my inner heart. I put my hand over his strong shoulders and caressed them.
He: What about you?? Any crush or fling.

I think it’s hard to match you.

Me: I grinned, Actually I believe in unconditional love. A person who fully devoted to me and loves me as no one has ever done.

In between, this we reached CCD within a couple of minutes. He quickly came to open my door or gently opened and I alighted.

Me: Thank you, so much “Dr. Amrit” and I gave a smile. I think you forgot your phone inside the car.
He: He retorted in an alluring tone ” I always switch off my phone whenever I spend time with a special one. I think phones hinder relationships and gaps between hearts.

Me: I immediately handed over my phone to him, and slightly whispered in his warm red ears “keep them safe”. And I smirked.
He: He smiled and said, “sure forever”.

We were enjoying each other’s company and this rapport fraternizing relationship. Every minute was reinforcing our amicable relation. We entered the CCD, there was quite rush inside as of cold winters day. Everyone was just gazing at us, as they never had seen any beautiful persons before. It was a little bit awkward and irritating. However, I am accustomed to this.

We sit near the window and ordered warm coffee with cookies. He slightly whispered something in waiter’s ears but I didn’t pay much heed.

Me: So, Dr. Amrit, what’s going on in your life.
He: He immediately put his finger on my red warm lip brims and other hand over my hand slightly. Hey, I think Amrit is better. Don’t call me Dr.Amrit it feels awkward and uncomfortable.
He: I tittered, pondered for a while. Ok, how’s “AK” as your pseudonym with exuberantly.
He: AK Sounds cool. And beamed.

The waiter arrived with warm coffee and gently served us. I noticed there was a heart over chocolaty scum of the coffee and the torrid smell of cocoa powder was tempting me. I smiled and lifted my grey eyes to see him and he winked and bowed his blushing eyes down and grinned.

Meanwhile, I noticed his deep black eyes began getting red with provoke. His face turned red with furious and violent. He smacked his hand over the table.

Me: “AK” what happened? Is everything alright, then I noticed a middle-aged young bruiser man was gazing me manically. He had a leer on me. He was wearing a formal black suit with a black thick beard or mustaches on his fair tone. I thought he was a businessman. As am so engrossed in talking or coffee, I didn’t pay heed to him.

I never saw him so angry or furious before. I thought there was a stern man behind decency. His aggression was on the seventh cloud and saw a sinister face of his the first time. He went to grabble with him. I was flustered. I was getting the feeling of Deja-vu, as he gonna throw us in jeopardize. I was trying to abate him or just crossed my fingers.

He sauntered towards him and gritted his teeth and said in a gruff tone.

He: Clenching the hand of the man. “Don’t you dare to see him again” He’s mine. He said brutally and abruptly.

I got stunned and numb. Listening to this from his mouth was creating nuts. He came towards me, inclined and gave a snog on my forehead to piqued the man, and clenched my hand. I was literally, fumbling and trembling as I never expected extensively.

He: Let’s go from here, “Hottie” we can’t spend a penny minute more here.

“And we absconded from the place as we didn’t want to create any disruption”.

I was just following him since he clenched my wrist with his strong hands. I was mere seeing in his eyes which was so pure and showing profound care, reverence and possessive for me. I got overwhelmed and emotional as some bad reminiscences reminded me of my mind (how once my cousin tried to harass me sexually. He said I can control myself when I see you but I didn’t want to make any incestuous relation. I was in 10th standard).

I sit inside the car he inclined towards me, tired my seatbelt but I didn’t react. I got senseless for a period (Give no one in all the world the power to deflect you from your goal, your aim in life).

“A pure hush surrounded us for a while”
He: what happened “Hottie” Is everything alright brushing my cheeks.

I huddled with him tightly and start weeping. I was sobbing and sniffing as my buried bad reminiscences drifted out. Then he wrapped his great robed arms around me. He was patting and caressing his soft warm hands over my back and groin. I could see tears shining in his eyes, even though Doctors aren’t supposed to cry.

He: In Punjabi (ki hoya “bugge” aniya sooniya Akha vich hanju change ni ladge). Tears don’t suit in these beautiful and enthralling eyes. He kissed over my forehead and tousled my hair. We went towards a reclusive place as I wanted a piece and solace now.

We both shouted together to stop. Since we saw “Gurudwara” and decided to spend some time inside in the peace of the Divine. I opened the door and about to alight. Suddenly, Amrit tugged my hand and instructed me to sit.

He: wiped my eyes and face with a napkin which got sticky and clingy. Then took his Handkerchief made a triangular arched shape with his silky soft white cloth. I instinctively bowed my head. He covered my head and tresses and tied them perfectly. We alighted together and entered inside.

I could feel the peace, solace, serene and positive vibes. I think the “law of life is the law of belief”. We genuflected and bowed our heads together in front of the “Almighty Divine”.

And took their blessings. Whosoever trusteth in the Lord, happy is he. God is life. Life is self-renewing, eternal, indestructible, and is the reality of all people( I think burning frankincenses, wearing amulets, talismans, rings, relics, and images has no meaning until or unless you don’t believe in God). We spent some time together inside and then came out.

I opened the back seat of the car and found a Black gallant sparkling “Guitar” embedded in a cover.

Me: Is that yours. Excitedly, Do you know how the play Guitar?
He: I don’t know how to play Guitar but know how to turn my feelings into chords. Then he tittered loudly, of course, I love playing guitar. It’s my hobby.

Me: wanna listen to you right here, right now bluntly.
He: ok, Hottie I would like to play it only for you but not here. Let’s move towards the lake area.
Me: ok.

I was excited and avid to listen to him. We moved towards the lake area. There was dark and hazy. Cold wafts were tickling our skins. No one was in the vicinity, we perched atop of rocks and pebbles. We took a wide glance at the lake which was looking so fascinating when moonlight reflecting the surface of the water and was creating the look of dazzling pearls and James.

He gently placed the guitar on his lap and cleared his throat and gasped.
He: I wanna dedicate it to you. This is for you Hottie.

My heart started palpitating and quivering as I was pondering What he gonna sing.

“Kasi kashish na Jane hai Teri akho me
Dil ki Talab h reh lo mai in Panaho me. Hai sirf kohaish Teri, Teri tamana hai.
Tu hi mere dil me hai or Tu hi raato me.
Aa baaho me tujko mehsoos karne de
Tere jism pe, Jism pe har ek panne pe meri rooh se rooh se Sanam likhne de.
Tere sine ki, sine ki har ek dhadkan ko mere sansoo se sansoo se Sanam chalne de”.

Meanwhile listening to him, my eyes got moist and overwhelmed. I perceived that might be he started liking me. He has an alluring enthralling voice tone.
He: How I sang in an alluring tone he asked me.

Indian gay erotica of two young boys falling in love

Me: I gave him a hug and a snog on his chick. And slightly whispered in his ears.
“Better than the original one” my rockstar.
And he dropped me to my home. I checked my phone and almost eleven missed calls from home. I opened the door in a rush.

He clenched my hand and pulled me towards his chest with a jolt. And slightly whispered in my ears. Meanwhile, I could feel the palpitating of heartbeats and his torrid body perfume’s smell.

He: Hottie, you are forgetting something. Your personal stuff and notes.
Me: Thank you so much for recalled me.

He fetched me the stuff and I bid him adieu and went towards my home but left my soul with him. The souvenir memories that I mustered with him was enough to me for living and breathing.

“Good things come to those who wait, but only those things left by those who hustle.”

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