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Sexy gay erotica: I could feel his the entire stretch of his mouth on my skin, his tongue on my inner thighs sent shivers down my spine and I got more relaxed in the chair as my cock got more agitated.

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He then started stroking my cock and tried to take it in his mouth. I had other plans to feed him my cock.

I brought my legs down and pulled him closer. I sat at the edge of the chair and was hitting my cock on his mouth. Harsh walked out of the towel, naked, still wet. He dabbed his body looking at us.

The man who had fucked him a couple of hours ago was now feeding on my cock, hungry to eat it. This turned me on more. I gave Harsha a clear view of my cock as Manas was down at my feet, licking them and sucking my toes.

He knew how to please a dom like me. Harsha was staring at my cock, licking his lips. I cock is 7.5″ long, thick and cut.

It has a vein so prominent that my partners often request me to fuck them bareback so that they can feel the vein throbbing inside them.

I spat on my cock and rubbed it on the glans. Then I pulled Manas up, my toe pulling his cheek. He placed his face right under my balls and I slapped my cock across his face.

Then I spat on his mouth and then on my cock and slid in in his mouth. I controlled how much of my cock is fed to him and he was using his tongue well.

Gradually I increased my pace and thrusted his cock deeper in his mouth. Pretty soon I was hitting his throat and he was gagging with watery eyes.

The room was filled with noise of him gagging. Harsha quickly played some music.

I took Manas to bed and placed him in doggy position. He gave me some lube to numb his tight ass which hadn’t been penetrated for more than 7 years.

I realised that the vibrator was still in his ass. I pulled it out slowly, watching him squirm and curl. I readjusted his ass and put generous amount of lube in his crack and shoved my left thumb in his ass.

Then I put a few drops of a different lube my cock and placed my glans on his hole.

I pushed in slowly and I saw his tiny hole opening to swallow the tip of my cock. Once the glans was in, he asked me to stop for a moment. But having popped some cherries, I knew that now wasn’t the right time to pull out.

I held his butt, stretched his ass with both my hands and pushed my cock with a thrust from my hips and in one go I was half inside him. He shrieked and tried to pull away.

‘Abhi nikala to phir se dard hoga. Adha gaya hai ander.’ I said asking him not to move. ‘Gand phat rahi hai, nikal bahar. Thodi der bad phir se dal’, he asked me to pull out.

‘Phat he gayi hai to pura lele’ I said and started moving slowly.

‘Fuckkk. Nikaal bahar.. Ahh.. Dheere’… he sighed.

I held him stiff and made my movements very slowly for a few seconds. I noticed that his grunts have now turned into soft moans and his hole seemed more relaxed. I knew that it’s time to fo all in.

I spanked his butt, he let out a moan. I spanked his other butt. Then I slapped both sides of his butt, held him tight by his waist and in one deep thrust I was inside him.

‘Fuckkk.. Daddy. Bahaut dard ho raha hai’, he cried.

‘Maza bhi aayega’, I responded loosing my grip on his waist and started fucking him.

Sexy gay erotica of two horny and wild tops

Soon I picked my pace and was fucking him hard.

‘BC kya sahi chodta hai tu. Gand phat gayi mer.. fuckk’ he moaned.

‘Tabhi to tere jaise top bhi mere se gand khulwate hai’ I said in a naughty and borderline pompous tone looking at Harsh. ‘Chal ab missionary mein aaja’ I said pulling my cock out.

In the next part I will tell you how I fucked Manas till his ass was sore and he begged me to stop, and how I started playing with Harsh who was stroking his cock watching me fuck Manas, with a vibrator in his ass.